The Eleaf Lexicon is from one of the oldest household names in vaping that has a history of hit and miss.eleaf lexicon kit main

While they have a knack for cool aesthetics and responding to trend, occasionally their devices lack finesse…I’m talking about little impractical features or oversights that leave the vaper wanting.

While half of today’s subject of review passed with flashing colours, the other half left me wanting in certain aspects. Great successes of Eleaf’s recent past include the sexy Nowos mod, the trilobite-esque iWu pod and the super sweet Pico Squeeze 2.

Is The Eleaf Lexicon Kit Worth the Wait?

I waited for 6 months for my Lexicon Kit, as it was stuck in the god-forsaken South African postal system…I knew it was flashy (literally) and I can’t deny the fact that I am into that in a big way but the question is, how will it vape and is it good enough to beat the best vape modsbest vape mods I’ve tried this year?

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What’s In The Box

  • Eleaf Lexicon mod
  • Eleaf Ello Duro tank
  • HW-N Coil head
  • HW-M coil head
  • QC USB cable
  • User manuals
  • Spare partseleaf lexicon kit open

Features Lexicon Mod

  •  Size: 45x31x81mm
  • Output: 235W max
  • Weight: 167g
  • Output modes: VW, TC
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.5ohm (VW), 0.05-1.5 (TC)
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • Customisable light patterns
  • Centred 510 connector
  • Firmware upgradeableeleaf lexicon kit contents

Features Ello Duro Tank.                                          

  • Size: 28x54mm (6.5ml version) or 26.5x50mm (2ml EU Version)
  • Capacity: 6.5ml (standard) or 2ml (EU Version)
  • Uses HW coil heads
  • Top fill port
  • Airflow Adjustment
  • Acrylic tank and mouthpiece

Build Quality & Design

Opening the big, neat, black, eLeaf box packaging, I’m met by a marvellous flash festival of marble-marble-is waves, LED strips and insane metallic red.

Lexicon Mod

The Eleaf Lexicon mod is a delight to behold. Rectangular brick shaped, the mod is roughly the height of the average forefinger.

Two diagonal corners on the top have been ‘shaved away’ and replaced with funky glass panels, with mirrors underneath.

The shaved corners improve the ergonomics and handful of a little mod-brick that actually fits very nicely in hand as it is.eleaf lexicon kit side

The base is home to a hinged battery door with 4 little ventilation holes either side, opening up the door I see the hinges work well and the door locks and unlocks with just the right amount of pressure required.

Inside is a super snug chamber for dual 18650s.

LED Lights:

All around the top edges and around the little ‘shave away’ triangles, down the edges beneath the triangles and down the centre of either large side, in a shape that looks like the lines in the middle of a peace symbol…are Led strips which, once you switch on the mod, you will realise, do absolutely fabulous things (provided you like a bit of ridiculous flashiness, that is).

The lights are able to light up in strips, run a dance around the mod and all sorts of funkiness.

eleaf lexicon kit LED collageThe thing is, looking at the manual…that these complex light dances, for example GREEN/BLUE/RED/GREEN/BLUE or RED/GREEN/ORANGE/BLUE/YELLOW/LIGHT-BLUE/PURPLE…these all indicate specific things and they vary both in timing and colour.

You’d have to be some kind of genius to remember what’s what but it’s not actually all that important, on account off the fact that it looks legit and makes your vapour look like disco fog.

Controls and screen:

The screen is a basic, little “ long OLED affair, which shows pectoral battery readings, amps, volts and watts in a nice, easy to read layout.

The screen is situated in the top right hand corner of one of the larger sides with two little triangular buttons for adjustments that sit between the peace symbol’s legs on the same side and a micro USB port below that.

When you’re facing that panel, the fire button is on the side to your left…it’s thumb sized, super clickedy and shaped like an extended diamond…it has patterned LED strips showing through it which light up when you fire.

The mod has a slightly recessed setting for a tank on top, with a deep, springy 510 connection…the seating isn’t SS but the same as the rest of the mod, which, in my case, is a metallic red that I can literally see my clear reflection in.

There are 2 small screws visible on the top of the mod, on the corners which don’t have those funky ‘shave aways.’

This mod looks good with anything upon to a 23mm.

Ello Duro Tank

The Ello Duro sub ohm tank looks as Austin Powers as can be, given the tinted bubble glass and drip tip, which will match the colour you chose, with vaper-esque swirls and patterning all over the both of them.

The drip tip is a tall 810, transparent and fairly thin, it is nicely fitted , with two beefy o-rings but the mouth feel is a little ‘cheap,’ if that makes any sense.

For those who can’t handle the flash or prefer a 2ml experience (not advised with these juice guzzling mesh coils) there is a regular glass tube in the kit.eleaf lexicon kit ello duro tank exploded view

The tank has a thick base and top cap, with heavy knurling on the easy turning bottom adjustable airflow ring. Two massively wide, 1 cm long airflow slots make for serious airflow action here and no matter what your setting, the airflow feels very smooth…but it is noisy.

Through the crazy bulb glass I can see a big ass coil head with ample openings all round to prevent those dry hits and drink your juice like its going out of fashion.

The top fill Ello Duro opens with a slide of the top cap, however it has it has absolutely no locking mechanism and opens just a little too easily for comfort…but I ‘m going to tackle that in depth in the performance section of this review.

How Does The Eleaf Lexicon Perform?

I’m hugely impressed by the Lexicon Mod’s performance. Besides the flashy disco lights, which certainly are a conversation started, the Lexicon boasts outstanding battery life and seriously packs a power punch.Eleaf Lexicon review

The Lexicon is a badass when it comes to vaping at mid to high range wattages.

I’ve tested it out with the best RDA’s from my collection and sub ohm tanks with coils covering the mods intended resistance and wattage range and I’m pleased to say that I’ve encountered absolutely no issues….

The mod feels power true and, I dare say, maybe even fires at what feels like 5 or so Watt higher than many others in its class.

I spent about a week exploring the higher wattage range with TC for nickel and SS as well and found that you really have to push it for the Lexicon to start getting hot and TC seems accurate.

New coil readings are instant and flawless.

Testing the ramp time against some of my other favourite mods in the class I was more than delighted. Ramp is honestly superb, with no noticeable delay whatsoever, instantaneous, if you ask me.

I also enjoy the handfeel of the mod, along with the weight distribution from that centred 510 pin.

It’s a really solid little mod and I see myself picking it up on a regular basis in future, not consigning it to the shelf and that is for absolute sure.

The Ello Duro Tank’s Performance

Now this little guy is hit and miss for me but when it comes to actual vapour production and flavour, I’m well pleased with this offering from eLeaf.eleaf ello duro

I enjoy the ease of the airflow adjust but the ease of opening the sliding top cap is a problem. The top cap needs a lock.

When I go out I carry this mod and tank in my hand as I’ve had the top cap open and spill juice in my bag several times, what’s more (or less), it’s even come open in my hand a few times when I wasn’t looking. This is the biggest issue and con for me about a tank that’s otherwise really groovy baby, yeah!

Another con, though a minor one is that I’ve experienced a bit of leaking through the airflow when I’m vaping at higher wattages and chain vaping and I set the tank down after…because my hot juice is thinned out it seeps through a little, also at refill just be 100 percent sure to close the airflow.

I can only compare the Ello Duro to the Smok TFV12 Prince, it’s similar in a lot of ways but I must say I’m getting smoother airflow (though also noisier), with slightly better vapour production and flavour on the Ello Duro.

iT’S a killer job from eLeaf, that’s all I can say.

How To Fill

  • Slide the top cap open
  • Fill through the slots
  • Watch out for creating a vacuum with this tricky fill port…eleaf lexicon kit ello duro tank refill

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the base of the tank from the glass/perspex tube/bulb
  • Unscrew the coil head from its seating
  • Replace
  • Prime the coils
  • Replace all the parts

Stock Coil Performance

1×HW-N 0.2ohm Head (pre-installed)

I enjoyed the taste of this net kanthal coil at the start but somehow the taste diminished, although vapour production remained full. I did vape it like an absolute trooper, to be fair.

1×HW-M 0.15ohm Head

This is the coil I’m currently vaping…I’ve been using it for twice as long as the pre-installed coil and the flavour just better….still vaping like a trooper though so I definitely prefer this coil. 80W Is my favourite spot for this coil but it starts chucking clouds at 60W.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 Clicks on or off
  • +/- to adjust wattage
  • In Tc press fire 4 times and then +/- to adjust wattage
  • Three clicks on fire to enter mode menu with +/- to adjust

How To Replace The batteries

  • Open the hinged battery door at the base
  • Insert 2 x 18650s according to the markers (+-)

Battery Life

Considering the constant light show, every time you vape and for a few seconds after each hit (you can change the light settings, don’t worry), the battery life is outstanding, running at 80W for a full 10 hours on 2 x Samsung 2500 18650s.eleaf lexicon kit battery chamber


  • Flashy Lights!
  • Great Battery Life
  • Outstanding power delivery
  • Negligible ramp time
  • Awesome flavour of the 0.2 Ohm coil head
  • Outstanding vapour production from both coil heads
  • Smooth feeling airflow through the settings


  • Tanks top cap has no long and comes open accidentally
  • 0.2 Ohm coil head loses flavour after a few days

Final Review Verdict

I’m loving the Lexicon mod, it’s flash, it fires fast and it delivers full power with accurate TC and readings all round. I actually really enjoy the tank too but the top cap is a factor that not only makes the tank feel unfinished, it’s also cheap and bloody inconvenient, especially when things get messy and juice gets wasted, which it will…unless one is particular when using it, which can be hard, especially when you’re a party animal.


Would I buy the Eleaf Lexicon if I lost/broke the device? Certainly!

USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of World – Free Shipping + Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Production
Would I replace It If Lost?
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