Am I Over The Moon About The New Brez Pod Kit From Apollo?

The Apollo Brez is yet another entry into the extremely overcrowded pod kit market, so the question is what, if anything, makes this one stand out from the crowd?

I just had to Google the word ‘Brez‘ and found a few meanings including slang for ‘best friend’ however the most common use is for a nasal breathing aid! As to if this particular Brez has me snorting with derision or breathing easy – we shall see 😉

brez-pod kit apollo

OK Apollo is a huge vape company based in both the UK and the USA and it’s fair to say have released some pretty impressive vaping kits and indeed flavoursome e-liquids. I enjoyed the full range [at the time] of juices and really rated the Apollo Ohm Go and enjoyed the ginormous VTube 5.0 topped with the almost perfect Phaser sub ohm tank.

Since then our Michelle kind of enjoyed the DSRT range of e-liquids but loved the Salt Nic , Boss and Smoozie juice series.

So a decent pedigree for the Brez to live up to!

For the record the Brez Deluxe pod kit was sent to me direct from Apollo – thank you – and free of charge for the purpose of this review – as always freebies do not cloud my judgement…though at this time of year I can be bribed with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs…mostly…

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Inside the Box

brez pod kit boxes

That should say boxes as there’s one for the device and one for pods inside a sleeve:

  • 1 x Apollo BREZ Battery 320 mAh
  • 5 x Prefilled 20mg Salt Nic Pods
  • 1 x Magnetic charging adapter with gold plated pins
  • 1 x charging micro USB cord
  • 1 x Instructions manual

brez contents

Apollo Brez Pod Kit Specs

  • Size: 104.6 x 16.2 x 8.2 mm
  • 1ml capacity pre-filled pods
  • 320mAH internal battery
  • TruCeramic Coil
  • LED indicator
  • Draw activated

Quick Start Guide

  • Remove all wrapping from pod
  • Snap onto device
  • Vape!
  • To charge: fit adapter to base of battery!

Key Features

Hey it’s a pod kit so the features are pretty basic.

The pods are pre-filled and are only 1ml capacity – replacements look a little expensive too.

The Deluxe kit does include all five salt nic flavours at 20mg (more on what Salt nic is here) – so I guess you will be able to decide to stick with it and buy more should you wish. However at x4 for almost £17, like I say they are rather pricey – BTW you can also save an extra 10% off with our Apollo coupon code 😉

brez pod kits pods

Charging the Brez might leave you scratching your head for a wee while – it certainly did me as there isn’t a USB port on the device. Instead you snap on a magnetic adapter and then plug in the USB cable which has a very snazzy looking 24k gold plated connection.

brez charger

The LED light indicator shows white whilst charging and turns off when device is fully charged. As to any safety features – there’s not a very detailed manual or set of specs. In this case the manual isn’t really a manual more part of the packaging.

Vaping is activated by your draw so no need to worry about fire buttons or menu screens – like I said this is a very basic setup so definitely good for vape beginners.

Build and Design Quality

Thanks to the aluminum body this is both light in the hand and tough. The pods have strong magnets and snap into the battery with a very satisfying click – they aren’t going anywhere!

brez pods

Design wise if it looks like a JUUL – vapes like a JUUL and feels like a JUUL…it might be a…if you catch my drift. Apollo even have their main US base in the same city…OK that’s enough comparisons lol…oh wait:

brez vs juul
Brex and JUUL

The Apollo Brez is a little longer and certainly a tad lighter than the JUUL and given its curved design – the JUUL being dare I say boxy and bland to look at – I do prefer the overall look and feel of the Brez – especially the black matt – looks very cool with any of the coloured pods snapped in.

How Does the Apollo Brez Pod Kit Perform?

I have to say it vapes very well indeed.

There’s a nice resistance to it which I’d put on the slightly looser side of tight – I’ll get onto the flavour from the pods in a mo’.

brez pod kit e-liquid window
juice window

Being 20mg Nic Salts I wasn’t expecting much of a throat hit – they tend to be smoother – however I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst not a whack the tickle I got was certainly passable that I reckon even beginners straight off the cancer sticks will enjoy.

brez pod kit in hand

As well as making some pretty decent vape kits, Apollo also produces some excellent e-liquids which many of the EcigClick team has reviewed and on the whole enjoyed – yes even me lol.

In the Brez Deluxe kit you’re treated to 5 from the company’s Nic Salt range so let’s put them to the taste test:

RY4 20mg Nic Salt 1ml Pod

brez-ry4 pod

Apollo Says:

A Sweet full flavored tobacco with hints of caramel for a smooth and satisfying inhale and exhale.

I Say:

RY4 is probably one of the most famous tobacco e-liquids out there. I for one began my vaping journey on this one.

Apollo’s version off the pod is OK but I’m not getting that almost toffee back note. Not a bad flavour just not quite robust enough for me – more a Silk Cut than a strong baccy taste. Almost!

Berry Blend 20mg Nic Salt 1ml Pod

brez-berry pods

Apollo Says:

A medley of sweet berries mashed up to give you that incredible berry hit.

I Say:

Ooo I like this one – very fruity!

Even coming off the – I’m assuming 1.0ohm plus pod and sub 15w power – the flavour really is crisp with not too much sweetness either. Really does zing off the tongue and yeah definitely a medley of berry notes.


Melon 20mg Nic Salt 1ml Pod


Apollo Says:

Juicy honeydew melon with a crisp and refreshing cucumber mint kick.

I Say:

I didn’t expect to like this one but wow very refreshing.

You get a lovely hit of just sweet enough watermelon on the inhale with a hint of things to come.

The exhale is really quite lovely with the coolness of the cucumber mashing into the very light hint of mint before that watermelon natural sweetness arrives creating a very tasty clean crisp vape.


Breeze 20mg Nic Salt 1ml Pod

brez-breeze pod

Apollo Says:

An ice cold menthol blast for that freeze kick you have been looking for.

I Say:

As I always say I don’t do menthol e-liquids – but if I did this would be a keeper.

It certainly gave me a momentary brain breeze on the inhale however the iciness was blown away quite a bit on the exhale.

Not for me but you menthol lovers will enjoy this one!


Tobacco 20mg Nic Salt 1ml Pod

brez tobacco pod

Apollo Says:

Smooth and familiar earthy tobacco for all of those who enjoy the simpler things in life.

I Say

I’ve tasted some foul tobacco pods and nearly ALL have come from Big Tobacco brands.

Those companies really need to work on their mixology because Apollo has nailed it with this one.

Yup it’s earthy with a hint and just a hint of natural sweetness and that dryness you get from a roll-up. Very reminiscent of hand rolled Golden Virginia and if you’re coming straight of the lit cigs then one I highly recommend…



  • Dead simple to use
  • Good flavours
  • Great vapour!
  • Excellent battery life – 8 hours from fully charged
  • Nice design – Good quality
  • Clever and flexible USB connection


  • Pricey – but do check the launch deal with 30% OFF 😉
  • Only 1ml pod capacity

Final Review Verdict

Given I’ve reviewed a number of Apollo products I really shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was by the Brez pod kit – they do make good vape stuff!

Sure it looks like the JUUL and come to that a whole raft of other pod kits out there, however it’s the vape quality most of us look for and the Apollo Brez vapes pretty damn good.

The battery lasts for an age – it’s light as a feather – hasn’t leaked – gives amazing vapour and the flavours are the better side of good.

It’s a pity they are just 1ml capacity though saying that at such low wattage and being Nic Salt based you don’t vape as much as you think you are – so they do last a little longer than you might expect.

The flavours are actually very good indeed – Big Tobacco branded pod kits take note! And given I’m currently playing around with a JUUL for an upcoming article – they do edge the infamous brand.

It does feel a little expensive to me even with x5 pods in the Deluxe kit. However I wouldn’t let that put you off – as to if it’s worth over £30…ummm maybe IMHO sub £25 for the kit and sub £15 for a packet of x4 pods, and I’d be a little happier.

But if cash is no object and you want a decent set up that fits easily in your pocket and bag AND delivers a very good vape experience then pull the trigger. It’s certainly one of the better pod kits in its class out there at the moment.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour Overall
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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  1. I am still using the Apollo Tobacco Nic Salt liquid just had some more delivered – using that in my Smok Nord and its lovely!
    Oh and I HATE tobacco liquids in general so Apollo have nailled it!


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