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I’m not exaggerating when I say that DIY vaping, with RDAs, RTAs and the like, wouldn’t be the same without CoilMaster. Their coiling kits and DIY toolkits keep us organised on a daily basis and I Know very few DIYers who don’t own one or more of their kits.

The masters of all things kit and coil have expanded their horizons of late, delving, with great success, into the realms of mod and tank…take for example the ELFY
RTA, the brand new Cobra Mech Mod or their all new Marvin RTA.

What to Expect From The SkyNet By CoilMaster

The product up for review today, however, is neither mod nor tank…it’s an incredible multi pre-made coil pack, the Coil Master SkyNet, complete with 8 exotic coil types and six copies of each.

This coil pack will keep you building with pleasure for the foreseeable future! While it would take me a good long while to test every coil in the pack and review it for you…what I can do is give you my impressions, cover the coils I’ve built with and add on further reviews as I try them, enjoy!coilmaster skynet box

What’s In The Box

  • Nifty SkyNet Wheel Case, reusable once coils are finished
  • 6 x Fused Claptons / 26AWG*2+39AWG / 3mm / Ni80 / 0.3 +/- 0.05 Ohhm
  • 6 x Tortuosity / 23AWG / 3mm / Ni80 / 0.22 +/- 0.05 Ohm
  • 6 x Clapton Parallel / 26AWG*2+39+26AWG / 3mm / Ni80 / 0.3 +/- 0.05 Ohm
  • 6 x Interlock Clapton / (26+32AWG)+24AWG / 3mm / A1+Ni80 / 0.3 +/- 0.05 Ohm
  • 6 x Fused Clapton (Twist) / 28AWG*2+32AWG / 3mm / A1 / 0.45 +/- 0.05 Ohm
  • 6 x Flat Clapton / 0.3*0.8mm+32AWG / 3mm / A1 / 0.45 +/- 0.05 Ohm
  • 6 x Clapton / 26AWG+32AWG / 2.8mm / A1 / 0.6 +/- 0.05 Ohm
  • 6 x Super Tiger Coil / 22AWG+0.4*0.08mm / 3mm / Ni80 + A1 / 0.6 +/- 0.05 Ohm

Build Quality & Design

First up, I love this little space ship container with 8 compartments, each with a nifty Laborghini door and removable stickers so that I can re-use the container afterwards.

What’s more, the whole setup can easily be hung on a wall hook for convenient storage.

It’s not necessarily the best quality case but it is a convenient shape and a useful case for storing mini screwdrivers, drip tips, o-rings and more. Besides, you’re actually paying for these awesome coils and the case is a welcome extra!coilmaster skkynet case

As for the coils themselves, certainly what you would expect from CoilMaster, high quality mechandise. 48 Pieces in total, 3 pairs of each and some really nice exotic setups.

Materials used are limited to Kanthal (A1) and Nickel (Ni80) with the vast majority being Ni80 so make sure you’re up to scratch with your TC and heat settings so that you can make the most of these coils.

Also, save one, which is a 2.8mm diam., all the coils are 3mm…heavy wicking, flavour coils. There’s also great variety…from the Tortuosity and Claptons, which will fit smaller decks, to the massive Interlocked Claptons and Clapton Parallels which will suit a massive deck or a spacious single coil setup.

How Do The Included Coils Perform?coilmaster skynet coil types

Interlock Claptons

I set these up in a single coil build on the Elfy RTA, also from CoilMaster. Clocking in at 0.28 Ohm on a single Coil (close enough to 00.3Ohm), I’m experiencing great flavor and absolutely phenomenal cloud from these interlocked claptons.

My first build with this coil type and I must say, I’m impressed. On a single coil build like this, optimal wattage I’d put between 70 and 80 W and watch that you don’t use a very intensely sweet juice, as I did on my first fill, since the flavor is THAT good that you might actually experience too much flavour, haha! I can’t wait to try these in a dual build.

I’m getting a good lifespan off these as well, after a week of daily use, still no resistance change of my single build, nice.

Clapton Parallel

I set one of these up in a single build up on the Ghoul RDA from Blitzvapes and let me tell you, these are flavour coils of note.

With a 0.25 Ohm resistance on a single coil, this is another one of the monster coils in the Coil Master SkyNet and with the flavour and intense, creamy vapour I’m getting off this single build at 85W…I feel no need to do a double build with these coils, I feel it would be overkill.

So basically I’ve got 6 beautiful single parallel clapton builds ahead of me under one door on the SkyNet, this kit is definitely value for money.

If I can offer one complaint it’s that the leads on these parallels have a tendency to split, since the coil is made up of a couple of coils, well, in parallel. Depending on your deck and clamp system you may have trouble clamping the whole lead.

For me, I see one tiny wire slipping out the side of the clamp, since I’ve clamped down the thicker, inner wire in the same terminal. The only solution is to twist and interlock the strands in your leads before clamping, if you have the sort of deck where the smaller, single wires can slip out the sides, like a T shaped clamp, for example.

Well, it’s not a complaint really, as it’s easily remedied with a little tweak.

That said, this is an insanely good coil, I’m getting intense complexity of flavour and as much vapour production as I could possibly need at 85W.


A beautiful little 3mm coil that’s small enough to rock in even the tightest fit RDA or RTA, I hooked this one up on the magnificent Ghost Inhale RTA from Avidvape, getting a 0.25 Ohm reading on a single coil, with no damage even after serious coil wangling!

A quality coil with profound flavour, this comes highly recommended for flavour chasers working on a tank with small dimensions.

I found the sweet spot right at 65W with excellent performance from 50-80W.

Lifespan wise, it’s been 6 days since fitting and flavor is still strong, with the coil looking good!

Final Review Verdict

Here’s an economical way to experience a host of different coil types without the hassle of actually building those coils yourself or bankrupting yourself by ordering them individually.

All you need to do is install these babies and that’s easy enough. I think the Coil Master Skynet is a high quality, handy must have for anyone who loves DIY RTA and RDA vaping…but only up to a point, no fiddly coiling and twisting! Perfect for lazy builders like myself!

Further reading:


  • 8 Exotic coil types to choose from
  • 3 Pairs of each type
  • A nice range, compatible with anything from small to large decks

WorldWide Shipping

Interlocked Claptons Flavour & Cloud
Clapton Parallels Flavour & Cloud
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