pico squeeze 2 kit review

Introduction: The Pico Squeeze 2 Squonk Kit from Eleaf

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 & Coral 2 RDA is a beautiful new regulated squonk mod kit from Eleaf.

The original Pico Squeeze kit was a semi-regulated squonk mod with the Coral bottom feed RDA.

However this time around Eleaf have really pushed the boat out and created a regulated adjustable squonk mod with a 0.49in screen.

This mod can use a 18650 (with adaptor), 20700 or 21700 battery. The battery cap cover has also been modified so that the Pico Squeeze 2 can take atomisers of up to 26mm diameter – which is a huge improvement on the original Squeeze mod.

Add to this there are also blingy LED lights behind the squonk bottle and this is a really funky looking mod!

The Coral 2 RDA is included in the kit and you can also convert this to a standard dripper using the 510 pin in the kit too.

The airflow comes in the side through the channel and under the coil. You can adjust the airflow by rotating the barrel.

You can get the kit in any of 5 colours – Purple, Dazzling, Red, Black and Silver.

Right get my building head on and let’s get this up and running!

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What’s In The Box

  • Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 mod
  • Eleaf Coral 2 RDA
  • 2x Clapton 0.2ohm coils
  • Cotton
  • 18650 battery adaptor
  • QC USB cable
  • Spare squonk bottle
  • Spare parts
  • User manuals
  • Avatar AVB 21700 (optional)

pico squeeze 2 kit contents


Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Squonk Mod Specs

  • Size: 56x28x78mm
  • Output: 100W max
  • 7 colour LED
  • Squonk bottle capacity: 8ml
  • Output voltage: 0.5-9V
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm (VW/Bypass) 0.05-1.5ohm (TC)
  • Battery: 1×18650, 20700 or 21700 (not included)
  • Display: 0.49in screen
  • Chipset: Avatar
  • Compatible with tanks up to 26mm diameter without overhang
  • Firmware upgradeable

pico squeeze 2 mod specs

Eleaf Coral 2 RDA Specs

  • Size: 24x32mm (decorative ring takes the diameter to 26mm)
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Squonk or solid 510 pin compatible
  • Single coil deck
  • 810 drip tip

coral 2 rda specs

Build Quality & Design

I received the Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 kit in the Dazzling colour.pico squeeze 2 kit

The mod has a rainbow and silver finish and the RDA is silver with a clear green resin drip tip.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Squonk Mod

I do think this is an odd shape! It reminds me of the house you would draw as a child – front door in the middle and windows either side.pico squeeze 2 front view

The screen is vertical and tiny, the adjustment buttons are just below the screen.pico squeeze 2 adjustment buttons

The fire button however is located on the back of the mod?pico squeeze 2 rear view

It sure is quirky!

On top of the mod is the screw cap for the battery compartment and this has good threads and is easy to grip.pico squeeze 2 top view

The 510 connector is to the side of the battery cap and Eleaf have tweaked the design so you can fit tanks of up to 26mm in diameter on this mod which is excellent. Previous Pico models could only manage a 22mm diameter tank as it would foul on the battery cap. I have tried a Freemax Fireluke Mesh tank of 24mm diameter on here and it fits with plenty of room to spare.

On the side of the mod is the squonk bottle with a pull off cover to remove the bottle for filling. The cover is held on with magnets. There is a knack to removing and replacing this as there are some tabs on the top of the cover, however once you have done this you do remember for next time.pico squeeze 2 squonk side

The squonk bottle is super soft but does feel nice and is not too difficult to squeeze – especially for someone like me who has thumbs which bend backwards under too much pressure. It does take a second or two though to fully reform after squeezing.

Behind the squonk bottle is an LED and you can change the colour settings of this or turn it off completely.

The base of the mod has some nice battery vents and the locating magnets for the squonk bottle cover.pico squeeze 2 bottom view

There are no rattles or loose bits, the bits that need to be removed fit correctly. A well-made mod in my opinion.

It can feel a bit slippy especially with the slightest speck of e-liquid on your hand or the mod. It isn’t massively heavy however when slippy it can be hard to grip.

Eleaf Coral 2 RDA

This is very short and stumpy to look at.eleaf coral 2 rda

The kit includes a beauty ring to increase the diameter of the RDA as it is only 24mm. The beauty ring takes it to 26mm so it fits nicely on the mod. The knurling on the beauty ring matches the battery cap on the mod too which is a lovely touch.coral 2 rda beauty ring

The drip tip is an 810 fitting and I was able to use Goon style drip tips (with no O-rings) and standard drip tips (with O-rings) and they fitted fine.

The barrel section is completely plain – so thankfully the bright green resin drip tip does liven up the appearance a lot.

Removing the barrel section is difficult – but that usually is a good sign that the O-rings are doing their job. Just screw the RDA on to a mod and then you will be able to remove the barrel easier.coral 2 rda disassembled

The build deck has an airflow channel on the one side which is taking in the air from above the liquid level and directing it down onto the coil. This should help prevent leakage through the airflow inlet as it is well out of the way of the juice well.

To adjust the airflow you simply turn the barrel to open or close the airflow inlet.

The deck has 2 posts with allen head clamp screws. The posts are at a 45° angle.

Overall everything appears to be very well made.

How Does the Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Squonk Kit Perform?

Basic operation

  • Power on/off = 5 clicks of the fire button.
  • Fire = press the fire button.
  • Supply e-liquid to the RDA = squeeze the squonk bottle.
  • Select power mode = press fire button 3 times and select from Variable Wattage/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS316/TCR-M1/TCR-M2 or TCR-M3.
  • Lock adjustment buttons = hold down both adjustment buttons simultaneously to lock/unlock.
  • Rotate display = turn off the mod and hold down both adjustment buttons simultaneously.
  • Adjust wattage/temperature = use the + or – adjustment button.
  • Adjust wattage in TC mode = press fire 4 times to enter wattage adjustment mode.
  • Enter menu = press fire and + adjustment button simultaneously.

Menu Features

  • Sub parameters = you can select what is displayed on the home screen – puff counter, puff time or volts.
  • Stealth = turn stealth mode (no lights or screen) on or off.
  • Preheat = adjust the custom power curve settings.
  • Logo = turn logo display on or off.
  • Colour of LED = change the LED colour or turn off.
  • Version = firmware and hardware version display.
  • Battery = displays current battery voltage.
  • Coil = lock or unlock the coil resistance.
  • TCR = use memory TCR settings M1, M2 or M3.

How To Install The Battery

Anyone who has owned a Pico or similar will be familiar with the battery installation!

Inside the mod battery compartment the positive (plus) sign is highly visible and the underside of the cap has the negative (minus) sign marked.squeeze 2 positive marking

It is not recommended to charge removable batteries whilst they are still in the mod – so you will need a good battery charger – plus read up on your battery safety!

  • Unscrew the battery cover cap.pico squeeze 2 battery cap removed
  • To remove the battery (if installed) tip the mod upside down and catch the battery!
  • If using a 18650 battery you need to install this in the battery adaptor first then insert into the mod positive side first.squeeze 2 18650
  • If using 20700 or 21700 battery slide this into the mod positive side first.squeeze 2 21700
  • Replace the battery cap and screw up.

How To Fill The Squonk Bottle

  • The squonk bottle is held in place by a cover which is held on with magnets.
  • Pull the squonk cover off from the bottom of the mod first.squeeze 2 squonk cover
  • The cover should pull away from the mod.
  • Pull the squonk bottle down and off the tube out of the mod.pico squeeze 2 squonk bottle
  • Fill the bottle with e-liquid.
  • Push the squonk bottle onto the tube fully. It is worth noting the spout of the squonk bottle is not central so if you find it difficult to install onto the tube just rotate the bottle slightly.
  • Hook the catch at the top of the squonk cover into the mod and push the bottom of the cover into place to be held by the magnets.

How To Install The Coil

This is a bottom feed RDA so you will need to install a coil and cotton wicking.

We have some guides to help you with the basics of building:

This is a single coil RDA and you get 2 coils included in the kit.

I found it quite critical how long you cut the coil legs – if they are too long they can poke out the back of the clamp posts and possibly short out against the barrel cap.coral 2 posts

So if you have a Coily kit or you could measure it too – I found a leg length of 5.0mm (from the outside of the coil) worked the best and enabled the coil to be positioned centrally over the deck and the ends of the legs did not protrude out of the posts.coral 2 rda coily

This is pretty easy to build on – the angled posts mean everything is really easy to get to and wicking is simple too. I have poor grip in my hands and I even managed to build this deck pretty easily – well done Eleaf!

Make sure to check the resistance before firing to make sure you have no shorts on the coil or deck.coral 2 rda coil installed

The coil installed showed a resistance of 0.2ohms.

The coils which are sold by Eleaf for the Coral 2 RDA are stated to be 0.2ohm clapton NiCr coils. They do have slight bends in the legs to allow both legs to be level where they exit the coil.coral clapton coil

Flavour & Cloud Production

For this I will be using the supplied Coral 2 RDA and the coils which came in the kit.

Obviously you can use a different bottom feed RDA or even different types of coil on this RDA to alter the performance drastically.

I am using high VG e-liquid (80% VG) which is the Bubblegum Millions from IVG. If you need help understanding the terms VG and PG read our guide to PG and VG in E-liquid.

Eleaf Coral 2 RDA Performance

So with the coils installed, squonk bottle and deck filled with liquid I set the mod to 40W with the airflow in the middle position.

Already the flavour is pretty good and lots of vapour – I wasn’t really expecting much at this low power!

At 50W even better and at 60W much warmer. The vapour performance is way better than I expected from such a small RDA!

The flavour is great and I got no spitting even up to 65 and 70W.

The flavour really started to burst at 70W wow.

From 75W onwards I found this a bit too warm for me but the resin drip tip did stay nice and cool – no burnt lips here!

In the fully open position there is a slight restriction to the airflow. You can’t close it fully down but almost closed! If you like airflow which is like sucking a drain pipe – you might find this a bit too restrictive.

I used this mainly at 70W with the airflow half open. I will also be buying some more of the 0.2ohm Eleaf Coral Clapton coils too I am that impressed!

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Squonk Mod Performance

The mod has a few nice touches – the wattage is increased in 1W increments – this is much better than the 0.1W increments which some mods use.

Apart from the weird layout of the fire button and screen it performs exactly how it should really! No complaints here.

One niggle is when squeezing the squonk bottle the cover plate comes off or moves. Slightly annoying.

The power output feels pretty true – I popped the RDA on to my Augvape V200 mod and 70W felt exactly the same as it does on the Pico Squeeze 2. The 70W power also felt the same with 18650 or 21700 batteries.

I didn’t find any loss of power as the battery level dropped either.

Battery Life

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 can use any of the 3 main battery types.

The battery life will depend on the battery spec you use, the power you set the mod at and also what coils and resistance you use.

With the supplied coils and the mod set at 70W I got 9.5 hours with the 21700 (Avatar AVB) battery and a staggering 6 hours with the 18650 (Sony VTC5A) battery.


  • Lovely dazzling finish
  • Pretty drip tip
  • Battery cap and RDA beauty ring match
  • Well made and no rattles
  • Beautiful flavour and vapour from Coral 2 RDA
  • Very easy to build
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery life


  • The screen is vertical and very small
  • The fire button is on the back of the mod!
  • Body can get slippy with a bit of e-liquid
  • Squonk bottle compartment door moves when you squeeze the bottle

Final Review Verdict

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 is very very weird and quirky.

Don’t let this put you off though! The mod is solid and works a treat and the little Coral 2 RDA with the supplied coils was such a lovely little surprise!

Often the kit RDA is not much to write home about but this RDA really did perform well and was so easy to build on. My Bubblegum e-liquid tasted like I really had bubble gum on my tongue – it was such a pure flavour.

The practicality of the different batteries and being a regulated adjustable squonker makes this a great buy for someone just starting squonking or even a more advanced squonker.

The ability to use RDAs up to 26mm means you can also add a bottom feed RDA of your choice.

My only annoyance with this kit is the squonk bottle compartment – it moves when you squonk. You have to keep pushing it back into position. Otherwise the more I use this kit the more I love it!

I own the Wismec Luxotic and recently reviewed the Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit so have had a bit of squonking experience and I have to say the Pico Squeeze 2 is, for me, the best one I have tried so far.

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Build Quality
Ease of use
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My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!



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