aspire nautilus 2s preview

The Nautilus 2S By Aspire Previewed

The Aspire Nautilus 2S tank is a new arrival to the Nautilus family.


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A lot of people still swear by the original Nautilus as being one of the best MTL (mouth to lung) tanks. MTL tanks tend to have tighter airflow and mimic the sensation of smoking. We tell you all about vaping styles in our guide to DTL and MTL.

Anyway with the Aspire Nautilus 2S – a new coil has arrived which is a sub ohm DTL (direct to lung) coil – which hasn’t appeared in any of the other Nautilus tanks.nautilus 2s coils

The MTL coil is the 1.8ohm BVC coil which you can find in the Nautilus 2 tank and also the Nautilus AIO pod mod.

Design wise the looks are very similar to the Nautilus 2 style and just updated a bit.

nautilus family
Aspire Nautilus family – Left to right: Original Nautilus, Nautilus 2, Nautilus 2S

There are two capacity options – the standard tank capacity is 2.6ml – but within the EU to comply with the TPD regulations there is a 2ml kit which will be for sale.

The top filling cap is also childproof with an extra locking mechanism.nautilus 2s top filling

The airflow adjustment seems very similar to the Nautilus 2 with the addition of an extra open slot for the DTL coil airflow.nautilus 2s airflow

There are 5 colours to choose from – Stainless Steel, Space Grey, Blue, Black and Rainbow.nautilus 2s colours

Kit Includes

  • Aspire Nautilus 2S tank
  • 0.4ohm coil (installed)
  • 1.8ohm coil
  • Spare glass (standard version only)
  • Extra drip tip
  • O-rings
  • User manual

Aspire Nautilus 2S Specs

  • Size: 25x52mm
  • Capacity: 2.6ml (standard) / 2ml (EU TPD)
  • Coils: 0.4ohm BVC (installed), 1.8ohm BVC (included) – also interchangeable with previous Nautilus tanks
  • MTL or DTL vaping
  • Top fill child resistant cap
  • Airflow control

nautilus 2s specsThe Nautilus 2 received mixed reviews – I have heard a few complaints that it wasn’t a patch on the original tank – but also our Neil loved it in his review.

Will the Aspire Nautilus 2S divide opinion too? I am often dubious of tanks which promise to perform as MTL and DTL devices and often find they only excel at one or neither task.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you will be buying the Aspire Nautilus 2s tank!

My name is Michelle - I am 43 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again last year and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of February 2018 and that is all thanks to vaping! I am a huge dog lover and volunteer for my local dog rescue.


  1. It’s a tank worth bleeding for.

    It is a bit quirky to change the coil. After I bought it from the shop, like anybody getting new toys, I parked on a bench and started fiddling with it. It took me a good 2-3 minutes to figure out how to work the cogs.

    Little did I know that I have to be extra careful with my fingers because the edge is quite sharp. Of course I managed to scratch my finger. After I’ve finally changed the coil to the 0.4 ohm (which my coolfire ultra 150 TC reads at closer to 0.5), I wanted to fill the tank.

    Oh, the frustration was intense here. I almost wanted to go back to the shop and return it. I was trying to fill the tank with a 50ml short fill, which of course has a big nozzle. Took me a good while to figure out that you can’t fill the tank when you’re trying to put liquid into vacuum. I just lost it.

    I switched to my usual tank and started vaping on that. I went home with my tail between my legs and a bleeding finger.

    Luckily at home I have some spare tips that are very slim. I tried one of those and they worked like a charm. I let the coil soak in properly and after about 10 mins I took a drag at 25w with the DTL vent fully open.

    OH MY GOD! I had no idea that my Liquid tased so damn good. I could feel the Gala in the apple, the hint of elderflower and the nice aftertones of the subtle garden mint. I am extatic as I am writing these words and I realize that I’ve been living in a cave, under a rock until now. I took a few more drags and the vapor production is comparably the same as the iSub V. But the taste, oh the taste kept getting better and lusher as the coil slowly warmed up.

    I switched the air vent to the MTL side and took a couple of drags. Just astounding. Nice vapour production as well, but the flavour, oh the flavour. I’ve been smacking my lips all afternoon.

    It is quite intense and precise, I can feel all the subtle tones and fragrances from my 70/30 juice and I sort of finally got it why it was blended the way it is.

    This is definitely a flavour chaser’s tank. And it’s quite impressive. I’ve also played around with different drip tips and you start to notice sublime changes in the flavour and density of vapor. It’s really sturdy and sits well on my mod and it reminds me slightly of 20k leagues under the sea childhood book cover.

    I’m really happy with this tank. I’m over 400 puffs/drags in and I still can’t shake it how good a flavour it consistently delivers with each draw.

    I think this is going to become the go to tank for people like me that after 16 years of rollies they want to quit smoking and pick up vaping.

    This tank delivers 100% of both worlds (MTL & DTL) and it creates such a lush experience that you’ll bin your cigarettes.

    My only enigma remains to find out what material these coils are made of, because if they are SS, this baby’s going into TC mode.

    This was my piece.

    Now I’m going to see how real raspberries & vanilla tastes like in a vape.

  2. Just bought a zelos,with a 2s refill,why will it not work,I’ve filled it with liquid through the very poor filling hole at the top,it just won’t go on to the atomiser,something is not right,I’ve had to use my old smok atomiser on this,not happy at all

  3. I have two Nautilus 2S tanks. I do like their performance, but oh goodness – why does the TPD tank have to be so complicated when changing coils? Both of mine are very hard to work when it comes to pushing and turning that cog thing to get the coil out, and the same to get a new coil in so that it doesn’t say “0.00” on my mod. We never needed such childproofing before – and the 5ml tank comes without all these complications, but I can’t buy it as I live in the UK. I much prefer my older Nautilus 2 tanks for coil changes. Older people with arthritic fingers are going to find it very hard.


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