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How Does This Tiny Single Coil 22mm RTA From Coil Master Vape?

Coil Master are best known for their excellent vaping tool kits but have also designed a few decent vape devices too – recently bringing out some very smart looking mech mods.

The Coil Master ELFY RTA has been out for a while now and is a tiny single coil 22mm genesis style RTA that holds 2.5mls of e-liquid.

So does this little cutie bring a touch of magic to your vape and should you vapers be goblin’ it up [ouch].

Let’s take a closer look.

The ELFY RTA was sent to me directly from Coil Master – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Inside the Box

Simple sturdy packaging with everything neatly packed away.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1x Elfy RTA
  • 1x Extra glass
  • 2x Screwdriver
  • 1x cotton
  • 2x Clapton coil
  • 6x Silicone Rings
  • 1x Hex driver
  • 1x User Manual

elfy rta contents


  • 22mm in diameter for glass tank
  • 23mm in diameter for deck and top cap
  • 33.5mm in height
  • [not including drip tip and 510 contact]
  • Capacity : 2.5ml
  • Weight : 46.5g

Key Features

The key thing is is the size as the name suggests the ELFY is tiny.

It’s a single coil only 22mm RTA with genesis style wicking – which is probably the easiest way to wick.

elfy rta airflow
large airflow

It’s size means it only has a 2.5ml capacity and is a top fill with a dual bottom airflow.

Coil Master says this is designed for both flavour and cloud chasers and we’ll see how that stands up shortly.

The deck is stainless steel with a parallel post design with decent hex screws – a decent sized peek insulator and a very large air flow intake.

elfy deck

There is some doming to the barrel and Coil Master say the 510 delrin drip tip is funnel shaped – not sure what that means as it looks like any other 510 to me – other 510’s do fit.

The ELFY is made from 304 stainless steel and the 510 pin is gold plated.

Design and Build Quality

It’s certainly aesthetically pleasing with a clean uncluttered look with just the Coil Master logo on the barrel.

The way the barrel is designed means there’s a large gap between it and the top cap which gives a kind of banding through the glass.

Coil Master is also etched onto the top cap doubling up as knurling to open to fill.

elfy rta

To look at it’s very similar in appearance to the Troll RTA from Wotofo – simple design yet elegant.

Build wise everything came apart very easily and is nicely machined.elfy comparison
The air flow control has a very pleasing resistance to it – just enough to lock it in place.

The EFLY RTA is available in stainless steel and the black version I received.

How Does the Coil Master ELFY RTA Perform?

The deck is extremely easy to build on – probably one of the easiest I’ve ever used.

I used one of the supplied coils that ohm’d out at 0.61 ohms.

Having used Coil Master Clapton coils before – I’m very happy with them and indeed my x2 ready boxes have long since been emptied since my review on them.

elfy rta coiled

So getting the coils into the post holes was a cinch – I found the coil centred as close to the air flow port as possible gave me a better vape – but make sure it’s not touching the deck!

Wicking is a doodle too – this is a genesis style RTA which means you drop the tails through the generous wicking ports and leave them hanging.

Coil master elfy rta wicked

I found leaving them slightly above the deck worked best.

Although in another build I did add a little more length to the cotton and to be honest found little difference in wicking with tiny and huge bubbles glugging away happily both ways.

How’s the Flavour and Clouds On the ELFY RTA?

OK I used the last of my go to e-liquid – Lemon Refresh by Chicken Shop – as I’ve seriously come to know all the levels of flavour off this one.

I also used the supplied Coil Master Muji cotton wool – again something I’ve used before – though it wouldn’t be my go too these days.

I began at a gentle 47w with the airflow wide open and was pleasantly surprised by the vape quality – pretty good flavour and not bad clouds at such a low wattage.

elfy rta firing

Bumping it up to 55.5w and the flavour improved as did the clouds.

However on the 0.61ohm coil things got a little too hot above 60w which I kind of expected.

Despite the ease of wicking I did find chain vaping on the ELFY can threaten a dry hit – that could be down to me or maybe and given it’s not designed for huge lungful’s that’s the way it is.

Dainty in size and dainty inhales let’s say 😉

Coil master elfy RTA on 22mm mod

I found using a 0.25ohm coil saw the ELFY coping at around 70w – but any higher than that and it began to heat up considerably – both the vape and the tank.

Look I only did the higher wattages to see what it could handle and found my vaping sweet spot on this little cutie at 53.7w on the supplied clapton coil.

The ELFY may give decent clouds but hands down it’s more for the mid to low wattage users who enjoy a good taste.

Air Flow on the ELFY RTA

For such a tiny device there is a lot of air flow – those ports are very big indeed.

I enjoy an airy vape so the lack of restriction was perfect for me with the AFC ring closed slightly.

It is possible to get a very tight MTL vape on this too – if you close the AFC down to almost shut it is very tight indeed.

The flavour obviously pops more with less airflow though even wide open the taste off this is very good indeed – not the best 22mm RTA I’ve vaped on but certainly not the worst by a long way.


  • Easy build deck
  • Easy wicking
  • Good flavour
  • Decent Clouds
  • Not bad on juice consumption if you vape steady
  • X2 decent Clapton coils in the box
  • Great price!


  • 2.5ml capacity – but it is a 22mm tank!
  • Gets a little hot at higher wattage [not designed for it really!]

Final Review Verdict

If you’re looking for a very simple to build and wick RTA you’d do a lot worse than the Coil Master ELFY.

It really is a great introduction for new builders and definitely one for the more experienced flavour chasers out there.

You’re getting good clean flavour and a decent amount of clouds for an excellent price.

So is this one I’d recommend?

As long as you’re not looking for an RTA that can chuck huge clouds handle huge coils and sit flush on a massive mod then it’s one I definitely recommend.

I have been using it on the JacVapour DNA75 – the original – and think it looks like a match made in heaven – so ideal for your smaller 22mm mods.

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