Cloupor GT – New Temp Control MOD

Cloupor are the latest name to have entered the fast growing temperature control market, with their release of the Cloupor GT.

The Cloupor GT is the smallest dual 18650 battery mod to date, featuring the aforementioned temperature control mode, a maximum 80w output power, 99g weight and a real small form factor, as well as being constructed from 6061 billet aluminium.Cloupor GT Review

After the fairly poor publicity the Cloupor Mini received due to some reported battery venting issues, Cloupor need a big release to get their name back out there. Could the GT be it?

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Very nice wood effect on the packaging from Cloupor, the presentation is very impressive! Inside the box you find-

  • Cloupor GT
  • Warranty card
  • Instructions
  • Replacement door magnets

You will notice that there is no micro USB lead included, as Cloupor have done away with micro USB charging altogether after the issues with the Cloupor Mini!

The Build, Looks and Battery

The Cloupor GT feels superb, Cloupor have done very well with the construction of the GT, this has to be one of the nicest mods I have held in my hand.

The body itself feels very smooth, which is down to the 6061 billet aluminium construction used, and it is really lightweight and small in your hand, even with batteries installed!

The Cloupor GT weighs only 99g without batteries and is one of the lightest and smallest dual 18650 battery mods out there.Cloupor GT Review

Attention to detail with the finish is superb, down to the engraved logo, floating 510 pin and gold plated 510 connector.

If your atomiser of choice has a long connector pin then there is a good chance you will have a visible gap between the GT and the atomiser, as it has a pretty shallow 510 connector.

Also, with the rounded edges, it appears that your atomiser ever so slightly overhangs the GT! I note there are no visible vent holes present at the base of the mod and in this scenario batteries would vent through the magnetic battery door.

This can pose a serious problem if you have a silicon case on your Cloupor GT during a battery vent! OLED screen on the side is very clear and concise, offering the usual information such as battery life, resistance, power, voltage and temperature.cloupor gt in hand

The Cloupor GT is a dual 18650 series battery mod, so you will have to supply your own batteries, the batteries are accessed through a magnetic battery door. The magnets that hold the door in place are very strong yet allow quick and easy access to the battery compartment.

There is no battery ribbon present to help get your batteries out, and the battery compartments itself are very tight so you have to be careful not to damage your battery wrap or compress your batteries when using the Cloupor GT.

GT Features

  • Dimensions- 94mm x 53mm x 22mm
  • Weight- 99g
  • 6061 billet aluminum construction
  • Floating 510 pin, gold plated 510 connector
  • Takes 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Magnetic battery door cover
  • Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage and Temperature Control modes available
  • Output power- 1-80W
  • Output voltage- 0.5- 7.0V
  • Joule power- 10- 80J
  • Standard Resistance- 0.1-3.5ohms
  • Joules Resistance- 0.1-3.0ohms
  • Temp Limit- 200-600 Fahrenheit & 100-300 Celsius
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Smart-auto temperature control
  • Available in 3 colours

Cloupor GT Temperature Control

First things first, you want to make sure you set your resistance before you use the Cloupor GT, by making sure you use a compatible atomiser with a nickel build, and hold down the plus and minus buttons until the resistance is displayed on screen. This will lock in your resistance and you are ready to use the Cloupor GT in temperature control mode.

Temperature range is 200-600F (100-300C) and Cloupor recommend that the GT is used in the 300-450F range. You can adjust the displayed temperature to Celsius if you wish by scrolling past 600F on the temperature setting, Celsius will now be displayed.OLED Screen Close up

Unless you change it beforehand, Cloupor’s new ‘Smart-Auto’ function will be set by default. Essentially what this means is that all you need to do is set the temperature limit, then hit the power button and the Cloupor GT chip will output the power for you, without you needing to select anything.

This is a really good function for newcomers to temperature control as it is one less thing for them to worry about, you just need to adjust the temperature settings to your preference.

Of course, if you wish to manually adjust the power yourself you can, hold down the fire button and the plus button until the joules output is displayed onscreen. You can now adjust the power with the plus and minus buttons! If you want to adjust the temperature just hold down fire and plus again until the temperature is displayed.

How Does The Cloupor GT Perform?

Outputting 80w in power mode, and 80J in temperature control mode, the Cloupor GT is one of the most powerful mods available in its price range. Having a max of 80J available in temperature control mode makes the Cloupor GT of the most powerful temperature control mods available full stop, and makes it more powerful than a lot of temperature controlled mods two or three times the price!

I hadn’t really experienced more than 50J/W before in temperature control, and it’s definitely one for those that like a warm vape, as above this things get really warm and I found I needed to set the temperature limit a lot higher than I am comfortable with, as at my usual setting of 430F anything above 50J seemed to hit the limit immediately.cloupor size vs dna 40 and ipv4

There is no menu as such on the Cloupor GT, everything is adjusted on the mod through button press combinations. You can switch between Temperature Control mode, Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage mode by holding down the fire and minus buttons.

Fire and up whilst in Temperature Control mode will switch from Smart Auto to manual input mode, whilst in VV/VW mode it will switch the screen orientation. Up and down locks the resistance in Temperature Control mode and fixes the power output in VV/VW mode.

Battery life has been great from the dual 18650 batteries, using a pair of Samsung 25r’s I have been getting a couple of days heavy use from the GT, and it’s a box mod I have felt comfortable with taking out and about as my main mod of choice too, due to the battery life being so reliable.

Final Thoughts

The Cloupor GT is an excellent release from Cloupor. The construction of it is superb, and really feels like Cloupor have paid great attention to detail with the construction of the GT.

Smart-auto mode is a great addition to temperature control, which makes things a little easier for new users of temperature control, as all they need to do is select the temperature limit and vape away.

Price is spot on for the GT and I can see a lot of people purchasing this given the impressive spec list and price point.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Cloupor GT, it really is one of the top temperature control box mods around, and even if you aren’t interested in temperature control this superbly crafted mod with 80w of power at your disposal will make a great addition to your collection!

The Good

  • Smart-auto function is superb and works really well
  • Construction is excellent
  • Small form factor
  • Lightweight
  • One of the most powerful temperature control mods available
  • Floating 510 pin is excellent
  • Very clear OLED screen
  • Magnetic battery door cover works very well
  • No micro USB charging- you shouldn’t be charging a series 18650 mod via USB in the first place!!

The Not So Good

  • Slight overhang on the corners with your atomisers.
  • Some atomisers do not sit flush due to the shallow 510 connection
  • No real vent holes- venting is done through the battery door if your batteries do vent, which is a serious issue if you have a silicon case on.
  • No battery ribbon


Build Quality
Ease of Use
Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


  1. Hi people I’ve invested in a cloupor gt80 I found this device is very good all round. Im very impressed with all performance of the device.


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