Today I’m reviewing the new DotMod Dot E disposable vape range.

Well it looks like I’ve either been out of the loop or Dot Mod are simply refusing to fall behind with current trends!

Dot E Series disposable e cigarette hand check pic

Based in San Diego out of California, Dot Mod are renowned for manufacturing attractive anodised vaping devices. You might even call them high end products. They were established back in 2013 and it must have been a few years later that I, myself picked up a Dot Box 200W Mod.

It’s been superseded by upgrades, of course but I still own it. It still works and takes pride of place among my vape collection.

Ah for the memories!

Time moves fast within the vaping industry. With attention focussed on other devices I was blissfully unaware of Dot Mod’s inauguration into the world of disposable vapes.

They’ve released the Dot Plus and MRKT Bars, both of which are rechargeable thanks to the 10ml 50mg nicotine salt range of flavours. More recently they’ve released the Dot. (as in dot – I know, confusing!) disposable e-cigarette consisting of a range of 12 flavours.

Those three devices appear to target the US market only. With the current state of play, and without getting into the politics, it looks like they’re shifting attention to more vape friendly regions including the UK.

Step forward the DotMod Dot E disposable vape. Let’s take a look.

What Can We Expect From The DotMod Dot E Disposable E-cigarette?

It’s fully disposable and more importantly, environmentally friendly. Dot Mod have been very responsible with not only their packaging but the material of the e-cigarette itself.

Dot E Series disposable recyclable outer packagingIn a nutshell the device is recyclable and that’s a major plus before reviewing the E-Series range. Even the top and bottom is made of a food grade silicone.

It comes prefilled with a 2ml flavour of choice and is pre charged, ready to go out of the box. It doesn’t require any maintenance and will last for up to 600 puffs before being disposed of, responsibly.

This makes it very user friendly for the new vaper. So will the mouth to lung (MTL) vaping style, that mimics the pull from a cigarette. Because the Dot E-Series relies on an auto draw feature there are no need for buttons.

Just rip it out of the factory sealed bag and start vaping. That’s the beauty of disposable e-cigarettes.

Dot E Series disposable vacuum sealed packaging20mg of salt nicotine is included to satiate the requirements of any new vaper without the harsh throat hit commonly associated with higher strength freebase e-liquid.

I’ve received the full line up of 10 flavours and will review six of them to begin with. Check back in the near future for updates on the remaining ones.

NB: The scoring takes into account the current number of disposables reviewed. Another reason to check back for the final score!

Dot E-Series Disposable E-Cigarette – Specifications

  • Dimensions: 100.4mm x 15.6mm
  • Nicotine: 20mg salt nicotine
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh integrated
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Coil: Mesh
  • Puffs: 600

Dot E-Series Disposable – Mango

Dot e series disposable mangoDotMod Says:

Mango is a one note blend that brings you the exotic flavour of juicy, ripe mango.

I Say:

Well that’s taken me by surprise! I was expecting to find an abundance of Coolada with Mango but thankfully, and for once that’s not the case.

I can pick up the juiciness of the fruit from the very first inhale. This is a very fresh and authentic tasting Mango that’s reminiscent of a cool, refreshing summer drink.

How often does the fruit emit an unwelcome smell? I don’t find that at all with this version.

I receive a slight icy tickle but the impression left on the rear of the throat isn’t very intense. In fact, this is the way I think the ingredient should be applied.

DotMod haven’t allowed the Mango to overpower the vape, which is sensible. They’ve still managed to retain its tropical appeal.

The fruit spills out during exhale and there’s very little in the way of sweetness. That’s something else of value.

A very well balanced vape for Coolada, sweetness and fruity flavour. Good work on this one!

Dot E Series Disposable – Velvet Tobacco

Dot e series disposable velvet tobaccoDotMod Says:

Velvet Tobacco complements the light, nutty flavour of blonde tobacco leaves with the indulgent and creamy notes of vanilla.

I Say:

Apparently blonde Tobacco leaves are washed or rinsed to lower their level of natural nicotine. They’re then laced with a touch of honey. We learn something new everyday!

There’s definitely a nutty aroma produced once the disposable is prised out of its sealed bag. What’s it like to vape?

There’s actually a touch of harshness during the inhale, which I wasn’t really expecting. But the flavour is superb! Maybe I have that Honey in my subconscious because I can pick it out.

It intertwines with a very subtle blend of Tobacco leaves and combines with the deftest hint of sweetness. The nutty element gets trapped behind the nose, if that makes sense.

I’m inclined to mention Cigars because the flavour seems to lean that way more. The experience is best when priming or taking a few instant exhales before mouth to lunging.

There’s even that roughness found with Tobacco. It deposits itself on the back of the throat.

Yes, I’m glad it’s not a sweet leaf Tobacco because Velvet Tobacco is quite authentic this way and not sickly. It vapes well with a nice hot cup of coffee too!

Even the aroma produced is authentic. I think the new vaper is going to enjoy it. A lot!

Dot E Series Disposable – White Russian Cream

Dot e series disposable white Russian creamDotMod Says:

White Russian Cream blends the rich, indulgent notes of coffee liqueur and cream in each puff.

I Say:

I haven’t vaped many beverage blends of this ilk. There’s not much in the way of aroma while breaking into the bag either. Does that sound daunting?

I’m instantly confused as to why cooling agent has been applied to White Russian Cream.

It’s the first sensation I get during the inhale which in all honesty, has me shaking my head in disapproval.

It could’ve worked better if left out because it leaves far too much of an impression throughout the vape. However, the creamy content is very good and has a richness and tone that holds up well.

The coffee notes are also very authentic yet quite subtle in blend.

My problem only stems from the fact that the coolada overlaps the milky notes, subtracting from the experiencing of having a fine coffee liqueur. Otherwise this is another fine creation.

Dot E Series Disposable – Orange Soda

Dot e series disposable orange sodaDotMod Says:

Orange Soda is a zingy drink-inspired blend that brings fizzy citrus notes to your vape.

I Say:

The Orange flavour in this one is quite refreshing. The cooling agent actually complements the overall vape experience, pushing it into the realms of a beverage style profile.

The fruit doesn’t really resemble a freshy squeezed variety and in my opinion lacks the citrus notes to demonstrate that.

There’s the slightest of throat scratches on the inhale but the icy content soon smooths off the edges. Is it zingy? Not really, if I’m honest. Although prominent enough, the Orange tastes rather flat and resembles the quality usually found in a vending machine.

For this reason, it’s more of a powdery, artificial take. Because it’s quite flat, I don’t pick out the fizzy notes. Personally, they’re very hard to replicate in a vape and are always more of a subtle experience.

Orange Soda is a very basic vape. It never misses out on flavour, that’s for sure and the Coolada works to good effect. However, if you’re a fan of Orange based profiles you’re not getting anything new.

A newer vaper will appreciate it for its no nonsense approach and the smooth, salt nic hit.

Dot E Series Disposable – Lemon Cola

Dot E series disposable lemon colaDotMod Says:

Lemon Cola pairs a zesty citrus flavour with the fizzy, sugary notes of cola.

I Say:

Cola is the aroma experiences when ripping the vacuum sealed bag open. This was a flavour I was expecting plenty of icy, cooling effect from – and I wasn’t let down.

There’s also plenty of zingy, zesty quality to the vape too. It lives up to the flavour description. I did find it quite hard to locate the Lemon content, which was a shame. The citrus notes are very low key in Lemon Cola.

The sweetness of the vape is limited to the exhale and doesn’t appear to be in high demand. I’m quite happy about that because it means the Cola is less syrup like in texture.

In fact, it’s a very smooth all round vape experience. It feels like the Cola is dominating the Lemon and that’s a shame because the blending is clearly off in this case.

If citrus notes are in there, they’re merely expressed as a tinge on the lips after the exhale.

That Coolada certainly helps to hold the overall appeal to make Lemon Cola a worthy summer vape.

Dot E Series Disposable – Pineapple Ice

Dot e series disposable pineappleDotMod Says:

Pineapple Ice fuses the tangy flavour of pineapples with an icy menthol exhale.

I Say:

Although the icy menthol doesn’t hit as hard as I was expecting it complements the fruit  better than those reviewed thus far.

There’s a very good balance between the two and the Pineapple really pulls through with all its tropical appeal. It’s a well rounded flavour and in my opinion, quite natural tasting.

The tangy qualities are slightly underplayed but the sweetness level is spot on, leaving its mark on the taste buds. That helps to punctuate the vape.

Pineapple Ice is lip smackingly good. It’s bright, lively and clearly defined. This single fruit profile works on every pull and never fails to satisfy.

Admittedly the icy cooling leaves a lasting impression but certainly fits in with the flavour description. I don’t think there’s much more you could ask from a chilled, tropical vape.

Think a cold can of lilt and you’re getting some of the experience!

Dot E Series Disposable – Lush

Dot e-series disposable Lush IceDotMod Says:

Lush recreates the fresh, fruity flavour of watermelons for a bold all day vape.

I Say:

When MTL’ing expect quite a sharp hit on the back of the throat. That’ll be the ice cold cooling agent at work. After the vape it leaves just the slightest of impressions as a reminder of its inclusion.

The Watermelon is cool and refreshing and lurks instead of being the bold flavour stated in the description. There’s just as much bitterness as there is sweetness during the exhale and punctures the flavour of the fruit.

Lush is based more on a subtle approach to flavour output and although the Watermelon is a well trodden version, the reduction of sweetness will no doubt make it that more accessible.

I would suggest longer inhales to get the most out of lush.

Dot E Series Disposable – Peach Mango

Dot e series disposable Peach MangoDotMod Says:

Peach Mango is a tropical fruit fusion that combines the sweet and delicate notes of Peach with juicy Mangoes.

I Say:

This one’s certainly a tropical fruit blend and works well with short rapid inhales. A sharp, citrus back note hits the throat during the inhale which combines with a cooling blast.

It’s great blending too because both Mango and Peach are instantly recognisable and can easily be picked out. Admittedly the Mango is the more dominant of the two but the juiciness of the Peach is also evident.

It’s actually the fresh, ripe Peach content that I prefer on this occasion and it helps to soften the edges of what is usually an over powering Mango.

The Coolada also helps to keep the vape refreshing. I wouldn’t say Peach Mango is representative of a drinks profile but deserves merit for its rather authentic taste.

A tropical delight for the long summer months.

Dot E Series Disposable – Banana

Dot e series disposable BananaDotMod Says:

Banana authentically delivers the rich sweetness of bananas for a fruity, straightforward vape.

I Say:

The cold throat hit in Banana is a little more intense than found in some of the other profiles.

The fruit isn’t all that accessible, either but it’s another flavour that’s quite hard to describe. There’s more of the sense of the taste on the palate than offering full blown flavour.

It hits most at the rear of the nose if that makes sense! It’s bitter and sweet at the same time but the Banana does tend to fade away during the exhale which is a shame.

I’m just left with a few traces of the sweetness together with that persistent iciness in the throat.

As a vape, this foam sweet Banana is very diluted on flavour and misses the general effect created with simple, single profiles.

I have to admit, I expected more.

Dot E Series Disposable – Mint

Dot e series disposable MintDotMod Says:

Mint has a cooling taste with an icy inhale, a frosty finish and subtle fragrant hint.

I Say:

Peppermint is the aroma I pick up when breaking into the sealed bag before vaping. How does it translate?

Actually very well indeed! For a start, the Coolada doesn’t intrude to the point of annoyance and the fresh mint blooms during the exhale. It’s a very smooth inhale too which makes for a comfortable vape.

Think flavour intensity from an after eight mint and you’re getting the overall theme. It’s the menthol like properties of Peppermint that elevate the cold snap of the vape and a sweetness runs through the heart of the exhale.

I really can’t find fault with Mint. It’s both refreshing and one that will act as a worthy palate cleanser.

The newer vaper will love it for the no nonsense, straightforward approach and it may even stop those cravings for a menthol cigarette.

Great work!

Everyday Use and Battery performance

The tiny pinhole airflow on the base of the disposables ensures a very decent mouth to lung vape is achievable. It lights up during auto draw and isn’t too loose. This allows a very comfortable, long draw similar to that of a cigarette.

Put simply, there’s no flexing of the neck muscles with the DotMod Dot E disposable vape range.

Dot E series disposable airflow intake on base of e-cigaretteIf I’m brutally honest I would’ve preferred a circular mouthpiece instead of the elliptical one included. However, the food grade material is very pliable and you’re not going to crack a tooth if a bit on the clumsy side – like me! lol

Dot E series disposable mouth piece openingSo as well as helping with that all important mouth to lung vape, it feels quite comfortable in use.

The cardboard housing of the e-cigarettes obviously keeps the weight down. I had no issue carrying them around in either a trouser or shirt pocket.

There’s also no problem when standing it upright in a vertical position. The food grade material provides adequate grip, even on slippery surfaces such as glass.

Dot E series disposable recyclable materialOf course, DotMod should be commended on their environmental responsibilities. How they’ve manufactured these disposables should or even must be the way forwards.

I got around six hours use before the flavour started to wain. It was holding up well until around the last half hour. As for 600 puffs? That’s anyone’s guess. I was chain vaping during periods so I guess it’s possible.

Final Review Verdict

The flavours are clearly defined and don’t contain an elevated level of sweetener which is good. There are a few occasions where the cooling agent interrupts the blending and that’s a shame. DotMod aren’t the only culprits here – I’ve noticed that a lot with disposable vapes.

It also has to be said the disposables feel slightly underpowered. Sometimes the auto draw was a bit janky and unresponsive.

One thing’s for sure they’re extremely quiet on inhale so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for a stealthy vape or six!

Speaking of stealthy vapes, the vapour production is spot on. When taking a longer inhale there’s very little produced so again, the bus stop won’t be a problem.

Under normal vaping patterns the production is similar to that of cigarette smoke. This kind of familiarity will certainly appeal to the new vaper.

All in all, DotMod have done a damn good job with their E-series range of disposables.

Have you tried the DotMod Dot E disposable vapes? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Velvet Tobacco
White Russian Cream
Orange Soda
Lemon Cola
Pineapple Ice
Mango Peach
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
dotmod-dot-e-disposable-vape-reviewIt's good that the level of sweetness found in the DotMod E Series of disposable vapes is kept to sensible levels. For this reason, not one was found to be sickly or overwhelming. In general, the flavours are very bright and lively if at times a little lacking on the blending front. Vapour production is suitably stealthy and won't garner odd looks in public. One final note, Kudos to DotMod for manufacturing a recyclable disposable e-cig.


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