Finding Good E-liquids is Elementary with the Element Range

Based in sunny Florida Element E-Liquids have more flavours than you could ever shake a stick at. This review focuses on the Element NS20 e-liquid range which is their addition to the Nicotine Salt world.

Judging by the brands popularity it’s most definitely a case of quality as well as quantity as these juices are the go to vape from many of you out there.element e-liquid review

I was fortunate enough to meet a few of the team at the recent Vaper Expo and I’d like to thank them very much for the half dozen Element NS 20 samples they gave me for the purpose of this review.

The samples are all completely TPD and TRPR compliant coming in 10ml bottles with child-proof caps.

The samples I received were from the Nic Salt range – the Ns20.

Nicotine strength is set at 20mg for the Nic salts and are more suited to mouth to lung devices and are a said to be more effective at delivering nicotine into your system.

OK enough babbling let’s look at how they taste and vape.

For the vape test I used the Geekvape Medusa Reborn and my trusty old Doge III at varying wattage and each one freshly wicked.

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555 Tobacco Ns 20 by Element

555 tobacco

Element says:

Sit back as 555’s nutty flavours weave over your taste buds to create a masterful tapestry of tobacco. A rich base promotes 555’s rich tobacco base promotes warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts lightly bathed in caramel and vanilla.

I say:

I’m quite enjoying sub-ohmming tobacco flavours at the moment and while it’s not normally recommended with nic salts I was OK with this one.

I struggled a little to pick out individual nuts but the overall nuttiness is there albeit in the background.

However the caramel and vanilla is most definitely there and not to overpowering either with a lovely dry naturally sweet tobacco really coming through on the exhale.

This could also very easily become my go to MTL morning vape.

Key Lime Cookie Ns 20 by Element

key lime cookie

Element says:

Melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookies brightened with the sweet yet tangy citrus flavor of world famous Floridian Key Limes.

I say:

I got one hell of a throat hit that induced a fit of coughing.

I’m guessing the citrus is turned up to full throat tickle in this one!

I didn’t get much of cookie as the lime was just a bit overpowering – I reckon this might calm down a little if left for a couple of weeks.

Nice but a little to sharp for me.

Watermelon Chill Ns 20 by Element

watermelon chill

Element says:

The refreshing sweetness of watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This mouthwatering combination of juicy fruit with refreshing mint is the perfect remedy to beat the heat. Watermelon Chill gives you dense clouds of vapor, creating your own personal oasis.

I say:

I’m slowly coming round to enjoying menthol and minty vapes and this one is out there in a league of its own – it’s gorgeous!

First comes refreshing sweet watermelon that really does make your mouth water before a hint of fresh mint cleanses the palate.

The clouds for a 50-50 were pretty decent too and I found this bottle lasted me less than a day – well it was bloody hot out there!

A lovely refreshing all day summer vape.

Crema Ns 20 by Element


Element says:

Eclairs, cake rolls, tiramisu—it’s that sweet cream filling that makes treats delicious. Treat yourself to that cool, delicate flavor in a vapor.

I say:

I couldn’t find a description for this on the Ns/20 flavours page however it does appear on the Dripper page.

Anyway who cares because this is a creamy vanilla dessert lovers delight and then some.

Think homemade custard with a handful of vanilla pods chucked in for good measure and you get the idea.

Thick velvety and rich with stunning sweet smelling clouds – lovely!

Tobacconist – Honey Roasted Ns 20

tobacconist honey

Element says:

Soothe your self-indulgence mood with a balanced swirl of rich tobacco flavor draped over delicious notes of nutty caramel and velvety vanilla. This luxurious, full-bodied blend delivers a unique vaping experience.

I say:

I’m not getting any honey which for me is a good thing – however this one whilst tasting similar to the 555 e-liquid is a little richer and certainly sweeter.

It is indeed ‘full bodied’ filling my mouth with a ton of thick creamy vapour, impressive.

The tobacco tries to come through on the exhale but for me it’s far too muted.

Nice if you like sweet desserts and sweeter tobacco flavours but not for me.

Fresh Squeeze Ns 20 by Element

fresh squeeze

Element says:

We’ve peeled back the secrets of creating natural, freshly squeezed orange flavour in this sweet and tangy citrus blend.

I say:

Again it’s not on the Ns/20 flavours page however given Element are based in Florida it’s not hard to guess what this one smells and tastes of!

Opening the bottle is the same as opening a carton of freshly squeezed orange juice – the smell is amazing!

The flavour isn’t a let-down either!

On the inhale you get a whack of zingy tangy citrus notes that hint of orange zest before the sweet sun ripened taste of a freshly picked Florida orange washes in sweetening up your mouth – oh my!!!

If you like your citrus fruit vapes then this is most definitely an ADV for you – yum yum and then some!

Final Review Verdict

Having never tried an Element e-liquid until I met the team at Vaper Expo I’m actually kicking myself!

Where have they been all my vaping life lol.

The half dozen Element Ns20 e-liquids I’ve tried have on the whole been extremely tasty and more than a little moreish – especially the Fresh Squeeze!

As a regular tobacco flavoured MTL vaper I particularly enjoyed the 555.

Unlike many baccy flavoured vapes out there that cover the tobacco taste with other flavourings – it still gives you that dry tobacco flavour with just a hint of sweetness.

And trust me any fruit flavoured lovers really should try the Fresh Squeeze – it’s stunning.

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555 Tobacco
Key Lime Cookie
Watermelon Chill
Tobacconist – Honey Roasted
Fresh Squeeze
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