The Artery Nugget GT kit is up for review today and, since I’ve never really been disappointed by an Artery product in the past, I have to say that my expectations were rather high.

Shenzhen based Artery Tech is an outstanding brand that offers a range of environmentally friendly products to suit any and all vaping styles…though they definitely have more compact devices, AIOs and Pods than anything else.

Artery Nugget GT Kit Main

Having reviewed both their Pal and Pal 2 Kits, the recently reviewed Artery Pal 18650, as well as their Nugget X Kit back in the day.

I was expecting something really mini to come out of the box but what I got was a powerhouse 200W dual 18650 delight to behold, that promised to incredibly versatile too, thanks to some neat accessories for the device, which I received on the side.

Given that the contents of the kit include the mod with its pod fixture, pod and coils, and the optional accessories include a 510 mod adapter and a rebuildable deck for the pod.

I’m at a loss as to how I should class the Artery Nugget GT kit, one thing’s for sure though, it’s intriguing and looks like it wants to be vaped!

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Inside the Box

  • Artery Nugget GT Device
  • GT Pod
  • 0.15ohm XP Coil
  • 0.4ohm XP coil
  • 510 drip tip
  • Spare silicone plug
  • USB cable – type C
  • User manual

Artery Nugget GT Kit contents

Artery Nugget GT Specs and Features

  • Size: 43x31x102mm
  • Output: 1-200W – VW
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • Display: 0.96in colour screen
  • Resistance range: 0.5-2ohm
  • E-liquid capacity: 8ml (standard) / 2ml TPD
  • Pods: Refillable, replaceable coil
  • Coil options: XP coil range – possible XP RBA
  • USB Type C 2A fast charge

Artery Nugget GT Kit box

Design and Build Quality

By first thoughts on opening the white box packaging were “damn, that’s gorgeous,” then “damn, that’s huge.”

And I’m not talking huge in general, I mean huge compared to the other Artery gear I’ve sampled.

The mod comes with its pod section assembled but, as far as pods go, this is hands down the most gorgeous and ergonomic pod I’ve ever seen or held in my hand – even though it’s larger than you’d expect a pod to be because the mod is a full-blown mod.

Tall, slender, rounded, ergonomic sleekness that I was excited to disassemble (at least partly) to see what’s where and what the heck is going on.

Artery Nugget GT – the Mod

The mod section is made of beautiful metallic finished zinc alloy, and I can tell right off the bat that this finish is unlikely to scratch or lose its lustre.

The shape is so ergonomic because its basically a tall cylinder, but with a flattened, narrow side at the front, for the control panel, and a larger, flattened but curve-edged backside, which comprises the magnetic battery-door.

Artery Nugget GT Kit front

BTW, the flattened front has rounded edges too, but not as slow a curve as the backside. It’s hard to describe these things, so just bear with me.

In between the 2 flattened sides there’s a decorative black inlay either side, which enhances the tall appearance of the mod, and behind that, on either side, is a tall ergonomic indentation into which the fingertips fit nicely when you hold the device.

Artery Nugget GT Kit side

Artery Nugget GT – OLED Screen and controls

The base, which features 6 elongated ventilation ports, curves up at the edge and continues seamlessly into that flattened front panel.

There’s a USB 3 port above that, then the clear-black screen panel, with a combined up and down adjustment button above that, a bright and colorful OLED screen above that, and a thumb-tip sized, indented and very clicky fire button above that.

Artery Nugget GT Kit base

The OLED screen is bright and clear in any light, with pictorial battery levels at the top, lock display and a big level reader with a colored mode indicator below that.

And below that, voltage, resistance and puff counter all in a row before finishing with a colorful little flourish at the bottom, which you can see in the pics.

Artery Nugget GT Kit hand

The top of the mod has recessed connections for the pod section, with really ample airflow slots cut into the zinc-alloy recess walls, situated on the front sided above the grip sections (see pics).

There’s a cut out at the back and center of the recess-wall with a lip positioned on the inside of the wall below it, for the pod’s clip to fit onto.

The pod clips in and out of this recess easily, and clips out with a press of the little clip button on the back and bottom edge of the pod itself.

Artery Nugget GT – Battery Compartment

The magnetic back panel is very effective and, thank goodness, doesn’t give AF which way up you decide to replace it.

Inside is a quality insulated chamber with removal ribbon, large placement indicators and gold connects.

Artery Nugget GT Kit back

This chamber makes it easy to keep your battery wraps in good nick, I know this because my perfect batteries look just as perfect as before, even after vaping so much that I probably had to haul out to recharge 50 times.
Artery Nugget GT Kit exploded view

Artery Nugget GT – Pod Cartridge

The pod cartridge holds 8ml of juice. It’s a difficult shape to describe so best you look at the pics for that.
Artery Nugget GT Kit drip tip
The pre-fitted, removable 810 drip tip is freaking AWESOME!!!!

It’s shaped like the sippy-cup straws that kids use, the intake side is elongated and feels great between the lips, while the gentle curve up from the cartridge just takes me back to being 4 years old and sipping tea from my travel cup, in the back of my parent’s car.

This, to me, is the best drip tip on earth.

Artery Nugget GT Kit connects

The coil heads simply slide and click in, or click and slide out of the bottom of the cartridge with a pull, which can be done without spillage, even when the cartridge is full – so long as you mind to hold the cartridge upside down!

Artery Nugget GT – Cartridge Bottom Fill

Also on the base of the cartridge is a L-shaped little silicon tab that you tug out to access the fill-port.

It’s easy to grab and good quality silicon.Artery Nugget GT Kit bottom fill

The port is wide enough for both juice droppers and bottles, though I sometimes make quite a mess unless I hold the cartridge at an angle when filling, this ensures bubbles stop juice from reaching the other end of the cartridge.

This is not a design flaw, you just have to be careful.

With that said, I use a very high VG juice so bubbles do tend to form easier in the tank.

A Note On Optional Accessories (Not Included)

I highly recommend you get your hands on the RBA deck and 510 mod adaptor accessories.

510 Mod adaptor

The mod adaptor clips on as easy as the pod cartridge, has a neat shiny gold tank seating and turns this into a fully compatible 200W mod to use with all your other tanks.

The RBA, while small enough to slide into the cartridge like the coil heads, is spacious enough for a small clapton coil, though it also comes with coil and cotton…and packs a hell of a punch.

optional RBA

The RBA is actually really easy to build on, its sturdy and well made, has a 510 adaptor and even adjustable airflow!!!!!

The RBA base is ideal when you want to fit a narrow drip tip and vape MTL style on this device.

How Does Artery Nugget GT Kit Perform?

UI, controls and Mod Features

Controls are all super clicky and highly responsive, while the UI is intuitive and easy to navigate.

I love that when altering your setting, you can either click to scroll up 1W, etc, or you can hold, at which point it begins with a slow scroll, so small adjustments of maybe 5 watts are easier, without the need to click 5 times.

After a few increments, the scroll speeds up to enable larger adjustments, etc.

The lock feature is really useful to me, as the buttons are so responsive and I have a tendency to constantly hold this device or leave it in my lap while on the couch.

This mod is not versatile in the sense that it has mode options or temp control…but it’s accessories make it extremely versatile.

Unfortunately, these accessories are not included with the kit, which is what I’m reviewing today!

It’s easy to use, does the job well and it packs a huge amount of power.

Ramp time is excellent.

I did notice that the mod invariable asks whether it’s a new coil, once you replace the pod after filling.

Artery Nugget GT Kit – Airflow Performance

The airflow, though not adjustable unless you fit the RBA accessory, is smooth, not too much or too little – but perfect, making this very much a DTL kit, at least as far as my face and lungs are concerned.

My first thought when I vaped my first hit was, “that airflow is amazing” as I guess I expected a less perfect draw from a pod, I dunno. The combination of that drip tip and airflow and coils are just phenomenal, at least to me.

The airflow is not adjustable without the RBA base or the mod adaptor and an adjustable tank.

I don’t see this as a con, but some might, so I will list it in cons but I refuse to subtract points because this is my damn review and I loved it.

Preinstalled 0.15Ohm XP Core Performance

This core performed superbly from the very first hit at 60W and then on and up through the range.

Designed for 60-80W usage, this mesh coil holds its resistance throughout.

Delicious, thick vapor that just gets more and more flavourful as the coil gets broken in.

Good quality coil and cotton, I chain vaped it at the higher wattage for a week with no complaints.

pod coil
I plan to rinse the coil and continue using it for another.

0.4 Ohm XP Core Performance

I expected less flavor from this but its really just a cooler vapour with flavour that’s just as good.

Designed for 20-35W vaping, I mostly used this coil at 35W, also chain vaping for a week and I’m thoroughly impressed – full and delicious vapor throughout.

Artery Nugget GT Kit – Battery Life

All depending on your 18650s of course, battery conservation is great here, vaping high wattage for a morning, day and evening and lower wattage for a day and a half.


  • Ergonomic, sleek and quality finished
  • Great battery life
  • Very easy to use
  • Versatile with accessories
  • Outstanding power performance
  • Outstanding flavour in both high and low wattage
  • Rich, full vapour

in hand


  • New coil indicator comes up every time you refit the pod
  • No airflow adjust with included cores

Final Review Verdict

The Artery Nugget GT kit is a pleasure to vape that comes highly recommended to all vapers, whether new or experienced.

I was in love with this device from the get-go, everything from flavour and fullness of vapour to ease-of-use, versatility, ergonomics and looks.

What more can I say?

I can’t just continue to rave about it…but honestly, I can’t remember the last vape kit I enjoyed like I’m enjoying the Artery Nugget GT Kit…

It gets a huge thumbs up from me!

UK – Free Shipping
Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour Production
Vapour Production
Would I Buy It Again?
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  1. I’d like to know what juice you chain vaped for a week with no issues. I’m using the .15 coil with a 70/30 juice at 60w and on day 2 every 3rd hit has a burning sensation along with it. If I let the device sit a bit, then hit it, its okay. But again, I have to wait for it.

  2. Hello, recently purchased this device online however I’m confused like what all additional items I need to buy in addition to batteries

  3. Saw this a while back and thought it looked interesting, I have a question though about the rba, how big a coil will It accommodate? 2.5mm I’d? Or could you get a 3mm in there.


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