I do still enjoy a good cigar now and then, so was intrigued to see how the Epuffer Robusto Disposable E-cigars not only vaped but taste.

Epuffer has its main offices here in the UK, as well as offices globally, and offers a number of electronic cigars, starter kits, e-pipes, e-hookahs and pod kits.

Epuffer Robusto Disposable E-Cigars Review
I’ve received the 3 flavours in the Epuffer Robusto disposable e-cigars range: Havana Red – Havana Sweets and Havana Blue.

All three are able to give you up to 1200 puffs or 180 minutes vape time and really do look the part.

The design is first rate and looks exactly like a rolled cigar and the sticker adds an even more realistic look.

The soft cork ‘drip tip‘ is very pleasant in the mouth and I found myself quite happily chomping down on it!

To add even more realism, the tip of the Epuffer disposable cigars lights up on every puff and looks very cool indeed.

Vapour is good too – I guess that’s down to the 70/30 PG/VG mix – you’re not going to cloud out a room though.

The e-cigars are ready to go straight out of the box – you just need to remove the little bung.

epuffer robusto disposable cigars dimensions

Dimensions: 19mm, Length: 5.2 inches / 132mm. Weight: 35g, Ring gauge: 50, 2.7ohm coil.

OK, I’ve received the 3 Robusto e-cigars direct from Epuffer – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

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Epuffer Robusto Disposable Cigars – Havana Red – 20mg

havana red

It’s been a while since I sucked on a fat Cuban [steady now!].

The Havana Red is a lovely mild cigar flavour with a bloody gorgeous aroma.

It’s also one of the smoothest vapes I’ve had in a very long time.

A very gentle throat hit too.

Epuffer Robusto Disposable Cigars – Havana Blue – 20mg

Epuffer Robusto Disposable E-Cigars Havana Blue

Now this is what I’m talking about – WOW!

Epuffer describes this cigar as bold and I whole heartedly agree.

This really is robust and a very strong thick depth to it, and packed full of flavour.

It can be a little harsh on the throat for the first few puffs but that soon settles down.

If you like a strong cigar vape – this one is for you.


Epuffer Robusto Disposable Cigars – Havana Sweets – 20mg

havana sweets

As the name suggests this is more of a sweet cigar.

If I’m honest I’m not as keen on this flavour.

For me it’s a little over-sweetened and even a little hint of mint or menthol .

That could be my taste buds playing tricks…

Yeah you’re getting a cigar flavour but as I said, the sweetness over powers.

Great if you have a sweet tooth.

Incidentally I’ll be updating the Epuffer XPOD review with the Havana Sweets flavour soon.

Final Review Verdict

I’m blown away by just how good the Epuffer Robusto disposable e-cigars vape and look.

I can’t fault them design wise – they look amazing – though I doubt they’re rolled on the thighs of Cuban ladies…

Epuffer Robusto Disposable E-Cigars in hand

The soft cork drip tip ticks another box – it really is comfortable in the mouth.

Of the three flavours the Havana Blue is a deep strong flavour which I adored.

If you’re looking for a milder but still tasty vape then obviously the Havana Red is the one.

I’ll pass on the Havana Sweets but as I said if you have a sweet tooth you’ll love it.

I buy a decent cigar for myself every Christmas and I might just skip it this year and get an Havana Blue – it’s that good.

So are you a fan of the Epuffer Robusto disposable e-cigars?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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Build Quality
Havana Red
Havana Blue
Havana Sweets
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost Or Damaged
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