Eleaf Mini iStick – Can it Live Upto The Name of it’s Big Brother?

The Eleaf iStick 20W made huge waves in the e cig world last year for a box mod that not only packed a punch in terms of functions but it did so in such a small device. E leaf iStick Mini review

Now 2015 is here iSmoka have gone one step further and produce the Eleaf iStick Mini and wow…. This is a tiny e cig!

In the box / Presentation

The iStick Mini comes in a tidy cardboard presentation box and includes the following.

  • 1 X iStick Mini
  • 1 X EGO Adapter
  • USB Charging Cable


My first impressions when taking the iStick mini out of the box were ‘holy shit this is tiny!”. Even though I new the size handling it still took me by surprise, it was almost like it should have a keyring attached to it!

Smallest e cig box mod

The battery is rated at 1050 mAh which for a box mod may not seem a lot but considering the device measures just over 2 inches in length the capacity seems ample.

The build itself is excellent, the Mini feels solid in the hand, fitting perfectly into the palm and while the buttons do rattle a a bit it’s not an issue (at least for me). The threading is 510 compatible but there is an included EGO adapter that works perfectly.

Size comparison to MVP 20W - Istick and Istick Mini

The voltage range goes from 3.3v-5v in .1 increments so for my personal use this suits just fine. Voltage selection is made with two arrow buttons, up and down, no round robin voltage selection here. There is also the standard on/off function activated by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession.

iStick Mini Features

  • 3.3v-5v
  • On/Off function
  • 10 Second cut off
  • Atomiser short circuit protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Low power alert

One of the other things I like about this e cig is the simple digital display on the top of unit. This is a round display that does just two things.

The first is showing how long, in seconds, you press the power button for on each draw. The second is showing a percentage of the remaining battery life. The first function isn’t that useful for me but the second does come in handy doing away with the guess work on how much power you have left.

Eleaf iStick Mini Digital Display - Battery power

Performance wise the battery was excellent, from new I got two full days from the battery before needing to re-charge (USB Charging) with the following few charges gave me around  1.5 days use. All this as a moderate vaper.

It should also be mentioned it can be used as a pass through device so there is no vaping down time when on charge.


It’s a great bit of kit. Build quality is excellent although despite the slight button rattle. The eLeaf iStick Mini will suit all vapers, the more advanced users will likely see this as an e cigarette to use out and about where new vapers (light/moderate vapers) that want a plug and play device could easily use this as their main e cig.


The eLeaf iStick doesn’t come with a clearomiser/tank but I used a mix of 510/EGO tank and all performed really well. The Aerotank Mega and Aspire Nautilus are both big tanks and while they work just fine they almost look like they dwarf the battery! For me, looks wise, the Aspire Nautilus Mini, Aerotank/Genitank Mini and the Kanger EMOW tank (using the EGO adapter) looked the part on top.

Eleaf Istick Mini ReviewAll performed really well on the iStick Mini as well with the voltage ranges working as expected.

Overall – I tried a variety of tanks, all working very well. The smaller variety, for my tastes, looked far better though and didn’t dwarf the device.

Overall – Final Thoughts

The Eleaf iStick Mini is a great little electronic cigarette that I found perfect for using when I was out and about. The only thing I am not sure about is that it may be too small, does the 20W iStick need to be any smaller? I suppose it can’t hurt though hey!

Here are the good and not so good that I found:

The Good:

  • For those looking for a compact device (2.1 inches long/0.8″ width/1.3″ depth) that fits in bags and pockets this could be the one. It’s tiny.
  • 1050 mAh battery performs well.
  • 510 threading but Eleaf also include an EGO adapter.
  • Digital display showing volts & remaining power percentage.

The Not So Good:

  • Buttons have a slight rattle.
  • Build quality is OK. After a few weeks use the device is looking worse for wear.
  • Not much else really apart from that the original 20W Eleaf iStick may actually be small enough for a lot of vapers.


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Final Eleaf iStick Mini Review Verdict:

Excellent: Highly Recommended

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  1. If you purchase this product please be sure to have analoge cigs on stand.by you will need them its totally unreliable iv never had anything so hit and more miss


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