Is the question “can we trust big tobacco companies to make an e cigarette product?” one that you can answer?

The question is simple for many and yet it is an essential one since e cigarettes are becoming more popular among smokers the world over.

The e cigarette allows smokers who are not ready to quit to consume their nicotine without burning a dried plant and contaminating the air surrounding them with the more than four thousand chemicals created by burning cigarettes.

If by some chance you have not seen the list of crap in cigarettes take a quick look here. The marketing potential of the e cigarette has, and almost surely will continue, to attract the attention of the big tobacco companies.

Trust is a matter of judgment and not everyone will arrive at the same conclusions given the same facts. However, there are some basic issues that keep surfacing whenever the topic of big tobacco companies making e cigarettes is brought up. We will take a look at two of the most discussed issues in this article.

What Are The Pro’s And Cons Of The e Cigarette Being Produced By The Big Tobacco Companies?

“Yes! Big tobacco companies have the supplies and Infrastructure to make e cigarettes more readily available”, is one answer.

“Never trust big tobacco companies with e cigarettes, just look at their history”, is the other most popular answer.

Who is right?

The answer will depend upon how you view big companies and the actions of the tobacco industry to date, and perhaps just how trusting you are.

We will examine the first opinion, that big tobacco companies already have the experience, the infrastructure and the materials in place to make producing e cigarettes widely available. Large tobacco companies have the resources to launch massive advertising campaigns and to place the e cigarette in almost any shop that sells tobacco.

They have the financial resources gathered over decades of unregulated sale of cigarettes to launch their own brands. But, they also have the potential to swallow most of the small producers of e cigarettes.

Most people who are in favor of vaporizing as opposed to smoking are strong proponents of the e cigarette and anxious to see more people join their ranks. These are most often the group most in favor of large tobacco companies making e cigarettes.

They feel that the more smokers who use an e cigarette, the fewer people who will suffer from the effects of all the chemicals produced by burning plant matter.

Can They Really Be Trusted?

This viewpoint has some validity when examined objectively. Smaller producers of the e cigarette do not have the resources to launch massive campaigns. However, these large tobacco companies also have a history behind them of less than honest advertising, contaminating their product with additives intended to enhance the addictive qualities of nicotine as well as cut the burn time of cigarettes and hence promoting sales.

Almost everyone who smokes and many non-smokers are aware of the less than above-board actions of the big tobacco companies when it came down to attempting to cover up the effects of smoking on the smoker and the effects of second-hand smoke.

Millions were awarded in settlements in court, and stricter regulations on advertising were imposed after that debacle. Age restrictions on the sale of tobacco were instituted or tightened in many countries.

Just when the dust settled and the settlements were being handed out, some major tobacco companies were found to be adding chemicals to cigarettes which made them more addictive. This is a truncated history of the big tobacco companies thus far.

It necessarily leaves out many smaller scandals, but for many people, the word trust, and big tobacco companies are not terms that belong together.

The e cigarette movement was small at first but caught on quickly. The e cigarette industry grew far more quickly in popularity than even the original manufacturers anticipated.

The concept of a smokeless and yet satisfying cigarette which did emit the smell of burning cigarettes and cover the smoker and their surroundings, has been embraced by smokers the world over. E cigarette vapor e liquid and hardware did not begin with big tobacco companies. Smaller enterprises embraced the concept and started the vaporizing movement.

However, as the interest in e cigarettes grows, and the number of people who choose this alternative grow, the concern of e cigarette users over big tobacco companies entering this emerging market, also grows.

Can we the consumer trust big tobacco companies to make e cigarettes?

Based on historical observations only, many people feel we can’t, or perhaps more to the point, we should not. The smokeless tobacco industry is as yet in its infancy. Many consumers feel that big tobacco companies bring with them a poor history and the potential to swallow the independent producers and limit competition.

What do you think?

Would it be a good thing for the big boys to begin the production of a type of e cigarette?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I can not believe them. They rely on the huge amount of money and human passion and addiction to nicotine. Even only GMO seeds is a kind of poison, not to mention the rest of 4000 that are found in cigarettes. How to trust people that we injected directly into the body of cancer? I apologize for the awful English.


  2. No, if they did you would soon find the difference in price to be quickly eroded and e-cigs would end up been sold at the same price as tobacco smokes as the profits from e-cigs would be used to subsidise tobacco. I do believe e-cig manufactures should standardise so their cartridges are inter changeable between different batteries but this could jeopardise return custom.


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