In for review is the Cosmic Fog 100ml E-liquid Range.

Cosmic Fog 100ml e-liquid range 4 bottlesI get a bit bleary eyed when I think of Cosmic Fog. They were among a handful of e-liquid manufacturers that got me hooked on more complex flavour creations back in 2015.

They were probably one of the last vendors I purchased 30ml glass bottles from. Complete with administering pipette and 18mg freebase nicotine. We reviewed some of these in 2018!

How the TPD changed things..

Founder Rob Crossley teamed up with a buddy way back in 2013 with a vision of crafting the world’s best flavours in a then still emerging vaping market.

Hailing from sunny Orange County, California in the US, the duo became an overnight sensation and it wasn’t long before the now well known logo was finding itself in vape shops up and down the states.

Their Dessert inspired creations went on to be sold in 70 countries worldwide.

With the FDA continuously handing out Marketing Denial Orders, Cosmic Fog were forced into a corner at the beginning of 2018. Their decision was to enter and focus on the Cannabis market.

How the FDA changed things..

What Can We Expect From The Cosmic Fog 100ml E-Liquid Range?

It looks like Cosmic Fog are well and truly dedicating their time to the Cannabis market because there’s very little information about the E-liquid range I’ve received.

What I can state is that they’re available in 0mg 120ml chubby Gorilla short fill bottles with enough space to use two 10ml nicotine shots for a maximum 6mg freebase strength.

All of the flavours in the range are also available as 30ml concentrates to suit anyone’s flavour intensity.

Because they come as a 70VG/30PG juice ratio they’re ideally suited for sub ohm vapers.

Cosmic Fog e-liquid range hand check pic

If some of these terms are not familiar to you – never fear we have “Guides”!

Cosmic Fog are renowned for producing Dessert style flavours that are infused with fruits and Candy to give them a highly unique taste.

Expect to experience the flavours of Tobacco, Desserts, Fruits and Candy with this Cosmic Fog range.

I’ve received a total of 7 flavours to try, four of which I’m reviewing now. The others will follow in future updates. Remember to check back regularly!


  • 100ml E-liquid in a 120ml bottle
  • 0mg nicotine strength
  • 70VG/30PG juice ratio
  • Blended for sub ohm vapers
  • Made in the USA
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Recyclable bottle

Today I’ll Mostly Be Vaping On..

For the best possible flavour replication I always use an RDA. Today it’s the turn of the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 with twin Wotofo fused Clapton coils ohming in at 0.12 with Cotton Bacon V2 as the wicking medium.

Please remember that taste is always subjective to an individual’s own experiences. What I describe may be wildly different from what you get. Flavour can also vary depending on the choice of device used.


Cosmic Fog - Sonset

Cosmic Fog Says:

A dessert flavoured vape with an indulgent inhale. Sweet Pear notes come together with Salted Caramel and creamy Creme Brulee.

I Say:

Wow! The Pear is very dominant here. It’s incredibly tangy too. Initially it catches me at the rear of the throat creating a coughing reaction. That’s without the addition of a nicotine shot.

I soon acclimatise, though and realise the pear is very sweet and has a baked like quality to it. There’s plenty of juiciness behind it too, creating a very succulent vape experience.

A Buttery texture is left on the taste buds post exhale which leads me to think that’s most likely the Creme Brulee kicking in. As a combined force with the fruit, it’s one hell of a tasty vape!

The Salted Caramel is actually at the heart of Sonset and it takes a while to realise this. The slower the exhale, the more pronounced it is, adding depth to what is already a very well crafted e-liquid.

That’s where the smoothness of the vape lies and the salty content holds a special place on the lining of the tongue.

In my own personal opinion, this is exactly how a Pear vape should taste. It does possibly border on being too sweet but the flavour thrown out is incredibly good. It doesn’t skip a beat, consistently delivering at all stages of the exhale.

An incredible start for Cosmic Fog!

Milk And Honey

Cosmic Fog - Milk And Honey

Cosmic Fog Says:

A classic combination of flavours that are rich, creamy and sweet. A subtle hint of Marshmallow also comes through to add a twist.

I Say:

Creaminess in a bottle. That’s my initial reaction when first vaping. The richness of this cream is very similar to the Clotted variety, containing plenty of dairy notes.

Cosmic Fog have done something rather special because the cream is delicately layered with a spattering of Milk.

Milk And Honey is definitely a vape that needs to be savoured. The exhale needs to be long and protracted to pick out all the subtle flavour nuances.

A lot of the sweetness gets drawn up during the inhale while those creamy notes combine with a very soft, warm and sticky Marshmallow on the way out.

What of the Honey? It plays its part more as an aftertaste, leaving subtle indicators on the tongue receptors after the vape.

The milky content sticks to the palate in a delightful way. It doesn’t taste stale and is evenly balanced with the cream and Marshmallow.

With so much depth, this e-liquid has everything mentioned in the flavour description.

Admittedly I’m something of a fan of Milk And Honey from way back in the day but it just seems to have gotten even better with age!


Cosmic Fog - Sonrise

Cosmic Fog Says:

A truly tropical tasting vape. Punchy Pineapple and fragrant Passionfruit are matched with the subtly tangy flavour of Kiwi in every puff.

I Say:

This is indeed a very fragrant vape and carries a few floral under tones. This time there’s not a great deal of sweetness on the inhale. It leaves its mark on the way out latching on to the Kiwi and Passionfruit.

Finding the Pineapple content takes a little more effort than it should. It’s buried under a mass of tanginess and generally presents itself towards the end of the exhale.

Yet the general flavour holds up very consistently with a touch of sourness mid vape.

This is probably one of the rare occasions I get the chance to focus on Passionfruit as an individual flavour. I’m discovering that I’m not over keen, it seemingly lacks the vibrancy and punch of Pineapple.

There also seems to be an after taste of Orange once the vape is done. I like that because it adds more interest and suggests there’s more complexity than the description suggests.

Cosmic Fog have put a different slant on Tropical fruit vapes with Sonrise but I’m not so sure it’s one for me. I would personally have preferred more in the way of juicy Pineapple.


Cosmic Fog - Chewberry

Cosmic Fog Says:

A candy flavoured vape with bold fruity notes. Sweet Strawberry and Passionfruit are mixed with sugary Bubblegum to make this blend pop.

I Say:

As with Sonset the Passionfruit pulls through the strongest on the initial inhale. I’ve already stated a personal dislike for the fruit but that’s on me. So does anything else present itself?

It takes quite a long inhale and a throat full of vapour before some of the other elements start drifting through. Strawberry is quite low key but certainly identifiable by its sugary candy like edge.

Yet I can’t really pick out any of the Bubblegum. It seems to elude me, at least. There’s probably the right balance of sweetness here, wrapping itself around the Passionfruit and there’s also a tart like quality.

After the vape has expired I’m still left with the taste of Passionfruit on the palate but little else.

Chewberry is certainly a complex blend and has me beaten in terms of experiencing a traditional Bubblegum flavour but everything else seems to add up. Whether I like the e-liquid or not there’s still plenty of fragrance and flavour.

I would still suggest it’s an acquired taste and probably one you’ll either love or hate.

Cosmic Fog 100ml E-liquid Range – Final Review Verdict

Well that started out promising, didn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever scored two consecutive 10’s during an e-juice review.

I must admit to having tried Sonset and Milk And Honey many, many moons ago. It’s just as fantastic now as it was back then.

The sweetness of the Pear, the authenticity of those dairy notes. Faultless.

I became unhinged by Sonrise and Chewberry. The reason for this is because I’m not a fan of Passionfruit in isolation. Both of those profiles seemed top heavy with it. There wasn’t enough room for other ingredients to flourish or develop.

On the one hand, Pineapple seemed to be lacking and on the other the Bubblegum had been chewed away..

One thing I’ve never been able to accuse Cosmic Fog of is a lack of imagination and a willingness to mix things up where others would maybe shy away.

All four delivered a consistently good taste from start to finish of exhale and in the case of Sonset left a lasting impression on the palate.

The vapour production was very thick and dense with tumbling white clouds all around. Something more akin to a high VG output let alone 70VG/30PG.

Have you tried any of this range? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Milk And Honey
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