Kind Of…Inspired By The Sights Sounds And Flavours Of Thailand – So How Do They Taste ‘n Vape?

The Bang Bang range of e-liquids are from Cheap Thrills the team also behind the Chicken Shop juices that I reviewed recently – one of which incidentally is now my all day vape – good stuff indeed!

There’s x4 50ml zero nicotine short-fill flavours to choose from and a free nic shot is supplied should you so desire which bumps the juice up to 60mls at 3mg strength.

OK as you’ll see from the names of these e-liquids the Bang Bang Boys and Girls have gone down a shall we say Thai route – and I’m not talking green curry flavours either.

I’ve never visited the country however site admin Jonny often regales me about the delights of Thailand, more about the stunning scenery…white sands – crystal clear oceans and delightful hidden little beaches…rather than the other delights…

So when I got this from him a few weeks ago:

Wanna try some lady boy juice..?

I gulped – er not in actually gulping some down I hasten to add – but was expecting him to let me into one of his darker secrets…

Do they actually bottle that stuff I thought…but I digress…

Enough of my rambling – on with the review…

I used the Bonza RDA freshly wicked every time with Fuzz and found 77.7w the sweet spot.

The range was sent to by direct from Cheap Thrills – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bang Bang E-Liquid Moon Bucket

moon bucket e-liquid review

Bang Bang Says:

MOON BUCKET – Sweet Lemon & Lime Soda. A delicious twist on a full moonparty bucket spiced with orange, raspberry and dragon fruit flavours.

I Say:

Sounds delicious from the description and bang on my flavour profile – I do like a sharp tart in my mouth lol.

Having never tried one of those alcoholic bucket moon party drinks I can’t compare this however the coolada ice effect was a little too much for me.

It kind of buried all the individual juicy fruity flavours behind a wall of ice making it tricky to pick out anything other than a fruit mush.

Tone the ice/coolada effect down a little and I’d turn this into a definite all day fruity juicy vape – but sadly I didn’t like the cooling effect at all – which is a shame.

Bang Bang E-Liquid Lady Boy

lady boy e-liquid review

Bang Bang Says:

LADYBOY – Aloe Vera Fruit Chiller. A fruity mango surprise with a firm twist of aloe vera and fresh tropical fruits.

I Say:

Again given I love mango and tropical fruit flavoured e-liquids I was excited to try this one – I mean at my age why not be adventurous 😉

Sadly the aloe vera really does taste like those health drinks [more yuk yuk rather than tuk tuk in] and once again the coolada or whatever cooling effect they’ve put in this one spoils the taste for me.

And given I don’t shop in Waitrose so only know the basic tropical fruits – I only tried a guava and dragon fruit in the flesh because of juice reviews lol – that generic catchall description means once again I’m struggling to pick out any dominant flavours – apart from the aloe vera which is a little perfumy.

Not a juice to swallow for sure but I certainly wouldn’t spit it out…ahem

Bang Bang E-Liquid Ping Pong

ping pong e-liquid

Bang Bang Says:

PING PONG – Peach Punch Pong Balls. A rapid fire of ping pong flavour balls with a hint of aloe vera, peach and tropical fruits.

I Say:

Given we can by now see where Bang Bang is going with this range…I have to be careful on how I describe the name and flavour of this one…

Relax Jonny lol.

OK I have a plastic pussy on my desk – one of those wavy arm lucky Chinese things and I’ve just given it a lick and nope doesn’t taste like this juice.

I was also a bit of a dab hand at table tennis back in the day and nope it doesn’t taste like a ping pong ball given I used to lick them because I believed it meant my topspin serve rocketed towards my opponent in a volley of spittle and spin…

So it doesn’t taste like my pussy – plastic or otherwise – and not like a ping pong ball…

Instead the furry juicy peach flavour actually pops out and through the aloe vera taste and certainly dominates the mish mash of tropical fruits.

This is actually quite a nice flavour and whilst the smooth peachiness isn’t coming at me ‘rapid fire’ it is washing over me nicely…

Bang Bang E-Liquid Tuk Tuk

tuk tuk e-liquid

Bang Bang Says:

TUK TUK – Super Fruity Tropical Storm. Mouthwatering tropical fruits with a twist to keep you zipping around town.

I Say:

I’ve been in plenty of Tuk Tuks in India and drank a can of Lilt in one once whilst it was absolutely chucking it down – after days of 40 degrees it was a very refreshing pleasurable moment.

And so is this e-liquid.

It’s weird but the coolada seems a little different in this one and at the back rather than at the front of the flavour.

And again the tropical fruits seem to have separated in this mix giving me layers of mango but more pineapple – before that slight hint of spicy dragon fruit adds a curiously addictive flavour layer.

Of them all this one gets the thumbs up from me and I’m down to my last few mls – very nice e-liquid indeed.

Final Review Verdict

I can see the fun side of what the guys at Cheap Thrills / Bang Bang are doing and hey we’re all adults here lol.

The packaging is bright – colourful and funky and the 50ml bottle tops are easier to open than the Chicken Shop ones I tried which splashed juice everywhere in my excitement at opening them up…

Clouds are what you’d expect from a 70VG 30PG mix and overall not a bad range of e-liquid at all.

Right I’m off to hail a Tuk Tuk to play a game of ping pong with a good friend of mine and her moon bucket…I wish hehe 😉

Moon Bucket
Lady Boy
Ping Pong
Tuk Tuk
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