The Back Vaping Beat Smoking campaign follows hot on the heels of the UK pro vaping movement and is meant to take on both the EU and WHO vape ban plans.

It’s organized by the World Vaper’s Alliance and the campaign call to action says if those ignorant politicians were to embrace vaping as a smoking cessation tool, a staggering 200 million smokers lives per year could be saved.

back vaping beat smoking

As I wrote on the launch of the UK based Back Vaping Saves Lives campaign, the World Health Organization is pushing hard for a global vape ban.

As well as that, the European Union is cosying up to the WHO and it is currently looking at a revamp of the Tobacco Products Directive [TPD].

Back Vaping Beat Smoking – “Critical Year”

Many vaping advocates fear the EU will bring in tough new laws that could include total flavour bans and maybe even a complete ban on all things vape.

The World Vapers Alliance says any new EU laws could act as a blueprint for global vaping legislation so it’s imperative vapers voices from across Europe and the world are heard.

new tpd laws

On its website the WVA says:

2021 is a critical year for vaping and public health.

Global and European leaders will meet later this year to discuss how best to tackle smoking.

The global COP 9 conference this November will set the direction for anti-smoking policies worldwide, while the EU’s ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ laws, currently being discussed, will act as the benchmark for vaping policies globally.

Many politicians and anti-vaping voices are calling for vaping to be treated the same as smoking, even though evidence shows vaping is less harmful.

This would spell disaster for vapers and for public health.

Millions of vapers may be forced back to smoking due to tax hikes, flavour bans, and other restrictions on vaping accessibility.

Scary times indeed for vapers, smokers and the vaping industry as a whole…

I can’t stress this enough – it really is time for the world’s vapers to stand up and get their voices heard!

Back Vaping Beat Smoking Campaign On the Road

The Back Vaping Beat Smoking team was in Brussels earlier this week putting pressure on EU politicians attending the Beating Cancer Committee.

They now plan to take the campaign globally and need YOUR support.

back vaping beat smoking wva campaign

The WVA says:

…we’re taking our campaign out on the road, across Europe and around the world.

We need to ensure that those making the key decisions that will affect OUR rights, OUR health and OUR futures, hear OUR collective voice and ‘Back Vaping. Beat Smoking.’

The only way policy makers will hear us is if we fight together for vaping to beat smoking.

Other ways to get involved include signing up to the WVA and filling in the petitions form – or by filming your own testimony on how vaping helped you quit smoking and the effect it has had on your health.

Checkout the link for more info: WVA Pro Vaping Campaign

200 Million Lives Per Year At Stake!

BTW and just to be clear…

Here’s WVA Director Michael Landl on just what’s at stake:

In Europe alone, 19 million lives can be saved – that’s the population of Romania.

Imagine that?

With a simple and rational change in regulation and policy, lawmakers can make a historic impact on public health.

What they need to do is back vaping and allow it to be part of the solution to beat smoking.

What does 200 million look like? Well it’s a number equivalent to the populations of Germany, Czechia, Poland and France COMBINED!

It’s frightening to think that e-cigarettes classed as 95% + safer than smoking by the UK Government, and a raft of respected UK based medical institutions, are under a threat of a total ban…it’s criminal when you think about it.

Meanwhile the ignorant politicians at the EU and the equally ignorant un-elected mandarins at the World Health Organization want vaping banned!

If that gets you angry then good – now’s the time to act and do your bit to save the lives of 200 million smokers per year.

And don’t forget – if they ban vaping then what are you the vaper going to do?

Go back to smoking or buy dodgy vape gear and juice from the black market?

Read my article: Doctors Say the TPD Created A Black Market Putting Vapers Lives In Danger – to see how that is already happening…

Check the link above to join the Back Vaping Beat Smoking campaign – UK vapers are more than welcome – the more numbers the more chance the politicians will listen…

Join the UK based Back Vaping Save Lives group here…

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