Famed on Instagram and beyond for their Comp mechs, The Rig Mod, their brilliant Comp wire and HexOhm Box Mod Range, Anarchist isn’t one of our bread and butter vaping giants. They are more like one of the cool kids, they design gear for the hardcore vaper, simplistic and functional in a cloud-chucking kinda way.

When I say simplistic I’m not kidding around.

They provide you with the best accessories, hands down, yet they keep their design elements clean and seriously minimal and that’s how they help you get the most out of your vape.

What Can We Expect From The Anarchist Riot RDA?

The Anarchist Riot RDA, manufactured by Digiflavor, is no different. They’ve probably got the coolest branding around, that old school Anarchist logo emblazoned all over everything would even look the part to people who’ve no idea it’s a vaping brand (bless them).

I digress, this is possibly one of the best RDAs I’ve ever had the pleasure of building on and vaping, so spacious is the deck and so accommodating those twin terminals, with their big, mean ass Phillips screws. Though, there may be one small factor that gets on my nerves. Read on to find out more!

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Riot RDA
  • 1 X Stainless Steel Top Cap
  • 1 X Awesome Anarchist Screwdriver
  • Spare Parts And O-rings


  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Gold Plated Base
  • Ceramic Deckt
  • Two Posts With Single Terminals
  • 4mm x 3mm Terminal Openings
  • 4 Window Airslots Either Side
  • Top Cap Adjustable Airflow
  • Sloped Widebore Delrin Topcap
  • Gold Plated Brass 510

Design & Build Quality

When The package arrived, the recycled outer box was super unusual for vape mail but I knew that underneath there lay a surprise. I was delighted by the nifty little zipper kit pouch with its Anarchist Branding.

What’s more, this is an RDA so it’s great that it matches my Coilmaster V3 kit pouch. Look, this RDA doesn’t come cheap, so I’m not rushing in with a thank you hug to Anarchist and the blokes just yet, I’m just stoked I’m getting my money’s worth and I’ll have a kit pouch that’s likely to get used A LOT.

Anyway, pop her open and I can instantly see that Anarchist has stuck to those simplistic roots, a sleek SS barrel that shines like crazy, that loud Anarchist sign emblazoned on the side (and it’s cool when you love the branding so much that you want it to be seen) and 4 staggered airflow slots either side…high up so I’m hoping this one won’t be a leaker!

Then…there’s this magnificent tapered drip tip which is basically an entire top cap made out of Delrin, so you know you’re not gonna get blister lips when you hook this baby up with a low build. I test it against my lips for size and wow, it feels different and strangely better than most drip tips. Still, time will be the judge.

In case I don’t fancy that particular mouthpiece, there is another one provided that’s more your run of the mill style removable Delrin with a stainless steel top cap and while it looks good, there’s a good chance I won’t be needing it…I like the look of this tapered go-go.

The Delrin top cap can be shifted with some difficulty to adjust that ample airflow and when you’ve got the piece screwed in somewhere, you’ll be able to pull off that barrel.

Removing the barrel I’m greeted by a neat looking, thick ass base that’s electroplated gold and features 2 very big o-rings that look awesome against the luster of the gold.

The deck is dead, dead simple and clean and I love that. Dual, gold plated posts, each with one big terminal (so this is not necessarily a deck for beginners, given that you’ll have to maneuver things to fit two coil ends in each terminal). The Phillips screws are huge, with deep, deep threading that’ll probably NEVER strip and will still be workable after at least 4 ciders.

The Anarchist Riot RDA is available in Black and Stainless Steel but I’d recommend the Black as the stainless is just sooo shiny, you have to polish it continuously.

I can see there’s a ceramic base floor to the juice well, which, I’m sorry to say, isn’t what I’d call deep. Now, as far as I know, ceramic finishing holds and accentuates flavor over a metal floor so I’m keen to test that out.

Because the deck is so spacious and the posts positioned so far apart, there’ll be a nifty space in the middle that’ll allow you to drip directly through the drip tip onto the juice well floor, I like that.

How Does The Anarchist Riot RDA Perform?


I definitely prefer a bottom airflow for flavor but I gotta say, not only is the side airflow ample, ample, ample, it’s also nicely positioned to stop you from leaking through the airflow when you drip through the top cap and can’t see what you’re doing.

To be honest with you, I’m getting the type of flavor I’d expect with a bottom airflow RDA here because the ceramic base really does add profile and depth to your flavor…I like it a lot. This was with my Glas Vapor e liquid.

Rocking a 1.0 Ohm build of dual fused claptons and this thing is CHUCKING vapor and flavor between 80 and 130W. Yum, yum, yum!


The Delrin mouthpiece on this RDA is a stroke of genius. It’s hand’s down the most comfortable mouthpiece I’ve ever vaped on. I never burn my lips because the Delrin extends all through the top cap, this should be standard for RDAs, I love it so much.

Dripping through the centre of the drip tip is no hassle with this deck and I prefer that method because, to be fair, the Delrin top cap isn’t very easy to remove.

There’s no knurling and really no grip but I’m not going to complain about that because what we get in return is a sleek, sleek looking RDA with gorgeous contours.

How To Change the Coil:

The Phillips screwdriver accessory, with huge grip section, key ring and Anarchist branding is a delight. In combination with these hefty screws you’ll have no problem opening your terminals.

Now, if you don’t know this kind of deck, it’s dual coil only (because of the airflow positioning) and you’ll need to maneuver things to fit ends from each coil inside each terminal. They can touch and be on top of each other, no worries but you’ll have to have the confidence to bend and tweak your coils straight and for that reason I’d recommend his RDA for medium to well seasoned builders,

The terminals are really ample but that doesn’t mean you can fit dual birds nests in there with ease, trust me, I tried. You have to remember that while they’re ample, you have to fit two coil ends per terminal. To be fair, you’ll get them in, if you have the patience but it’s not infinite-coil-options-ville.

These posts do, however, easily hold my dual fused captions and I’m very very pleased with the builds I’ve been able to achieve on this deck and the ease with which I’ve been able to achieve them. A great, simple deck that’s an extreme builders dream.

Juice Wells and Wicking Space

The juice well let’s me down here. With the build I’m running I have to drip every two hits, so meager is this juice well, I would have liked a couple of mm more.

Wicking is easy as can be because you don’t have a bottom airflow to contend with so you can really just tuck them wicks where you like. Still, that juice well could have been deeper, I like to put my ejuice bottle down on occasion, maybe it’s me.

Stock Coil Performance

I was disappointed to find that neither coils nor cotton were included. Luckily, I had some rather decent spares lying around.

What I Liked

There’s so much to like, the packaging and reusable pouch and quality screwdriver, the simplistic design that looks good on almost any mod, the innovative tapered Delrin top cap that prevents burning but keeps your mouth nice and close to the coils.

Most of all, that spacious deck, with ceramic base for flavor and ample posts that’ll give you so much freedom. Plus, it’s so much more fun when there are only 2 screws!

What I Dislike

The juice well isn’t deep enough.
The SS picks up a lot of fingerprints.

Final Review Verdict

For sheer building pleasure you can’t do better than the Anarchist Riot RDA. The simplistic design, cool branding and high quality machining and materials used make this one of the smoothest functioning, most enjoyable RDAs I’ve laid hands on, the only problem for me is the juice well.

I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to play around with low, low builds and not get burned by a metal top cap! Such an innovation and really one of my go to’s now.

Whenever I’ve got a fancy new coil set to try…I’ll throw them on this baby first!

Did you buy the Anarchist RDA or have you used it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Spacious Deck For Just About Any Dual Coil Build
  • Incredible Delrin Top Cap
  • Outstanding Accessories, Extra Top Cap And Awesome Pouch
  • Easy Recoil
  • Awesome airflow
  • Minimal Mess
  • Wide terminals
  • Ceramic Deck Base Enhances Flavor


  • The Juice Well Could Be Deeper
Build And Design
Ease Of Build
Look And Feel
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    • Greetings M. Jones! Thanks for the question, unfortunately, this is not an option on the Riot. You might think that unscrewing the ceramic base plate will give you access to the shaft so that you can use a BF Pin but doing this also loosens up the one terminal post because it is kept in place by the pressure between the ceramic plate and the tightened 510 pin. It’s odd but I’m afraid that’s the long and short of it!


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