The AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA is from oone of the youngest vape companies whose wares I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing but that most certainly doesn’t make them the least accomplished. Avidvape Ghost Inhale RTA

This fledgeling brand only opened doors in 2017 in Shenzhen but the handful of products they’ve since released display design qualities, innovation and an aesthetic sophistication that, in my opinion, seriously make AvidVape a brand to watch out for.

From their Ghost Inhale 200W Sub Ohm Tank to their Flag 80W Starter Kit and chunky Throne Squonker…this brand has hit the game running! I know, I make up my own sayings but that’s not the point. The point is that this week I’ve reviewed a beautiful RTA from a 1 year old brand that blows a lot of popular RTAs from seasoned brands out of the water.

Introduction – The Ghost Inhale RTA By AvidVape

The Ghost Inhale is a sleek and well thought out masterpiece of a single coil RTA, with exceptional airflow and a cool as hell, totally new style build deck. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA
  • 5 Ml Bubble Glass
  • PreMade 0.2 Ohm Coil
  • 3 Point Driver
  • Japanese Cotton, Seals, O-rings and Spares


  • Dimensions: 24 x 54mm with bubble glass, 23.04 x 54mm without
  • Single Coil RTA
  • Capacity 3.5 ml and 5ml with bubble glass
  • Innovative, flavour chasing RTA
  • Unique dual post, gold plated deck
  • Airflow supports larger coils
  • 45 Degree sloped wicking holes for ease of use
  • Top Fill
  • Adjustable bottom Airflow
  • Available in Blue, Silver, Black and Gold

Build Quality & Design

My first impression on peering through the clear plastic display box packaging of my AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA was, hmmm…sexy, sleek and gorgeous.

I felt that, aesthetically, what with the minimalist Ghost Inhale flame Logo on the chamber cap, the good length to width ratio and just general, well finished look…this brand obviously takes care with their designs. I wasn’t yet aware that the brand was only a year old!Avid Vape ghost inhale rta components

Opening the box to extract my Black RTA, I find a nice insulated, gold 510 pin underneath, a base and top cap with similar 7-8mm height, both with well-machined shark’s fin knurling for easy adjustment.

The airflow ring or base swivels with absolute ease, to adjust the intake on two 9x2mm airflow slots…I like this, those slots aren’t too long, as I find nowadays a lot of brands are overdoing it with their airflow slots!

The chamber is of the raised type, so it sits pretty, half way up the tank, surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing cap that tapers ever so slightly toward the top and has light refracting knurling round the bottom.

The top cap screws off to reveal an easy and ample, recessed top fill system and, indeed, every element of this RTA unscrews and breaks down with phenomenal ease. Excellent machining right round, with well fitted o-rings.

The top of the top cap is as flat as a 4 day old glass of Coke, with a good quality PEI 810 drip tip that’s easily removable.avidvape ghost inhale rta build

Dismantling the device to reveal the gold plated build deck beneath that chamber cap (which unscrew from the deck with truly sturdy and really pleasing threading) I let out a ‘whoop!’

AvidVape looked at every build deck on the market and actually managed to design one that’s different and still looks highly functional, congrats!!

The dual posts of this single coil deck sit in the middle of one half of the deck, with the portion where your leads enter the posts slanting outwards so that your entire coil actually sits at an angle.

The lead ports are huge, 3mm squared affairs and with the massive airflow port right beneath your coil placement, I’ve no doubt even the biggest, beefiest mofos will be happy on the AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA. Yeah, this guy can fit some bad-ass coils.

I’m excited to get a build on this guy, the deck looks easy to use and the ports really accessible, plus, really well placed, curved wick ports cut out of the deck base mean that wicking this RTA is going to be a breeze, with enough space to run a nice ample wick through and extract some serious flavour!


Okay…I appreciate the fact that a coil and and some decent organic cotton have been included amongst the accessories, not to mention the bubble glass extention which I wasted no time in fitting.

Most RTAs these days don’t include a coil and cotton for beginners. AvidVape have been generous with accessories here, though, grateful as I am, I’m not keen on the included coil, not the best quality wire, I struggled to get an even burn on it after fitting and opted instead for a 0.3 ohm tortuosity coil from Coilmaster’s Skynet, as pictured.

How Does The AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA Perform?

Okay…now, I’ve already seen one early video review of this product, where it received a bad rap but vapers, I couldn’t disagree more!

Not only do I find the airflow range just perfect: between really restricted and open-restricted, I also felt that the airflow placement, along with the nicely domed inner chamber cap really maximize flavour here.

I’ve got a couple of e-juices with subtle notes that I test my tanks on…if the subtlest notes don’t come through I know there’s flavour lacking and let me tell you that those notes came through loud and clear on the Ghost Inhale.

Threading is important on an RTA, from the deck screws to the chamber cap, not to mention on the top cap and all. The threading throughout this tank is superb, strong and just the business.

One complaint I might have is that when I knocked my vape over on the first day, the bubble glass shattered, so not the strongest bubble glass around, I’m afraid…In fact, I’ve never seen tank glass break THAT easily.

With an easy to use build deck, space for a nice big single coil as well as some really ample wicking, this is a beautiful RTA for flavour chasing beginners.avidvape ghost inhale rta

I say beginners simply because the breakdown is so easy and the threading so good that it won’t put beginners off but really, all RTA lovers will enjoy this single coil RTA, if you ask me.

I’m impressed by the aesthetic and performance, so its a perfect combination and aside for shabby glass, the Ghost Inhale is a winner.ghost inhale rta bubble glass

I experienced no spitback on the tortuosity coil but when I later fitted a big-ass staggered fused clapton at 0.15 Ohm I did get just a touch of spitback at higher wattages, above 80W. No biggie though.

Also, this seems to be an SS tank but whatever coating is on it is definitely heat resistant, with great heat distribution through the top cap and no burn, even at very high wattage. The drip tip is also excellent quality.

How To Fill

  • Unscrew the top cap
  • Fillavidvape ghost inhale rta fill

Ease of build

After easy break down of parts, I found the threading on the deck screws to be really deep and strong, the lead ports absolutely ample for just about any sized coil and the wicking an absolute breeze with those wicking ports to direct you.avidvape ghost inhale rta pulse

I don’t feel that the build deck configuration, ie: the slanted coil seating, really makes a difference to the vape quality, it’s really just an aesthetic novelty.

With that said, the airflow is perfectly placed and I loved being able to run a long wick through those slots and then spiral the wick ends round the tank bottom for great absorption.avidvape ghost inhale rta wick

One thing to note…when cutting your leads, you need to ensure a really close cut to prevent shorting with the chamber cap / barrel.

I love the deep threading on the deck and cap which make replacement of the chamber cap so dang easy!

An easy build, a fun build!


  • Awesome airflow for flavour
  • Easy breakdown and build
  • Spacious deck and well placed airflow for even the biggest single coil
  • Easy top fill
  • All the necessary accessories included, coils, cotton, etc
  • Sleek and attractive aesthetic


  • Bad quality bubble glass

Final Review Verdict

I’m massively impressed with the AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA. As a brand that’s only a year young, I believe they’ve created a single coil RTA that’s really up there with offerings from industry leaders like Digiflavor and GeekVape, simple but really easy to use and effective.

I highly recommend the Ghost Inhale RTA for beginners to advanced vapers looking for a quick build, great flavour and a stunning, sleek aesthetic.


Would I buy the AvidVape Ghost Inhale RTA if I lost/broke the device? For Shizzzzle!

Build Quality
Ease of Build
Likelihood I'd Replace It If Lost
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