Aleader is Shenzhen based vaping brand, established in 2011, who specialise in gorgeous resin mods and gear.

There site doesn’t actually say that resin’s their speciality but almost every product they’ve released comes in a range of resin options that look utterly gorgeous.

aleader x drip hand

Their Funky 60W and 160W Box mods enjoyed massive success and now they even have a Funky Squonk kit, which I’d certainly like to get my juicy fingers on. Their Orbit mod range was a very ergonomic range of mods, also with that beautiful resin finish that they do so well.

I’m so excited about this review because it marks my first foray into the trending realm of squonking.

I avoided it for as long as I could, don’t ask me why, I guess I just didn’t get around to it.

How Does The Aleader X-Drip Squonk Mod Vape?

I am actually glad I did though, because I managed to pick up a convenient and altogether awesome mechanical squonker as my first ever squeeze machine, in the form of the Aleader X-Drip Squonk Box and now, my friends, I’m hooked for life.

If you’ve never laid hands on a squonker or to be more specific, a mechanical squonker like this one and have gotten used to the five click life of scrolling, screen locking and, of course, the relentless dripping necessary to keep the flavour coming on your RDA then,let me tell you, I’ve got just the thing for you.

This is entirely unique class of vaping, designed especially for those times when you just wanna vape, nothing more and nothing less. Taking all the drip-work out of RDA enjoyment, the squonker is where it’s at.

As this is a mech mod it isn’t recommended for new vapers. If you must have a mech mod then it’s essential you understand battery safety.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x X-Drip resin squonk xox
  • 1 x 7ml PET squonk bottle
  • 1 x PEI heat sink ring
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty cardaleader x drip open box


  • Dimensions: 78 x 50 x 25mm
  • Runs on a single 18650 battery
  • Resin body, no two mods look the same
  • Spring loaded 510 pin with BF pin
  • 7 ml PET food grade squonk bottle
  • Brass fire buttonaleader x drip open box

Build Quality & Design

Opening up the small, clear plastic display box to lay hands on the tiny X-drip squonker, I notice first the picture perfect marbled resin that’s become synonymous with Aleader…it’s simply beautiful, light as a feather and silky smooth to the touch.

This finish and near weightlessness, combined with the slightly rounded corners and small dimensions of the X-drip, make a pleasure to hold, it fits right in your palm. Also, subtle cut outs along the vertical edges serve to improve ergonomics.

If you can believe it, this mod only weighs 73g, with no cell, and while I usually prefer the quality feel given by a heavy mod, I actually like this because I know it’s not made of cheap plastic, it’s all this beautiful resin that makes it so light.aleader x drip 510

The simplistic Aleader X-Drip is mechanical and that means no screen, no power on or off, just a big old round brass fire button, with good tension on it, which will prevent misfires.

Below that, on the narrow vertical side closest to the 510 connection, you’ll see a fixed brass knob that looks like a button but it’s just there to keep the firing strip on the inside of the mod in place against the pure resin wall of the mod.aleader x drip buttons

The side opposite these brass circles, which protrude about 1.5 mm from the surface, features an indented Aleader brand in a stunning font down the length, which is hardly visible given the beautiful marbling, and it’s actually very sweetly done, with a nice deep cast.aleader x drip branding

One large vertical surface is just a symphony of swirls and, on my blue/purple mod, it shows beautiful blue, purple and pearl swirls in varying shades.

The other larger side has a perfect thumb print cut out through which a super soft PEI squonk bottle can be pressed and this panel is also removable. No opening tab is necessary since you just grab ahold of the panel at the cutout and Bob’s yr uncle, however there is a tiny tab at the bottom.

The inside of the panel reveals 4 tiny but strong magnets which do a perfect job of keeping that panel in place.

Opening it up I see that the box is, indeed, entirely made of resin. On the inside, the mechanical layout is plain to see, simple and functional, with no space wastage at all, making this squonker as compact as can be.aleader x drip base

Atop the mod, there’s a stainless steel atomiser seating with concentric circular grooves cut in it…this little guy will take anything up to a 25mm atty, which means that most of your favourite RDAs are good to go, provided they are squonk friendly.


The only accessories provided are a PEI heat sink and the 7ml PET squeeze bottle inside the mod…nothing else is necessary with a mechanical mod but it would, of course, have been nice to see an extra squeezer.

How Does The Aleader X-Drip Squonk Box Perform?

Okay…so this is an unregulated, direct voltage, mechanical device so the power you’re getting is drawing unimpeded from your 18650, the stronger your battery, the higher your volts.

Your power through will diminish with charge so keep spares handy, That said, what a pleasant experience…

aleader x drip handI’ve found a friend for my X-Drip in the form of the Artha RDA by ADVKEN, which you can see in the pictures, an unassuming little 25mmm that looks hot on the X-Drip and vapes like a flavourful dream…they will be buddies for life I’m guessing.

You cannot know the sheer ease and convenience of the mechanical squonking experience until you’ve tried it. It’s the X-Drip that’s taught me that so I think it’s an absolute winner.

There’s nothing to it guys, just press and vape then put down and don’t worry, your battery won’t drain when you forget to switch off, it’s so convenient.

The squeezer is super soft and the lightest press will bottom feed your RDA in a flash, the button has just the right amount of tension so that you don’t accidentally fire, I’m not even sure that this button needs a lock, which is very much a favoured feature on mechanical devices like this.

I’ve vaped very happily on this X-Drip, with a collection of RDA’s, including Coilart’s DPRO RDA and the APEX from TimesVape. I’m actually using the latter now, with a hefty 1.5 dual stapled clapton build and, with a fully charged cell, its Heaven. No fuss, no click squeezy Heaven.

How To Fill

  • Remove the magnetic side panel to expose the juice bottle
  • Gently remove the juice bottle
  • Unscrew the silver cap and fill
  • Be careful not to squeeze it, it’s soft
  • Replace

How To Replace The batteries

    • Remove the magnetic side panel
    • Install your 18650, positive up
    • Replace the panel

aleader x drip battery chamber

Battery Life

Battery life is outstanding, although your power will diminish with battery charge so it’s still recommended you swap out regularly. On a full charge on a 2500, you’ll get more than a day and a half of vaping.

What I Liked

I love the sheer simplicity, and control-free operation of this mod. I also really enjoy the hand feel and gorgeous marbled resin body. Oh…and the battery life’s not too shabby either!

What I Dislike

There’s really nothing not to like, perhaps a fire lock would have made it a bot more portable though.

Final Review Verdict

The Aleader X Drip mod does exactly what it’s meant to and it’s a pleasure to use, with a quality feel, quality squonk bottle and hassle free operation.

I highly recommend this device for any vaper who want’s an affordable mechanical squonk mod with a beautiful aesthetic and even better hand feel. In fact, as a beginner to the realm of mechanical squonkers I was blown away, who knew vaping could be this simple! Perfect!


Would I buy the Aleader X Drip Squonker if I lost/broke the device? Absolutely, in a heartbeat.


  • Beautiful resin construction
  • Compact design and smooth ergonomics
  • Quality 7ml squonk bottle
  • Extended battery life
  • Ease of use makes it the perfect beginner’s squonker


  • No fire lock

UK/Europe – Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK
Rest of the World – Free Shipping Options

Build and Design
Battery Life
Ease of Use
Overall Performance
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