Introduction: Cheap Thrills E Juice

I really have to resist smutty innuendos given the name of this e-liquid collection lol.

Ever the pro I shall indeed continue to resist as I extol the virtues of yet another fantastic set of juices.

I have to say the vapers of today are well and truly spoiled with the vast selection of quality e-liquids available over the last year or so and it’s fair to say on the whole the standards have increased tremendously.

Relative newcomers Cheap Thrills say they are aware this could be an ‘over saturated’ market but believe their flavours – their blending and extensive research and development means they have e-liquids to stand shoulder to shoulder against even the biggest established names.

The juices are mixed and developed in the UK and Lab Certified using only the finest USP grade nicotine and carefully selected flavourings.

I was given x3 flavours with a 70/30% VG and PG mix. Bottles can be bought in 60 to 120ml bottles.

I used the SMOK Brit Flavour tank and as always a separate coil was used.

Right let’s see if these juices leave me thrilled or chilled.

Sunset Strip

They say:

As the sun sets the strip becomes alive, CRAWLING with the FORBIDDEN FRUITS of blueberries and blackberries whilst the tangy twist of California orange SOLICITS your mouth refusing to take NO FOR AN ANSWER!

With the FRUITS OF HER LABOUR EARNED this vape leaves your lips every bit SATISFIED and your taste buds SPENT before moving on to its next punter…

Vape safe… Don’t get caught!

Cheap Thrills Subset Strip E LiquidI Say:

I think they’re suggesting this e-liquid is a bit like a high class hooker – but at a bargain price.

Could be my fertile imagination I suppose lol.

However – as a regular fruit flavoured vaper I know a good one when I taste one and this is nothing short of delicious.

The sweetness of the blueberries with just a hint of wondrous citric tang from the blackberries is joined by the sheer delight of a juicy fresh picked orange.

Not sure if they do breakfast vapes – but this reminds me of a sunny holiday morning abroad – refreshing – tasty and so bloody moreish!

Rush Rush Yayo

They say:

In this vape, first you get the apple… then you get the watermelon… THEN you get the strawberry!!

Carefully blended together, these refreshingly luscious flavours are so intense even Mr Montana would be proud of their purity…!

Get the Yayo! Get the Rush!

Cheap Thrills Rush Rush Yayo e juiceI say:

Another fruity mouth-wateringly good vape I simply can’t stop vaping!

I’ve mentioned before I can’t find a decent apple e-liquid but this one is the one.

The apple is sweet and crisp which nuzzles up to the watermelon on the inhale before the ripe fresh almost sugary sweetness of the strawberry creates the perfect fruit cocktail on your tongue – YUM!!!

I’ve been spoiled this week with the amazing quality of e-liquids I’ve been asked to review and the Rush Sush Yayo is one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

I suggest you rush out and buy this one 😉

Glory Gaze

They say:

This glorious glazed doughnut, “fills every hole” and turns every saint into a sinner!!

Lovingly prepared, freshly baked doughnut, smothered in a warm sugar frosted glaze with a hint of blueberry!

A perfect sweet, soft ring of bliss. We dare you to try and not lick your lips!

Cheap Frlls Glory Haze E Liquid reviewI say:

My first taste of the Glory Gaze and my brain immediately demanded coffee then tried hard to get my mouth to chomp down on a donut.

It’s uncanny how the blenders have made this taste exactly and I mean exactly like a fresh donut – it’s an extraordinary experience on your taste buds!

You even get the feeling of a bit of chewy yummy donut on the roof of your mouth lol.

And don’t get me started on the exhale – it is a lip licking lip smacking sugary lips sensation that I swear to God will leave your brain wondering where the donut is – amazing!!!

I highly recommend vaping this with coffee it totally blew my mind!!!

Final Verdict

“What wizardry is this???!!???”

I’ve never known my brain or come to that my mouth be fooled and in turn delighted by e-liquids in the way the Cheap Thrills threesome have done – I swear it’s some kind of hocus pocus.

I can’t fault them – they taste exactly how you would hope and even surpass that!

Your mind genuinely thinks you have a piece of fruit or fresh donut in your mouth – it’s really as simple as that.

They taste great – vape great and the cloud production is phenomenal.

One word – Outstanding!!!

Subset Strip
Rush Rush Yayo
Glory Gaze
Cloud Production
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