In Space No One Can Hear You Vape…mostly


As vaping mods go the ETALIENS E.T-X3 is certainly a badass looking biatch!

This is the second in the series of Alien creature inspired mods from ETALIENS with the latest version giving you up to 100watts of power.

It can take an 18650 battery with the adaptor or it can hit its max with a 26650 and comes with a very basic menu system and a choice of colours.

Given its design is extremely reminiscent of the creature in the Alien films I’m guessing sci-fi vaping types are gonna love it.

Given I’d rather watch paint dry than sci-fi has the Alien hugged me like a face-hugger?

Or is it a case of ‘beam me up Ridley Scotty’ and ‘get me away from this…you bitch?’

[Sigourney was always able to weave her magic on me]

Enough of my limited knowledge of sci-fi puns and lets put this bad boy under the microscope.

As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Inside the Box

If you were expecting some kind or pod or gloopy green alien egg thing forget it – it’s just a box – however.

The housing is rubbery latex – like a gimp mask I guess – er not I hasten to add that I’ve ever held or worn one…honest.


I did spend a rather long time feeling its texture in my hands if I’m really honest…it has a very nice feel to it 😉

Anyway…I digress…

Inside you’ll find:

1 x ETALIENS E.T-X3 Box Mod (without battery)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Box
1 x Silicone rubber case



  • Size: 100.5 x 78.2 x 36.6mm
  • Battery: 26650/18650(continuous discharge current ≥ 30A)
  • Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output Mode: WV/SS-TC/Ni-TC/Ti-TC
  • Temperature Control: 200-600°F(100℃-315℃)
  • Output Range: 7-100W
  • Connection: 510 thread
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-5ohm (power mode), 0.1-1ohm (TC mode)

ETALIENS E.T-X3 Quick Start Guide

  • To get to the battery remove the silicon sleeve – a bit like…no I won’t go there…
  • The battery cover is on the base of the mod.
  • To use an 18650 battery remove the silicone adaptor and pop in your battery.
  • Obviously if you’re using a 26650 remove the adaptor and insert normally – positive in first!
  • As soon as the battery is in the mod turns on.
  • Clicking 5 times locks the device and it won’t fire.
  • Click x5 more to unlock.
  • To access the menu you click x3 times and choose the very basic settings based on the wire of the coil you’re using in this case Kanthal – Nickel 200 – Titanium – SS316 and er that’s it – that’s your menu!

Key Features

We’re back to rubbery latex again in that being me I did take a long time to fathom out the mod is covered with a silicone sleeve that matches and moulds exactly to the shape and patterning of the device.

I even mentioned it to Jonny saying I hadn’t a clue where the battery door was lol.

peeling skin
peel it back to reveal

Anyway, underneath all that Alien stuff lies a single 18650 or 26650 basic mod that can fire up to 100watts – incidentally I don’t own one of those larger batteries so haven’t been able to test one out.

It has very simple set of temperature control options – which in my basic test using a stainless steel coil performed well.100w etaliens e-t-x3 tc box mod

It’s a reasonably bright and clear 0.6” OLED screen with a very sparse menu and pleasantly clicky buttons – more pleasant if using the rubbery latex silicon cover but that’s just me lol.

The 510 is spring loaded and it can just about take a 25mm atty – 24’s fit beautifully whilst 22mm look a little lost.

Design and Build Quality

It’s one of those love or hate moments to say the least!

Look I’m not a sci-fi fan but I did love the original Alien film and a couple of the others before it got a bit daft.

skin removed
skin removed

So in all seriousness if you want a mod that looks like the alien from the movie then go for it.

Build wise this is a heavy piece of kit – obviously even heavier with a larger battery – and despite it having an ergonomic shape without the silicon cover all the moulded alienesque ‘knobbly bits’ feel a little uncomfortable in the hand.cover removed

The 510 is decent enough – though smaller than you might imagine – the first few times opening up the battery ring is a little scratchy – more so using the 18650 adaptor as you have to force it in a bit – ooer missus.


There’s a couple of slits for decent battery venting and what appears to be mirrored mesh on the base that I assume is venting for the board.

battery cover

Design wise it looks pretty badass and I do like the fire button however the face you see made from the up and down buttons and the USB port is more startled than scary.

How Does the ETALIENS E.T-X3 Perform?

As single 18650 battery mods go it does its job underneath the flashy exterior simply and efficiently, a bit like Mother the computer in the Alien film.

As I’ve explained the menu is bleak to say the least but I have had no issues in the 3 weeks I’ve been using the device and battery life whilst not the best I’ve used is around 6 hours at an average of 80 watts.

in hand alien

Hey it’s not an out of this world mod inside – only on the outside and it certainly is an eye catcher causing quite a stir out and about – especially with the rubbery latex silicone skin.

I have used it with the Aspire Nautilus 2 on low wattage [it looked daft lol] and also on a variety of tanks and drippers and there’s never been a lag between firing with all the 25mm sitting flush.

So I can only say for an extremely basic device it seems solid enough.

What I Like

You have to tip your space helmet to the designers who have certainly created a mod that stands out from the crowd.

This is a solidly built cleverly designed piece of vaping kit that you’re either gonna love or hate – you’re either gonna use or put it on a shelf as a collectors piece.

interesting shape
interesting angle…

In all seriousness, the insides are extremely basic though I have read on the ETALIENS website [that is difficult to understand] there may be a DNA 75 version ready to land or already out there-this one just can’t be lol.

Have I mentioned what I like yet I hear you asking?

You mean apart from the feel of the rubbery latex silicone sheath and box bit against my bare skin?

I think the design is fun and sci-fi and Aliens fans will love it… 😉

What I Don’t Like

Underneath it all the menu is about as basic as you can get and I mean basic to the point where you wonder why there was a need for a screen.

I’ve used devices where there’s no screen and the chip automatically sets the wattage and resistance for whatever coil you’re using – just a thought out loud.


And I don’t like the price very much either – especially off the ETALIENS website – those prices just have to have been lost in translation!!!

I have seen a few offers around but for me this is still a bit pricey – you’re paying for the design rather than what this mod can do – unless of course you opt for the DNA 75 version which again I’m pretty sure this ain’t!

Final Review Verdict

Look it’s fun and I guess sci-fi fans will love it – as does my 8-year-old grandson who described it as ‘cool’ – high praise indeed so keep it away from your kids it ain’t a toy!

The blokes in the vape shop in town loved it too – but given one of them was wearing a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy t-shirt that figures.

However, as a vaper and certainly not a sci-fi fan I have to say the menu is far far too basic – so far it’s in another galaxy far far away.

Nope not for me in either design or mod functions but I will say once again it is an eye catcher if nothing else and hey it vapes well!


  • Looks like an Xenomorph XX121
  • Nice silicon skin
  • 18650 or 26650 battery [adaptor included]
  • Easy peasy to use
  • 100 watts – probably with a 26650 only
  • Up to 25ml attys
  • Collector’s item
  • Conversation starter


  • Extremely basic menu
  • Heavy
  • Pricey
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Mod Function
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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