The EMOW Starter Kit From Kanger – A Welcome Edition To Their Product Line?

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For those that have researched even a little bit into electronic cigarettes it is likely Kangertech is an already familiar name. For those new to this world then, in short, Kanger are one of the biggest manufacturers of e cigs out of China and a very good one at that.

This review is taking a look at their new vape pen starter kit, the EMOW, following on from the super successful EVOD and looking to step things up again whilst still appealing to the new e cig user.

Without further a do lets get on with the review.

In the box / Presentation

The Kanger EMOW starter kit I bought contained the following.

  • 1 X 1300 Mah Battery (EGO/510 Thread)
  • 1 X 1.8ml EMOW Tank
  • 5 X 1.5 Ohm Atomiser Coil Heads
  • USB charger


There are a number of colour options with the EMOW kit; Blue, Red, Stainless Steel and Black. I bought the latter. For those familiar with the Kanger EVOD kit the first thing you will notice is that the EMOW battery basically looks like a fatter version of the EVOD. Kanger EMOW e cigarette review

The flush power button is still there which I like but the actual feel is slightly different with more of a gloss finish rather than matte.

Still, the EMOW feels great in the hand and with the matching tank attached has a great seamless form and a nice solid weight. With the 1300 mAh battery as standard, Kanger are giving even heavier users the chance for uninterrupted vaping throughout a full day. Kangertech EMOW

I’m more of a moderate vaper and I found the battery was lasting around 1 – 1.5 days depending on my use for the particular day. So a very good battery life. It does come at a cost of course, that cost being the size.

Now this is by no means a huge e cigarette but for those jumping up from a cig-a-like it will take a bit of getting used to. For those that use vape mods then this could be a good stealth vaping device depending on what set up you currently have.

Variable Voltage Setting

The main difference of course with the Kanger EMOW is that it is a variable voltage battery. Now it is quite limited when compared to say a Vision Spinner or the JAC Vapour S17 as it only has three voltage settings (3.7v, 4.2v, 4.8v) and it also works in a completely different way.

Rather than the usual rotating wheel found on most VV batteries, the VV function on the EMOW is activated by clicking the power button three times within a second. Sounds quick but easily done! I had no problems going from one to the other.

The settings are as follows:

  • Red Light = 3.7v
  • Green light = 4.2v
  • White light = 4.8v

Kanger Emow Voltage settings

Having said the options are limited compared to other VV e cigarettes I personally find that the above are the more common settings and for me personally they did the the trick with the 4.2v in this case being my go to setting.

Just keep in mind that the battery will deplete a touch quicker at the higher voltage.


The EMOW battery feels good in the hand with a quality build and a good battery life from the 1300 mAh capacity. The variable voltage is simple to use, activating with a few clicks of the button and while there are only three voltage settings they should be adequate for new/intermediate vapers.

Vapour/Flavour/Tank Build

The Kanger Kit comes with a 1.8ml capacity (Pyrex) EMOW tank which as they call it the Aerotank MOW. As mentioned before this looks fantastic sat on top of the matching battery but looks can only take a product so far, it is the performance that really matters which we will come to soon. Aerotank MOW Tank

The kit also comes with 6 dual coils altogether, one built in and five spares. These are easy to change by simply screwing firmly into the base. If you are new to the replaceable coil clearomisers I would suggest familiarising yourself by taking the base off and removing/replacing the coil before getting it messy with e-liquid. It will give you a good understanding of how it all fits together.

MOW Tank from Kangertech

The Aerotank MOW also features an air flow adjuster which further allows you to customise your vaping experience to closer fit your needs, prefer an airy or tight draw? You can choose.

The airflow is super easy to use, it’s just a case of rotating the collar. I found that leaving just the one hole showing produced a nice tight draw that made this e cig a pleasure to vape.

Vapour and flavour

I was using the Dandelion & Burdock flavour from the new Liberty Flights e-liquid range and the vapour volume that I was getting from this setup was excellent, plenty of clouds.

The flavour was also good but as this was a new flavour to me I haven’t used it in another device so cannot compare it.

I know… I should use the same e juice in all my reviews so I can judge the performance more accurately! I’m lucky that I have a lot of flavours to get through and I can’t wait sometimes to try them!

Anyway, the D&B flavour came across very well and changing the voltage gave the expected, albeit subtle, difference in flavour and vapour volume. The tank is built using Pyrex glass as well so there will be no issues with any e-liquids that you choose to use.

Replacement Tank & Coil 

The EMOW tanks, should you need to replace them,  come with one dual coil included. The more common (and needed) replacement parts are the dual coils, these are generally sold in packs of five.

Overall – The Aerotank MOW is a great looking clearomiser tank that produced tons of vapour while giving out good flavour. The air flow goes a long way to adding to the positive vaping experience as well.

Kanger EMOW Verdict

I thought the Kangertech EMOW starter kit was great, a perfect starting point for cig-a-like users to get into using bigger battery kits and it will also do a job for more advanced users that may use a larger setup to use when out of the house in public. Here are the points broken down:

The Good:

  • The look and build is excellent
  • Aiflow control works very well and adds to the user experience
  • Vapour volume fantastic and flavour good
  • Three voltage settings activated with a simple click (3 quick clicks) of the power button
  • Pyrex tank allowing use with any flavour e-liquid
  • 1300 mAh Battery life good

The Not So Good:

  • The three voltage settings may not be adequate for some users
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  1. The screw thread on the battery wore away after Severn weeks of use rendering the battery unusable. I bought this product from a local shop near where I live who will not replace it as it is ware and tear. Don’t get one.


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