This year has definitely been the year of the pod system and that continues with the ePuffer XPod we are taking a look at today.epuffer xpod review

Pod mod releases are not a bad thing as such, as long as they are done well. They can be excellent devices for smokers making the switch as well as for the more experienced vaper looking for a little vape to slip in their back pocket when out and about.

The XPod was also released in disposable format, called the XPod Mini, which we recently reviewed and it did a great job, if a throw away is your bag.

The XPods are some of ePuffers latest devices to add to a great starter kit lineup that includes the Magnum Snaps cig-a-like and Titan X vape pen.

Ok.. Enough of that.. Let’s crack on with the review.

What Can We Expect from the ePuffer X Pod Rechargeable?

The X Pod is a in the mould of the JUUL pod system. A lightweight, compact device that houses a 375 mAh battery, replaceable pre-refilled or refillable pod cartridges (comes with three) and USB-C charging.

Sounds exciting so far hey 🙂 This time we are definitely getting on with the review.

This kit was sent for the purpose of review. As always my views are my own.

Update: You can see our thoughts on the newer version of the XPOD Mini which has the Havana Sweets cigar flavour usually found in the Robusto Disposable E-cigars.

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In The Box

  • 1 Battery (Rechargeable)
  • 3 Refillable Vape Pod Cartridges (Empty)
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spare stoppers for refill pod

In the box


  • Battery Capacity: 375mAh
  • Length: 110mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Depth: 6-11mm
  • Weight: 23g
  • Pod Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Charge Time: 45-50mins
  • 100% Leak Free Operation (ePuffers words)
  • Pass Through (Vape Whilst Charging)
  • Organic Cotton Wick

Design and Build Quality

The ePuffer X Pod is available in three colours, Violet, Pearl White and the Carbo Navy received for review.


It’s safe to say the X Pod was designed with portability in mind. This little device feels super light in the hand and pretty much forgettable in the pocket.XPod in the hand

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve patted myself down looking for this vape!

Design and Hand Feel

Despite the weight the XPod feels reassuringly sturdy, it’ll take a few drops for the clumsy among us.

The honeycomb design on the body not only makes for a nice tactile feel and grip but also makes this pod system stand out from the crowd.

It actually looks like some sort of sticker overlay on the images but this design is actually moulded into the plastic body.

It looks the business.

The only break in the honeycomb effect comes by way of two e-liquid viewing windows. e-liquid windowOnce your vape juice disappears from view from the first window you are just about over half way through. Once it disappears from the second window you are pretty much empty.

While the idea is nice, in reality the windows are too small to properly see your e-liquid levels.

I found myself quickly pulling the pod out of the battery to check. Which, for me, was no big deal as the pod is sucked right back in via the magnetic connections.refillable pod cartridge

Auto Draw – No Buttons

The XPod is auto draw activated. Which basically means no pressing buttons to vape.

Simply inhale and the battery takes care of the rest.

The USB C charge port is on the base of the battery. You can also use the device while it is charging as well.USB-C charging

Pod Cartridges

As mentioned the kit comes with three refillable pods. They simply ‘snap’ into place when you drop them into the top of the battery. They are held firmly in place magnets.

It all works seamlessly. Easy for anyone to use.xpod and cartridge

For those that don’t want to bother with buying e-liquid separately or indeed filling then ePuffer have six pre-filled flavour cartridges at the time of writing.

All come with protective sleeves in a sealed pack of three.replaceable pre filled cartridge

We received these for review so will go over these separately below.

The mouthpiece itself is made from a super smooth plastic and feels good on the lips. mouthpieceDepending on which colour device you go for the replacement pods can be bought to match. Nice touch.

How To Fill the ePuffer XPod Cartridge

You might be catching on by now how easy the XPod is to use. Filling the pods is no different.

  • Remove the rubber bung from the side of the cartridge
  • Slowly fill
  • Replace the bung
  • Let the cartridge sit for 5-10 minutes. This allows the e-liquid to soak fully into the cotton preventing dry hits. Very important step! Be patient 🙂

How to fill the ePuffer XPOD cartridgeThe only thing that may be an issue with the refillable pods is the removable rubber bung. Rather than staying attached to the cartridge it is actually fully removable.

There are three spare bungs in the box but just something for those with butter fingers to keep in mind.

How Does The ePuffer XPod Perform?

OK.. So we know it’s a piece of pi$% to use right but all that comes to nothing if the flavour and performance fails.

First up, let’s take a look at the pre-filled XPod flavours. These come in packs of three and are available to buy separately or add to your device order.

The Epuffer e-liquids are a 50PG/50VG Nic Salt mix and all lab tested and free from Diacetyl & Acetyl Propionyl.

Keep in mind flavour is a subjective thing so what may be good for me may not be for you.

Read our Nic Salt E-Liquid Guide

Sweet Mango

epuffer xpod mango eliquid review

ePuffer Says:

Ripe and sweet Mango flavor with fragrant and fruity aroma.

I Say:

I’m more of an original fruit flavour fan, as in not too much sweetener added. Good news is the sweetness isn’t overpowering and serves the natural mango flavour well.

There seems to be the merest hint of cooling on the exhale which I find gives the flavour an almost refreshing finish.

It’s a very good version of a ripe mango flavour, my personal pick of the flavours and an easy all day vape.


epuffer xpod apple vape juice review

ePuffer Says:

Sweet & Sour – Double Apple flavor is a favorite treat among apple lovers.

I Say:

Not just any apple. This is double apple! Sounds good to me but is it double good.

This is a well put together vape juice. Think Granny Smith but toned down slightly on the sour front.

The Apple flavour hits your tastebuds making this instantly recognisable. A good start and I’d have to agree they’ve doubled down on the apple here to give you a nice full flavour.

The hint of sourness is there on the exhale with a slight cooling to round off a very good flavour.

Lemon Citrus Fusion

epuffer xpod lemon fusion ejuice review

ePuffer Says:

Bright, Sweet and Refreshing Lemon sorbet flavor that dazzles your tongue and refreshes your senses.

I Say:

Now I like my lemons but I’m not the biggest lemon vape fan. I find a lot of them almost come across tasting more like a refreshing face wipe. Or should I add what a refreshing lemon face wipe would taste like!

This flavour, for me, is ‘decent’. The lemon flavour is actually quite good but I still have that face wipe in the back of my mind as I vape.

On the exhale there is a cooling that actually leaves your mouth feeling fresh.. I guess… Just like it would if you tasted a lemon face wipe?

OK, enough of that… I actually vaped all three of these pods so it’s definitely vapable and if you are into your lemon vapes then you should be happy with this.

Tobacco Butterscotch

epuffer xpod tobacco butterscotch review

ePuffer Says:

Tobacco with a kick, butterscotch gives a rich, deep, buttery vape flavor.

I Say:

The description of this had me wincing like a 6 month old trying fresh lemon for the first time.

Now we have three tobacco based flavours in the range so a quick disclaimer before I get into these.

I’ve not had a cigarette for touching on 10 years and I was a Marlboro Light smoker at that. I also don’t have any tobacco flavours in my daily rotation and haven’t for 7 years. So not exactly a tobacco connoisseur so take that what you will.

Back to it..

This is a strange one. The tobacco, for me, is actually pretty good. It sits just in front of the butterscotch in terms of flavour strength and actually leaves a nice robust tobacco in the mouth after exhaling.

A very good, realistic tobacco flavour.

The issue for me is the strange butterscotch flavour sitting there in the background. It does provide that buttery sweetness but it didn’t sit that well with me.

Maybe the lemon wipe incident had messed with my taste buds.

To be fair, the more I vaped this the more the tobacco comes to the fore and the butterscotch begins to hide away providing just a hint of the flavour.

Not one for me personally. If you like the idea of a flavoured tobacco then it may be worth a go. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below if you do.

Tobacco Flue Cured

epuffer xpod tobacco flue cured review

ePuffer Says:

Flue-cured Virginia tobacco, is very well known for a slightly sweet, but strong and robust tobacco aroma.

I Say:

After the tobacco tested previously I had high hopes for this and I wasn’t disappointed. A very good tobacco flavour again.

I wouldn’t go as far to say this is strong and robust but the mouth taste this leaves isn’t far off the real thing. The sweetness is very subtle but just enough to make this an easy vape for a non tobacco vaper.

Pretty amazing how far tobacco flavours have come over the years. I’m confident this would do a good job in replacing the smokes for those making the switch.


epuffer xpod menthol eliquid review

ePuffer Says:

The mixture of Nordic Mint essential oil creates a well balanced, clean and satisfying flavor that many menthol cigarettes smokers will enjoy.

I Say:

Wow.. After the two tobacco vapes I’ve been trying out this is super refreshing. It’s not just a full on menthol crystals type ice blast, it actually carries a nice mint flavour, similar to Fox Glacier mints if anyone remembers those.

As would be expected it leaves that clean, cooling effect in the mouth. Nicely done.

Refillable Pods

The pack includes refillable pods (No E-Liquid) so you can use with vape juice of your choice.

I’d recommend sticking to 50PG/50VG – 60VG e-liquid.

The flavour, while still decent with 70VG, wasn’t as prominent as with the lower VG juice.

Standard high nic e-liquid can be used but preferably nic salt for a smoother high nic vape.

Using Apollo Nic Salt Watermelon the flavour came though well. Definitely on a par with the best refillable pod systems I’ve personally used.

Does it Vape Like A Cigarette?

As this is primarily targeted towards smokers making the switch the way it vapes is an important thing to keep in mind.

The ePuffer XPod does a good job, neither too loose or too restrictive. The cloud production is also decent for a pod based system.

Pod Cartridge Life

The first pre-filled pod I tried only lasted just over a full day. Not good you may be thinking. Under normal circumstances no it’s not. But I was chain vaping like a mad man so it didn’t surprise me.

Subsequent pods have lasted around 4-5 days with moderate vaping and taking a few drags every 40-60 minutes throughout the day and night.

Your pod life will all come down to your personal vaping habits. Being nic salt e-liquids you don’t tend to vape as much as you would a standard, high nic e-liquid.

Using the refillable pods with my own e-liquid I’m currently on my 6th refill and still the flavour is coming through well.

So Do The Cartridges Leak?

I’ve experienced zero leaks. Not even residue on the connections of the pod or battery.

Battery Life

The ePuffer XPod battery life is good. I got a good full day, 12pm to 1pm next day before a recharge was needed. This was with moderate to heavy vaping.

Lighter, occasional vaping saw me going into the second day no problem.

Again, this will all depend on your vaping style.

The battery features a light at the end of the body that lights up when vaping. When the battery runs flat it will flash when you try and vape.

Unfortunately you don’t get much of a warning so I’d recommend sticking this on charge when not in use.

Charging is easy and fairly quick. ePuffer state a 45-50 minute charge time. I timed mine at just over the hour mark.

When charging the battery light will remain on. When finished this light will flash and then turn off.


  • ‘Plug and Play’ easy to use
  • Great setup for a new vaper
  • Nice honeycomb design
  • Lightweight
  • Very good pod flavour (Overall)
  • Choice of refillable or pre-filled pods
  • USB-C charging
  • I experienced zero leaking


  • Would be nice to get a better warning whe the battery is running low

Final Review Verdict

As pod systems go I’ve enjoyed using the ePuffer XPod. It does exactly what a pod mod is supposed to do. Simple for beginners. Good flavour. Good design. Highly portable.

The fact that you can buy both pre-filled or blank (empty) cartridges is a big plus as well.

Who Would I Recommend The ePuffer XPod to?

Smokers making the switch to vaping right up to the more experienced mouth to lung (MTL) vaper that just wants a no mess, quick nicotine hit every now and then. I’ve found this to be the perfect back pocket vape when out and about.

If you are looking for a JUUL alternative then this is a solid choice.

One bonus with ePuffer is you can actually try the product and if it’s not for you they will still accept returns within 30 days. So all pretty risk free. Not many devices you can do that with.

Would I Buy the ePuffer XPod Again if Lost?

Yes I would. I’ve really enjoyed using this and have actually made my way though most of the pods. I will definitely finish them off.. Apart from the Tobacco Butterscotch that is 🙂

Update: Epuffer XPOD Havana Sweets Disposable Vape

As promised…we’ve added the Epuffer XPOD disposable vape Havana Sweets to this review, and as you can see this is a very different design.

First impressions and this is tiny but very well built and resembles a lipstick lol.

Epuffer XPOD Havana Sweets Disposable Vape review

It’s that tiny it’s very easy to lose – I’ve managed to leave one somewhere, but as there’s x3 in each pack that’s not such a problem.

You get a choice of 2mg or 1mg nicotine strength and at the moment there’s only the Havana Sweets flavour in this range.

Each disposable pod is good for up to 150 puffs so for the price you’re getting a round 500 puffs in total.

If you read the Epuffer Robusto e-cigar review you’ll see I’m not that keen on the Havana Sweets flavour.

AS the name suggests it is a very sweet cigar, great if you have a sweet-tooth.

What I do like is the style and draw which is a loose MTL and plenty of vapour.

If they bring out the Havana Blue flavour I’d definitely be popping one or two in my pocket.

Did you buy the XPod? Or do you have any questions about the device? Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Tobacco Butterscotch
Menthol Nordic
Flue Cured Tobacco
Sweet Mango
Lemon Fusion
Replace if Lost?
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
epuffer-xpod-reviewIn a vape world full of pod systems the XPod is definitely one of the better ones. Flavour is good as is the design and for new users it's as simple as it gets.


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      You just need to plug the USB cable into the device and the other end into a USB port in a compatible plug or can be charged using a computers USB.


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