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Introduction – The 101 Pro By Ehpro

The Ehpro 101 Pro is from a brand you might not have heard before but don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are so many vape brands coming out of the woodwork, especially Shenzhen’s rather active woodwork, that it’s hard to keep up.

Let’s just say, Ehpro hasn’t exactly made waves, or maybe their marketing strategies are just not as aggressive as, say, Wismec or Vgod.

Whether you’re familiar with Ehpro our not, the first time I heard of this Shenzhen brand was last a couple of weeks ago, odd since they have about 30 products on their rather extensive list. HMM…guess I don’t know everything.

Although there are a fair few reviews spanning a few years here at Ecigclick.

Among their products, the fascinating Fusion kit, which allows for 2 different e-juice flavours in one tank, as well as the Geekpro all in one and the original kIT 101 D.

The subject of this review got me really intrigued, because I’ve never owned anything like it in all my time as a reviewer. It’s a regulated, variable wattage TC mod kit, TUBE style and with a single button. Read on to learn how I got on with the fascinating, heavyweight Mod 101 Pro Kit by Ehpro.

What’s In The Box

  • Ehpro Mod 101 Pro
  • Ehpro Lock RDA
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 x Fused Clapton Lock notch coil
  • BF Squonk pin
  • O-rings
  • Cotton
  • Spare Screws
  • 510 Drip Tip adaptor
  • other gear etc
  • User Manuals
  • Beauty Ring
  • 18650 Adaptor
  • Heat Insulator

ehpro mod 101 pro box


  • 25 x 117.5mm
  • Stainless Steel
  • Output 5-75W
  • Voltage 0.5-8V
  • Resistance range 0.1-3 Ohm
  • TC Range 100-300 Celcius
  • 0.69” Display
  • Compatible with 21700/20700 and 18650s
  • Available in blue, silver, black and rainbow

ehpro mod 101 pro contents

Build Quality & Design

Mod 101 Pro

Opening up the black display box, I lift my black Ehpro Mod 101 Pro out of its seating, it’s heavy! I’m talking about 129g just for the mod, without a battery installed!ehpro 101 pro mod

Long story short, it’s a black stainless steel tube with a deep, spring loaded 510 connection at the top and a base that unscrews so that you can fit a cell, an 18650 with the included adaptor, a 20700 or a 21700.ehpro 101 pro batteries

The base has some warning symbols on it, surrounded by an attractive 18 pointed star design on it in a peal type shade and there are two small holes for battery ventilation.

On the inside of the base is a large – sign so you know how to fit your battery.

The top, where the 510 connection is, is free of paint.ehpro mod 101 pro 510

There is a small round button, which is an all purpose button, toward the top of one side, with a small Ehpro logo at the bottom of the same side.

The button is clicky enough and has that nice concentric circle texturing.

At the same height as the button but on the opposite side, is a small OLED screen, with a bright display and all the necessary info displayed.

The finish is not quite shiny, somewhere between a matte and a shine finish, completely scratch proof and when you do scratch it, it makes a wonderful sound…it must have the finest texturing but it’s not visible to the eye.

At the bottom of that same side is a small Mod 101 Pro Logo.

There is NO insulation in the battery chamber.

It’s so heavy once you put the cell in that it almost feels like some kind of a murder weapon, dangerous at any rate.ehpro mod 101 pro base

Lock RDA

The lock RDA is, in my opinion, a pretty thing. Unfortunately, it has one glaring design fault.ehpro lock rda

It’s basically a simple tube shaped barrel, with a top that’s separated from the rest by a deep groove all the way round, the top is hexagonal and easy to get a grip on to remove the barrel, theres also a groove running around the circumference of the hexagonal part.

The removable 810 drip tip on the black version is a glittery grey/blue, with a silver bee-hive pattern embedded in it.

There are 3 small airflow slots on either side the barrel, toward the top, which align well with holes in the dual airflow posts on the deck…but only when you don’t have the beauty ring on, which fits on the deck before you replace the barrel.

This is the big fault for me. This RDA looks weird on the mod 101 Pro without the beauty ring, at least to me.

The RDA is slightly narrower than the mod…it looks far sharper with the shiny SS beauty ring to offset it. The thing is that with the ring, the airflow holes sit above the airflow posts, so that your airflow is full open, no matter how much you turn your barrel.ehpro mod 101 pro lock rda notch coil

That said, I don’t like using the RDA without the ring, for purely aesthetic reasons, what can I say, looks matter to me.

The deck is sexy, with a shallow but functional juice well (the airflow holes are high enough to prevent leaking) and two posts designed to hold the ends of a notch coil.

Two well threaded screws allow you to tighten and loosen your coil from its seating.

The RDA base has two heavy o-rings which make removal and replacement of the barrel/topcap quite easy, provided the RDA is screwed into something.

There is a neat LOCK logo, with picture, cast into one side of the barrel, it is made visible by its contrasting blast texturing.


2 Notch coils included, very happy about that, as well as cotton, necessary spares and a plastic battery adaptor for your 18650s.

How Does The Ehpro Mod 101 Pro Kit Perform?

I’m actually very pleased with this kit.

I’m getting really good power coming through, with a 45 Watts that feels closer to 65 and 75 W that feels damn near 100W.

I feel like the single button for all your adjustments and firing is a stroke of genius, although you need to one really careful not to press the fire button even lightly after you’ve reached your desired setting, as its sensitive and will just adjust more unless you wait for it to return to the main screen with your setting programmed.

I find resistance readings to be accurate and the new atomiser readings really on point.

The 4 second waiting time after setting can be a bit of a bitch when you’re on the go.

TC was tested only in SS, since the notch coils are SS, so I don’t think I’ve really tested it thoroughly (sorry!) but from what I can tell, temps feel true and all readings accurate.

I tested the mod with a whole selection of sub ohm vape tanks and had no trouble, trying various coils and testing the mod to its limits.

I experienced no overheating so distribution is really good.

I like the fact that this looks like a mech and there are no battery rattles.

The incredibly heavy weight of this mod gives it a badass feel and I’ve really grown rather fond of it.

The RDA is a proper flavour factory, without the beauty ring.Ehpro 101 Lock RDA

With the beauty ring the air hits the coils a little high so flavour and cloud is slightly diminished.

How To Fill

  • Simply drip directly through the drip tip

How To Change the Coil

  • Loosen the screws in the coil posts
  • Slip in a notch coil
  • Tighten the screws

0.2Ohm Notch Stock Coil Performance

Nice full flavour from the 0.2 Ohm notch coils (the deck only takes 1 coil).

These coils are recommended for 30-50 W and I found that 50W to be more than adequate for really getting the most of my flavours, with nice full vapour production.

One complaint, after just a week my coil is looking brown and done for.

I popped it out to replace it and found that the coil could be bent with ease, indicating that the SS has really lost its mojo…so not a good lifespan from these notch coils, even when used within the recommended range.

Ease of build

Deck building for dummies and folk with chubby butter fingers, just pop it in and tighten, no fuss!

ehpro mod 101 pro lock rda deckPlus, the notch coils fit a good wick with ease.ehpro mod 101 pro lock rda wick

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on and off
  • 3 clicks to enter mode menu
  • Fire to scroll
  • Once you reach your desired setting, wait for the main screen to return

How To Replace The batteries

  • Unscrew the base
  • Fit an 18650 – down, with the adaptor at the Botton
  • Fit a 20700 or 21700 – down
  • Replace the baseehpro mod 101 pro battery chamber

Battery Life

The biggest pro of this mod is the battery life, really outstanding, regardless of whether you are firing a 0.15 OHM coil at 75 W the whole time or not.

  • 8 hours on an 18650
  • 9.5 hours on a 20700
  • 11 hours on a 21700

Above values on a 55W intermittent vape.


  • Minimalist, mech look
  • Excellent, scratch resistant finishes
  • Hefty weight gives it a quality feel
  • A solid feeling 75 W vape
  • Super flavour and vape from the RDA and notch coils
  • Cool, idiot proof, single button operation
  • Outstanding battery life


  • Single button adjustments are tricky if you’re impatient or in a hurry
  • Low life span on the notch coils
  • No insulation in the battery chamber

Final Review Verdict

If a regulated, TC tube mod is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with the Ehpro Mod 101 Pro…it’s sleek, vapes a charm and triples as a musical instrument and murder weapon. I highly recommend this sexy tube kit for lazy fingered builders and mid level to experienced vapers but must insist you ensure your batteries are well wrapped…safety first!

Would I buy the Ehpro 101 Pro if I lost/broke the device? Certainly!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Would I Buy It Again?
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