Introduction – The JBox Pod By Demon Killer

Those of you sexy vapers who fancy getting your build on and, particularly, wrapping your own coils with exotic wires and so on should be well familiar with the Demon Killer Brand.

Their Wick n’ Wire range is not only a staple in the RBA world, it’s super well packaged and boasts a dazzling array of wiretypes to suit your needs and, frankly, I wouldn’t enjoy living without it. Now, you may not know this but the brand actually does have a handful of tanks and mods on the market.demon killer j box pod slot

Demon Killer’s seriously diminutive, Tiny Kit was reviewed by our man, Kevin…who didn’t exactly want to make love to the Zippo sized mod and RDA setup.

I had the not 100% thorough pleasure of reviewing the Demon Killer JBOX, which is the Tiny’s wearable pod twin…it’s super slick and funky to behold but how does it vape, let’s get in their right now, like bosses, you and I!!!!

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What’s In The Box

  • Demon Killer JBox
  • USB cable
  • Lanyard
  • User manualdemon killer box contents


  • Size: 61.5x52x13.5mm
  • Battery: 420mAh (internal)
  • Resistance range: 1.8ohm
  • JBox pod capacity: 0.7ml
  • JBox pod resistance: 1.8ohm
  • Compatible with Juul Pods or Empty Demon Killer JBox Pods

Build Quality & Design

The JBOX arrives in a nifty little white box which instantly lets on that whatever is inside is ta-ta-teeny.

It is the exact same size and shape as a Zippo, which cuts down my descriptive lines somewhat, so thanks for that, DK!jbox and pod

The larger panels feature decorative branding, with the JBOX on one side and the burning Demon Killer skull monster on the other, all set (on white, in the case of mine) under a thin clear plastic like stuff, which thus far has been scratch resistant, though very much a slippery-vaper-paw magnet, to be fair.

The bottom thinner sides have a contrasting finish in what must be aluminium alloy, light as the device is.

One vertical thin side has two little holes at the top through which one must thread the lanyard/cord end, using something like a little screwdriver or toothpick to get it through there, FIY. At the bottom of that same side is your standard micro USB port.demon killer box back

The opposite side has a sliding switch, aesthetically pleasing and neatly made, with LED battery indicator and vape lights lying in a row which is visible in the switch-track.

This switch retracts and reveals the pod’s mouthpiece (Juul Compatible) through an opening atop the mod, which is hidden or exposed by a grip textured thumb toggle on another, sliding track, which has the same feel and tension as the one on the side.demon killer j box pod slot

This means that your mouthpiece can stay clean and safely tucked away while you ride in style or paint a masterpiece or do what you do, wearing it.

I suggest you dab a little juice on the top sliding track immediately after purchase, as the metal against metal scratches quickly just there and otherwise this track will feel a little less than smooth.

That covers the external build and feel of it.demon killer box side


So…I’m really relieved about the fact that the Demon Killer JBOX comes with an attachable cord so that you can wear it, since that’s probably the only clue (to nearby smokers with their grubby paws) that this is not, in fact, a modern looking Zippo lighter.demon killer box main

I was thoroughly dismayed about the fact that not a single pod was included but, when I saw the retail price that dismay turned to understanding, a quick e-mail and the delivery of a nifty box of Demon Killer JBOX branded but entirely JUUL-esque pods.

The pods can be bought in a pack of 4 pieces with a 0.7ml capacity each, remember, these are sold separately..demon killer box cartridge pod

How Does The  Demon Killer JBOX Perform?

Now, I unfortunately hadn’t managed to get my hands on an ultra strong nic salt juice at the time of this review, which is a pity for me. I feel that vaping a nic salt juice with an intense, like 64mg, would have given a better throat hit making me love the device even more.

As it stands, I’m looking forward to not having to vape it once this is written, as the tight, Mouth to Lung (MTL) or extremely restricted draw is very tiring when you are struggling to extract adequate nicotine to wake your ass up from a device which clearly belongs with high mg nic salts.

Unfortunately, days are dark at vape shops in my town. When I get some, I’ll be wearing this little guy rather often, more than likely.

I say this about the nic salts content because I’m not sure how to justify such a low vapour production otherwise. I can safely say that a 3 mg liquid will give you absolutely zero joy here…if quitting is your aim…if a nicotine buzz is your game, lol! This one will just make you pick that fag up unless you seriously up the mgs, okay!demon killer jbox scratches


There is, on the other hand, most excellent flavour, considering the low vapour volume…which makes this the perfect stealth mod for your work time nicotine operations, right there in your office chair, I dare say…just pretend it’s a custom asthma inhaler which emits a slight PG fume after saving your lungs in draws. And…when you get down to it, that is exactly what it is, so you’ve officially beaten the system (and with a demon killer, no less)!

I found the LEDs to be effective and sensible in doing what they do, which is also something, hey-hey!

Draw activation works but airflow is very restricted indeed so keep in mind. The wattage is low to retain battery life and accommodate the high resistance of the micro-coils on these JUUL pods, so basically you need to suck and suck again if your lungs are lazy from smoking.

However, you will get a handle on it as your lungs return to pristine innocence on the back of your intelligent switch to the wonderful alternative and general awesome bragging right that is vaping.

I don’t enjoy the dropping voltage, as the battery powers down, since the device is low powered anyway, your last hits are rather unsatisfactory, if you’re a fiend like myself, at least.

How To Fill

  • Extract the little pod mc-gafter by tugging on the mouthpiece
  • Pop of the plastic mouthpiece
  • Remove the rubber stopper on the tank section below it
  • Fill it straight in the top, there’s no actual hole, just an open top once that stopper comes out.demon killer jbox box cartridge fill

How To Change the Coil

  • Open the top by sliding open the top switch
  • Now slide up the side switch to raise the connection plate inside the JBOX.
  • Insert your full pod with the shiny little connections facing down and the black parts up
  • You should hear a slight click and fell downward movement in the side switch when its set, for one, and secondly there will be a triple blue LED indicator flash to show you that you’re connected, followed by a white, 3 second power flash.

Stock Coil Performance

The little rectangular pods consist of an oil chamber for your e-liquid or nic salts, with a tiny 1.8Ohm ceramic coil set in the middle of it. It’s in line with with their intended MTL use but doable for mad-restricted Direct to Lung (DTL) if you can’t help yourself, they don’t burn foul, in my experience, no matter if I DTL them to capacity, which is a plus and pro.

The device cuts power after 4 seconds so I warn you, you’ll have absorbed the totality of that vapour if you try to hit it DTL for ten seconds…that’s why the device lights up when you draw, so you don’t waste your time and expel nothing but air after a draw.

Flavour is exceptionally full, considering the low power and stealth-friendly nature of these coils.

Vapour production is what it is, stealthy, unless you’ve pull power that’s way greater than mine. This device is meant to be drawn for 4 seconds, if you ask me…its not much of a puff machine.

Unfortunately, the first pod I loaded was a dud, I just couldn’t get it to work, it refused to connect.demon killer box jbox mouthpiece top main

Battery Life

The 420 mAh built in battery on this guy will see you through a full day if you use it on breaks and tea times, that’s for sure.

I can get 125 4 second draws on a charge, you’ll get more depending on the strength of your draw, as it is pull activated with variable voltage.


  • Super light and stealthy size and feel
  • Slick, scratch resistance finishes
  • Effective for a restricted MTL draw
  • 4 Second draw time prevents burned sensations
  • Decent battery life


  • Draw may seem too tight for some
  • Not all the pods are reliable
  • Low vapour production
  • Scratches appear within the upper sliding track when you don’t oil it.

Final Review Verdict

Keep in mind what I mentioned about not having a strong enough nic salt for this device as it seems to be good for nothing more than nic salts, according to me. If you have a strong enough nicotine juice and you are vaping this for quitting and deep stealth purposes, I do believe this convenient necklace pod mod will work for you…and at the insanely low price and high style factor of this you should be pleased with your purchase.

As for those cloud checkers out there…you ARE going to get exceptional flavour from the Demon Killer JBOX but vapour production is on a visual par with a cigarette’s smoke unless you DTL to the max.


Would I buy the Demon Killer JBox if I lost/broke the device? Possibly, as with a high nic juice, the convenience of the lanyard is something really special and sweet.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Production
Replace if Lost?
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