A Stealthy Little MTL Pod Mod Kit – But How Does it Vape?

The Envii Fitt e cig can be bought with pre-filled cartridges however I got my hands on just the device – which you can fill yourself.

This is another of those pod mods and the Fitt is powered by a decent 650mAH battery and features fast USB charging.

Envii FITT Starter Kit

Envii is close to high end when it comes to vape devices featuring the coveted Loch Ness – the Envii Terra RTA and the Envii Artisan.

So they’re definitely a vape company with a decent pedigree so is it a good fit or a bad fit as a Mouth to Lung (MTL) device?

Let’s take a closer look.

As always my thoughts and opinions are may own.

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Inside the Box

  • Size: 75mm x 43mm x 20mm
  • Battery: Built-in 650mAh
  • Tank: 3.2ml (US Edition)/2ml (EU Edition)

fitt contents

Envii Fitt Specs

  • 1x Envii FITT POD
  • 1x Empty cartridge
  • 1x USB Cable
  • Only available in black

envii fitt

Envii Fitt Quick Start Guide

  • X5 clicks on and off – red off – green on
  • Fill cartridge 75% full to avoid overspill – AVOID centre hole!
  • Snap the coil into the base of the cartridge
  • Leave to sit for 10 minutes to allow cotton to become soaked
  • Pop on the mouthpiece
  • Snap on the side panel
  • Vape!

envii fitt coil n cartridge

Buttons and Lights

  • Change from draw to fire button x3 to switch – blue light = button – purple = puff mode
  • X4 clicks to enter stealth mode.
  • Multiple white flashes means coil not detected.
  • X5 cyan flashes means device needs to cool and shuts down – happens after 6 second draw.


Given this is the kit only – the cartridge is empty and ready for you to fill.

It’s got a built in 650mAH battery that charges pretty fast – I went from completely flat to full charge in a little over an hour.

cartridge in place

Unlike other pod mods the Envii Fitt can be vaped using the puff sensor [activated when you draw on it] or indeed using the button – this option can be changed via the fire button [see above].

And that really is about it – about as easy as it gets – well sort of but I’ll deal with that later.

Design and Build Quality

As you might expect from a slightly high end company like Envii the build quality is very good with everything fitting together nicely.

It feels nice in the hand and does have a good solid weight to it.

envii fitt pod

Design wise it’s kind of cool and stealthy reminding me somewhat of one of those armoured beetles.

I do like the grippy rubber type inlays they certainly help with holding the device and look good too.

There’s also a hole on the base for a clip to add to your belt – keychain or lanyard.

So yeah it looks good – feels good but most important how does it vape?

How Does the Envii Fitt Perform?

OK out of the box things can be a little bewildering – so do read the instructions.

Sadly, you’ll need to read them more than once as they are not the clearest – even though there are diagrams.


After I’d made a complete mess a few times it finally twigged that this was a bottom fill and you filled before you snap on the coil!

Anyways 5mls of juice later and I was good to go – but filling is fiddly and you really do have to be careful not to get any in the central chimney!

OK once juiced up I took my first puff and was surprised by the flavor – it was very good indeed – vapour was on par too even using a 50/50 tobacco flavour e-liquid.

However, the first issue I had was the 6 second cut out – now that is annoying!

When I MTL vape I puff a couple of times then take a good lungful – I’ve never counted how long I draw but it has to be longer – a lot longer – than 6 seconds.

Just as I get to the point I need a bit more the Fitt decides to shut off – frustrating to say the least and 4 more seconds would have helped!

In the end I’ve actually stopped using it because of that feature which is a dammed shame because it vapes well and is extremely portable fitting beautifully in my pocket with no leakage whatsoever.Envii fitt contents

As to battery life – on a full charge I was getting 6 to 7 hours before it needed re-charging which isn’t to bad at all.

What I Like

I like the dual mode – vaping via puff or button – that’s a nifty feature for a pod mod.

The design is very cool indeed and it looks like a cross between one of those badass beetles and a stealth fighter jet.

I love the size and weight making it extremely portable and of course the flavor and vapour is excellent.


What I Don’t Like

This kit is quite simply spoiled by the silly six second shut-off.

Just as I’m taking a deep draw it just cuts out leaving me more than a little frustrated.

Hey it might not be an issue for you as i do take long drags– but I can only review things as I see and experience them – and the experience on this is ruined by the cut-off.

I’m not that keen on the mouthpiece either it feels like one of those erasers you have in your pencil case and isn’t exactly tasteless either!

Straight out of the box – if you’re an old buffer like me – to get the Fitt filled and coiled up can be a tad tricky and don’t get me started on taking the coil out – you’ll need strong long fingernails or a flat head screwdriver to get it out!

And there’s only one in the box – so be careful with it – though separate cartridges with coils can be purchased – I suggest you add a couple to your cart!

BTW this has to be the smallest USB lead I’ve ever seen!usb

I have tried to vape whilst charging trying x3 different leads however I couldn’t and as I’m not a contortionist I wasn’t able to use the tiny one lol.

Final Review Verdict

OK, as I’ve said I’m not using the Envii Fitt anywhere near as much as I would do if it wasn’t for the safety cut-out.

That’s not say it’s a bad device – far from it – if you’re a regular MTL vaper or fancy a change from sub ohmming then I’d recommend it – just remember that cut-out time!

It gives a decent amount of flavor and vapour – is extremely tactile and ergonomic and very portable.

Did you buy the Envii Fitt or have you used it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  • Compact
  • Good flavour
  • Good vapour
  • Good battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Juice last well
  • Looks cool


  • Filling can be fiddly
  • Coil swap can be fiddly
  • That 6 second cut-out

Worldwide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Relacing if Lost or Damaged
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