The Aspire Cleito 120 Pro is the follow-up to the well-loved original and this time includes a mesh coil.

The name comes from it maxing out at 120w and surprisingly it’s the original cotton and wire coil – not the mesh – that reaches those giddy heights.

aspire-aspire-cleito-120-pro-tank review

The original Cleito’s were both a bit of a beast and was a great way for vapers to make use of the higher powered wattage mods of the day. The introduction of an RBA deck also meant mere mortal vapers such as myself were able to tinker with rebuildables such as RDA’s and RTA’s.

What Can We Expect From the Cleito 120 Pro?

Big clouds for one!

The original Cleito’s were known for fog machines and many vapers – including myself – used the Cleito to step away from mouth to lung vaping and into the cloudy world of sub ohm stock coil tanks.

Surprisingly enough we never got round to reviewing the original Cleito 120 – however I have used it and from what I remember loved it so much I had a couple on the go, both of which have gone to my brother. BTW you can check out my review of the Cleito Pro here.

Inside the box are x2 coils including the new mesh which has a range of 60-75w, as to how that vapes we shall see.

cleito 120 pro coils

The Cleito name is a bit of a legend among vapers and the company whilst best known for tanks such as the Nautilus and Nautilus 2S for MTL vapers and new vapers, they also have some decent sub ohm tanks. Those that spring to mind are the Atlantis Evo and the recently reviewed Tigon tank that we reviewed as part of a kit.

Speaking of kits most released by Aspire are well received and many such as the latest Aspire Reax Mini, K1 Stealth and the more established and well thought of SkyStar Revvo set-up – have received praise from reviewers around the world.

Right, let’s see how the Aspire Cleito 120 Pro vapes and if it’s a worthy follow up.

For the record this was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review and sadly there was no wad of cash so my thoughts and opinions haven’t been bought and paid for 😉

UK – Free Shipping

Inside the Box

I received the TPD version limited to 2ml capacity – a 4ml bubble glass can be bought separately.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 x 2ml Cleito 120 Pro tank
  • 2 x Coils (1*0.16Ω & 1*0.15Ω Mesh Coil)
  • 6 x O-rings
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

cleito 120 pro components

Aspire Cleito 120 Pro Specs

  • Height: 52mm
  • Width: 25mm
  • 2ml TPD capacity – 4.5ml bubble available separately
  • Compatible with Cleito 120 coils
  • Coils included: 0.15 mesh [installed] and 0.16 regular

Aspire Cleito 120 Pro Quick Start Guide

  • Do prime your coils hard! (Drip a little juice directly on the cotton)
  • Unscrew the base and screw in/out to swap coils
  • Screw top cap on to secure coil
  • To fill: locate the x3 tiny dots under the aspire logo and pull off the metal ring to expose fill port
  • Let stand for 10 minutes to allow the coil to saturate before vaping

prime cleito coil

Key Features

The Aspire Cleito 120 Pro is obviously a follow-up to the previous version and is a stock coil sub ohm tank.

It’s 25mm at the base and comes in a variety of colours: black – rainbow – gold and silver grey.

It’s 25mm at the base and features a top-fill design – more on that later.

The wide bore delrin drip tip is proprietary and doubles up as the top cap, as in screwing the tank together.

wicking cleito coil
wicks well

Aspire says the new coils and in particular the mesh – is designed to wick well and give amazing flavour and clouds – something we’ll look at shortly – and BTW the 120 Pro coils are compatible with the original.

Design and Build Quality

I received the silver/grey version which if I’m honest is a little dull and does feel a little tinny.

The O rings are extremely tight – even after nearly a month’s use – especially the one on the base. It’s a good job it is as the glass needs to sit snug over the ring rather than screwing it in.

Just like the Cleito Pro, the wide bore drip tip is essentially plastic, screwing onto the metal coil. As I said in that review, one wonders how long those metal to plastic threads will last.

plastic on metal threads

The moving parts – such as the airflow have a nice tolerance to them and again a month in the airflow ring is stiff so won’t move about in your pocket. It’s the same with the fill ring – that is still extremely stiff and as yet – touch wood – I’ve had no issues with it opening up and leaking.

Design wise it’s had a bit of a face-lift, the original being very bland and workmanlike.

However once again the Aspire logo dominates, however, the knurling on the airflow looks good.

clieto pro 120 sub ohm tank

It’s not a bad looking tank if I’m honest and certainly better than the original and for me looks better in black.

BTW I’m unable to show comparison photos to the original as they’ve long gone to friends and family.Here’s a picture on it’s own though!Aspire Cleito Review

How Does the Aspire Cleito 120 Pro Perform?

As always it’s the million dollar question!

OK I’ve had this for a month or so and used it a couple of hours per day, and given this is the 2ml TPD version I’ve had to fill it many times! Do yourself a favour and buy the bubble glass!

Just like the Cleito Pro – the filling is again a case of removing the ring on top of the tank, tilting and filling via the wide juice port. It’s annoying and not exactly the most innovative way to fill a sub ohm tank in this day and age.

fill cleito pro 120

OK onto the coils and the vape experience I got from them. For the taste test I used one of my go-to e-liquids, Riot Squads Punk Grenade – a flavour I know very well indeed.

Cleito 120 Pro 0.16 Mesh Coil

Aspire says this is best between 60 – 75w, which I thought was a little on the low side.

I primed the coil hard and waited 15 minutes. The first vape off the fresh coil was a little metallic to say the least, however, and as you might expect the clouds were crazy even at those mid-range wattages.

cleito 120 pro mesh coil

60w was a very cool vape indeed and this coil came to life at bang on 75w with good not amazing flavour. I have pushed it to 85w and it seemed to handle it fairly well.

Like many stock coils out there this one needed time to bed in. After the third fill the flavour began to pop a little more and now into about the 10th [20mls or so] it is much better, so expect a longish break in time.

It’s 4 weeks in and I’m still using the coil so longevity is pretty good.

Cleito Pro 120 0.15 Regular Coil

Again I primed the coil hard and let it sit for 15 minutes.

First fill was again nothing much to write home about flavour wise however once again the clouds were crazy!

cleito 120 pro wire coil

This one needs a bit of power to get it going with Aspire recommending 100-120w. At the lowest level the vape was warm, smooth and after a second fill not that bad.

Bumped up to the max and the vape warmed up but was most definitely not overly hot.

The flavour became stronger and with the amount of cloudage coming from it at 130w, the Met Office could have put out a fog warning!

After 3 weeks the coil gave up the ghost so I guess longevity is about average for coil ‘n cotton stock tanks.

Airflow On the Cleito 120 Pro

This isn’t as airy as you might imagine with wide open about an 8 out of ten – with ten being extremely airy.

adjustable airflow

I found a happy medium with it a little under half closed which gave a smooth quiet vape.


  • Good flavour
  • Crazy clouds
  • Decent coil longevity – especially the mesh
  • Looks good
  • Strong O rings!
  • Good price now it’s been out a while!


  • Materials feel a little flimsy
  • Archaic fill system
  • Plastic on metal threads may wear out – be careful!

Final Review Verdict

Before I got into the whole RTA/RDA thing I bloody loved both the Cleito and Cleito 120 – especially the build decks.

It’s rare I review or regularly use a stock coil tank these days but the key for me with the 120 is it’s simple enough to use – apart from the fiddly filling – and a great choice to advance along your vaping journey being almost one step away from rebuildables.

So for me both the Cleito Pro’s are great for those of you looking to get decent flavour and a tonnage of cloud cover with stock coils that last reasonably well. Like I said stepping stones to rebuildables.

The Cleito 120 Pro looks pretty much identical to the Cleito Pro and to be honest having reviewed both the flavour off the pair is good – not amazing – but good.

Personally I think the 120 Pro edges it overall of the two – especially the mesh coil in the 120. Once that one’s broken in the flavour pops considerably – good longevity too.

But to be honest there’s a fag paper between the two of them so it’s down to if you want to chuck some power through the regular coil or stick with mid-range wattage.

Personally, I think the Cleito range – certainly as a stock coiler – has run its course now – I mean where else can it go unless Aspire breaks the habit of a lifetime and brings out an RTA…though of course with the option of a rebuildable deck what would be the point?

Time to retire the series after this one I guess – unless they come up with something radical.

UK – Free Shipping

Build Quality
Flavour Mesh Coil
Flavour Regular Coil
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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  1. Nice review, and I’ll probably get one if my original 120 ever gives up the ghost. Always love it when stock coil tanks have the option of a build deck, it’s the only reason I’ve hung on to the 120 as long as I have.


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