The Aspire Cleito Shot disposable tank is the latest in a series has been around for a while, with the original Cleito, Cleito 120, Cleito EXO, Cleito Pro, and Cleito Pro 120. In fact it was a Cleito 120 that was my first sub-ohm DTL tank, and I still get it out on occasion.aspire cleito shot disposable tanks

They have always had a reputation for great flavour and clouds, with the first Cleito being arguably one of the tanks responsible for the move towards having your coil screw straight into the top cap, doing away with the need for a separate chimney section.

So What Can We Expect From the Aspire Cleito Shot Tank?

The Cleito Shot is something quite different. Whereas all the previous Cleito’s have been stock-coil sub-ohm tanks, often with an optional rebuildable section, the Shot is a disposable tank.

Like we have seen in other disposables, you fill up with your own e-liquid, and when the coil is exhausted (or you accidentally burn it out!) you chuck away the whole thing.

I received a three pack of the Cleito Shot for this review (thank you) as always, my thoughts are my own and are not influenced by freebies.

In the Box

This is a disposable, so you understandably get almost nothing in terms of extras!

  • 3x Aspire Cleito Shot Disposable Tanks
  • Warning card and refilling guide

3x aspire cleito shot tanks in lime colour in black box

Aspire Cleito Shot Kit Specs

  • Dimensions: 27mm diameter x 45mm height
  • 0.3Ω mesh coil (not replaceable)
  • 4.3ml capacity (non TPD)
  • Blend of cotton and linen fibres for efficient wicking

Design and Build Quality

As a disposable tank “basic” is the name of the game here! My own version came in the rather shocking Lime colour, but it is available in a variety of other colour ways. Night (black), Cloud (grey), Mango, and Cyan. Obviously some of these will be easier to match with a mod than others!

At the top you have a non-removable drip tip that is one piece with the top cap. You unscrew this to fill, and it has an interesting diamond pattern moulded into it, which helps with getting a grip on it.

drip tip and diamond pattern of top capThe top cap screws directly onto the non-replaceable coil, and is surrounded by a plastic tank.

On my non TPD version this is 4.3ml in capacity, but I imagine they will have a 2ml one available for TPD regulated countries.

The tank is made of PCTG, which although it appears to be a variation of PET used in most plastic tanks, this should be far more resistant to cracking.

Aspire Cleito Shot tank with top cap unscrewed and placed side by side with tankThe base has a continuation of the diamond pattern, this time it’s cut into the outer ring to give you your airflow.

There’s no adjustable airflow on this, so a possible con there for some people. It’s almost entirely plastic at the base, with just a small metal disc around the 510 connector, with your standard regulatory marks.

How To Fill the Cleito Shot Tank

  • Unscrew the top cap to reveal the large fill hole
  • Fill with your favourite e-juice, keeping the side with the fill hole angled slightly up to let the air escape
  • Leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes

How to fill the Aspire Cleito Shot tank - A blue bottle of eliquid is used to fill itHow Does the Aspire Cleito Shot Tank Perform?

Aspire recommend their coil is run at a fairly conservative 35W-45W, so on my first run I didn’t deviate from this.

Breaking in the coil at 30W and then increasing up. I found my sweet spot bang in the middle at 40W.

For these tests I used Chemical Clown’s Meg, a 70/30 liquid that I’d gotten very familiar with in another review.


As I mentioned earlier, you have a fixed airflow on this tank. Although some people will scoff at the idea of not being able to change your airflow to one of 10 different possibilities, I quite enjoy the way you just have to accept it.

There’s no playing around with things, or dialling it in to find what is “just right” for you. It is, like the tank itself, basic.

It’s got a decent amount of airflow, but it’s not totally open. There’s a slight restriction on it. I think that for a Direct to Lung (DTL) draw, it’s going to be pretty good for most people.

It is quite a noisy tank though.

Flavour and Vapour

It’s effectively a mesh stock coil, so flavour has been really good.

I would say that this comfortably outperforms my Cleito 120. I was able to pick out all the individual notes of the e-liquid I was vaping, as well as the light cooling kick I enjoy.

It’s a slightly cool vape when you run it at Aspires recommended wattage, but more on that in my stress test!

Mesh coils have definitely raised the game when it comes to stock coil tanks. Although some people don’t get on with mesh, I’ve found this is mainly applied to rebuildables. In my opinion, for a fixed coil, mesh is the business.

Cleito Shot Mesh Coil close upAspire have used a fairly coarse mesh for the Cleito Shot, but it’s been producing some pretty big clouds. Not as much as some of the more complex multi-core mesh tanks I have used. But very satisfying nonetheless.

Coil Life

For the first week I ran this as my primary DTL tank, chain vaping on it constantly. It does plough through juice, and I managed to get through a 60ml bottle within about 3 days.

Towards the very end of this bottle is when I first started to notice a dip in the flavour it was producing.

I continued to use it for a few more days, and got through about 100ml of e-liquid total, before the flavour was gone enough that I knew I had to change.

Stress Test

I will only ever test out coil longevity within the manufacturers recommended wattage, as I don’t feel it’s fair to push it further than they recommend. However with that test out of the way, I was then free to test the other two tanks and see if they had a bit more to give.

I tested this in 5W increments, starting at the recommended maximum of 45W and going up from there.

Below I have put my findings from when there was a really noticeable difference between the power levels.

  • 50W – Absolutely no problem, and I’ve quite happily used this for a while, warmer than the 40W I used for my first test, but the flavour is still spot on
  • 60W – Getting noticeably warmer, and flavour is seeming to drop off
  • 70W – I wouldn’t bother pushing it this high, you can tell that you are risking burning your coil, and you’re getting nothing for the effort but a hot vape with very little flavour

Basically I think Aspire have judged it well with 35-45W, take it up to 50W if you like a warmer vape, but I wouldn’t recommend anything higher.


  • Great Flavour
  • Super simple to keep as a backup
  • Cheap and disposable if you tend to break your tanks a lot


  • Non adjustable airflow
  • Drip tip picks up loads of pocket fluff

Final Review Verdict

So do I think that the Shot is worthy of the Cleito name? In a word, yes. It’s a cracking little tank, and is definitely capable of putting out the great flavour and clouds that it’s forerunners were known for.

Whether disposable tanks are a good idea or not, is for an article, not a review. But based on my experience with this one, I can definitely see me keeping a spare one around. It’s not going to replace my everyday rebuildables, but it is a decent backup for trips or nights out, where you don’t want to take your main kit with you.

Have you used or did you buy Aspire Cleito Shot tank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Build Quality
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
I started my vaping journey in 2017 with a little AIO kit. I’d made several attempts to give up smoking over the years, and I finally nailed it with vaping. I knew right away that I wanted to learn as much about all these devices as possible, and I quickly got into rebuildables and replaceable battery mods. I’ve always enjoyed kit and technology, so I’ve built up quite a collection of different tanks and mods. I love knowing how things work and what to do to get the best out of them, so sharing that knowledge and helping more people quit smoking is something I’m passionate about.


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