Aspire Glass ET-S BDC – A Clearomiser Upgraded

I am a big fan of Aspire clearomisers with both the Nautilus, Nautilus Mini and the Jacvapour 510 Crystal Tank (Aspire made) getting top marks in our tests.

The ETS Glass isn’t a new clearomiser by any means, I have actually been using it on and off for a few months and realised I hadn’t actually reviewed it! So here we go.
Aspire ET-S Glass Tank Review

Aspire ET-S Glass Setup

The 3ml capacity Aspire ET-S Glass is an upgraded version of the ET-S BDC clearomiser with the main difference (surprise surprise) being that the former is made with a glass tube rather than plastic.

The clearo itself feels quality in the hand with a metal outer sheet that has two windows cut out and is then wrapped around the glass. The base and the drip tip are stainless steel which adds to the overall quality look and feel.

Breaking down into four pieces makes the maintenance of the device nice and easy, I personally try and give clearomisers/tanks a good clean after every 2/3 fills but that’s just me.

Base and tank for the ETS Glassomiser

The only initial downside I can see initially is that the drip tip is fixed, not a problem for me personally as I don’t mind this mouth piece but I know other vapers like the flexibility to change things.


The coil that came pre-installed was a 1.8 oHm BVC (bottom vertical coil) which is Aspires new and improved coil over the BDC. I used this coil with the Nautilus Mini recently and it really does perform very well. The same can be said for the BVC installed in the ET-S Glass.

Aspire BVC Coil

I was vaping Apollo 50/50 vape juice and the flavour coming through is really clean tasting while the volume of vapour was excellent. Leakage was also down to zero for me as well which is always a good thing.

The other thing I noticed over the months was that I experienced no leaking with this bit of kit.

So who is this tank for?

If you are using an EGO/510 pen style e cig battery this will sit on top perfectly, especially if you can match up the colour to the battery. If you are using a more advanced kit it will do the trick as well, I have used this on the Cool Fire 1, Vamo V5 and the Innokin MVP 2 with no issues.

Aspire ET-S Glass on an Innokin MVP2

Yeah it might look a little small on the Vamo but it looks great on the Innokin MVP2!

Filling is also simple for first time users, just be sure to aim the e-liquid onto the inside wall of the tank avoiding the centre tube and all will be OK.

Overall – Final thoughts

For the money the Aspire ET-S Glassomiser is a fantastic piece of kit. The BVC coil helps produce great flavour and vapour and it looks pretty sat on top of any EGO/Pen style battery. The only negative for some maybe the fixed drip tip but that’s no an issue for me personally on this clearomiser.

If you are looking for a solid performer then be sure to give this a go.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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  1. A brilliant tank, comes in a choice of colours and textures. 3 atomisers available in both BVC and BVC – Tried both, I prefer the BVC.

    I knew the price for these was good, but didn’t think they’d go up. Would like to see more atomisers and airflow added to these in a next edition, to reflect the sub-ohm market.

    Strong, Easy to fill and a great all round experience. Used this as a starter kit and never looked back.

  2. I love how it tastes full of flavor and so easy to take apart to clean. the filling can be quite deceiving at first…. All in all an Excellent choice of clearomizer


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