Introduction – EUGENE Growl RTA

The Eugene Growl RTA is designed by AFK Studio and of course EUGENE who are based in Guangdong China.

Eugene Growl RTA closeNeither company seem to have websites that I can find! Although I do know that both companies have other products out on the market like the EUGENE Artisanal Mech MOD and the AFK Studio White Walkers RDA.

The EUGENE Growl RTA is constructed of Damascus steel, making this a very hard wearing RTA that comes with a 2 deck option.

So what do we think of the Growl RTA? Will we be growling or barking with joy let’s find out………

This RTA was sent to us for the purpose of this review. As always my views are my own.

Check Out My Hands On Eugene Growl RTA Video Review


In The Box

  • 1 x EUGENE Growl RTA
  • 1 x Replacement Single Build Deck
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x User Sheet (in Chinese)
  • Spare Parts Baggy, O’rings, Allen Key, Post Screws, Connection Pin
  • 1 x Plastic HolderEugene Growl RTA kit

Main Specs/Features

  • Colours available: Silver/Gold
  • Height 46mm
  • Diameter 24mm
  • Material: Damascus Steel
  • Product Type RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  • Capacity 3.5ML
  • Drip Tip Type 810
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Dual deck (postless)
  • Single deck
  • Top filling

Design and Build Quality

The EUGENE Growl RTA comes in an overly large card box which while the presentation is very good I feel it’s a waste of materials.Eugene Growl RTA inlay

The RTA is made of Damascus Steel, Pyrex Glass with a tiny bit of Ultem.

The whole tank has the wow factor due to its extreme shine; it shines almost like it’s made of chrome! It is well designed but the quality has a feel of cheapness to me, almost as if it was made in a hurry.Eugene Growl RTA outofkit

The RTA dismantles into 7 parts for easy cleaning.Eugene Growl RTA bits


This RTA has the choice of 2 decks “single and dual”.Eugene Growl RTA bdsStarting with the single deck, it is quite the mystery as it has 4 wire slots lol, the positive post sits on a peek insulator that stretches under the internal airflow, which is gold plated.Eugene Growl RTA deck singleEither side of the internal AF you have 2 wicking ports for your cotton, 2 sets of threading separated by a space for your liquid wicking and for screwing into the cover section and into the base.Eugene Growl RTA single

The dual deck is of a postless design again it has 4 wire slots that hold your wire.Eugene Growl RTA ddThe screws are side on rather than top down like the single deck, the internal AF is handled by 2 holes between the wire slots,Eugene Growl RTA dd whEither side of the deck you have kidney shaped wick spaces for cotton (fairly narrow), threading for the coil cover and threading for screwing into the base.Eugene Growl RTA dd side


Has all the expected info on the bottom including a skeletal hand as a logo.Eugene Growl RTA infoThe 510 threading is well turned with a gold plated connection pin that is surrounded by a peek insulator. You have a spare connection pin in the box for use with the single deck, the external AF is handled by 2 wide slots, you also have 2 thin O’rings – 1 for the glass and the other to keep the AFC ring in place. Eugene Growl RTA cup

Airflow Control Ring

The AFC Ring fits over the bottom of the base to create the AF control which is a Cylon type (whatever you put one side on the other mirrors it) the AFC Ring has a light pattern laser etched on it for decoration, it can only be placed on one way.Eugene Growl RTA ring

Coil Cover/Chimney/Fill Port

This section is in one part.Eugene Growl RTA structureThe coil cover screws over the build deck the inside is domed for splash back.Eugene Growl RTA domeThe outside has a lightly laser etched logo that says AFB, the chimney section is short and gives way to the fill port with another thin O’ring for your glass to sit on,Eugene Growl RTA chimThe fill port is handled by 2 wide kidney shaped slots the centre of the port you have the top of the chimney section with a small O’ring and threading for the top cap.Eugene Growl RTAfpt

Top Cap

The top cap screws over the fill port and has a light pattern laser etched on to it for decoration.Eugene Growl RTA tc decThe cap has an embedded O’ring for the 810 Drip Tip, on the inside you have another thin O’ring and threading.Eugene Growl RTA tc in


Made of Pyrex you have a spare in the box the tank will hold 3.5ml of e-liquid once full.Eugene Growl RTA glass

Mouth Piece

The Drip Tip is 810 and is made of Damascus Steel and a tiny bit of yellow Ultem to help keep the heat down, again the drip-tip has a light pattern laser etched on to it for decoration. Eugene Growl RTA tip

A basic guide to coiling/wicking the Growl RTA

You don’t have to but I would recommend that you empty the tank before changing the cotton and coils, turn upside down and unscrew the base from the main structure.

Before use decide which build deck to use, unscrew the connection pin and unscrew the deck from the base to release the deck and replace the other deck into the base.

  • Insert your coils, heat and strumEugene Growl RTA glow
  • Cut your cotton fairly short I cut it at the beginning of the deck
  • Insert your vape cotton, tucking the tails into the wick spaces
  • Dampen your cotton/coils with e-liquidEugene Growl RTA dampEugene Growl RTA test
  • Re assemble the base into the main structure
  • Remove the Top Cap and fill with e-liquid, replace.Eugene Growl RTA fill
  • Let the tank stand for a few minutes before first useEugene Growl RTA full

How does the Eugene Growl RTA Perform?

For this review I will be using the dual deck loaded with 2 X Hive Kanthal coils 0.29Ω, and filled with Dr Frost’s Candy Cane, I have place the Growl RTA on my Artery 80w mix80.Eugene Growl RTA mix80


Airflow closed to a ¼ I was able to get a descent mouth to lung style vape, the vapour was cool with plenty of flavour.Eugene Growl RTA os a


With the AF open to half way open, direct to lung style, the resulting vapour was nice and thick and warm, the flavour was great.Eugene Growl RTA os close


AF wide open a tremendous amount of vapour was produced with good flavour at 60w, knocking the wattage up to 80w the vapour became remarkably hotter however while the flavour intensified I have decided that my sweet spot with this tank is 60w.Eugene Growl RTA os b

Mouth Piece/Chain Vaping

I personally don’t like metal Drip Tips because of their propensity to get hot and to the fact that if they are not food grade they make my lips sore! At 60w with 8 toots the tip does get quite hot and makes my lips sore! So I will be switching it out in future, the tank as a whole does get hot chain vaping it but seems to cool quite quickly.


Like all RTA’s if the wicking material is not correctly inserted leaks can be expected, the first time I put cotton in this tank I had to redo due to a leaking issue! I had used too much cotton, the idea is to use short wicks and to make sure you fill the wick spaces without over stuffing them with this tank, while I didn’t get anymore leaking I did experience some vapour residue on my mod.Eugene Growl RTA side

Top Cap

The cap can often be difficult to remove or screw on due to the fact there is no finger brace, I would recommend only tightening the cap finger tight.


With both decks, the AF is quite swishy although a great deal of vapour can be produced, however, the AF is in the noisy bracket when wide open which can be quite annoying LOL.

I recommend that you fill with the external AF closed off as I found that if I did not I would get some seepage through the Cylon AF.

Damascus Steel

For those that don’t know what Damascus Steel is, its main use is in that of knife and sword construction you can read all about the material here.Eugene Growl RTA os tog


  • Great flavour and vapour production
  • Good design
  • Well built
  • Different material (Damascus Steel)
  • 5ml (anything over 2ml is good lol)


  • Cheap O’rings
  • No cotton or coils provided
  • No 2nd Drip Tip
  • Top Cap difficult to remove
  • Looks cheap because of the chrome look
  • Waste of packaging materials
  • Expensive price point

Final Review Verdict

I’m not exactly barking with joy over the Eugene Growl RTA but then again I’m not going to say I hate it either lol.

For what the tank is its OK; 2 decks is a great selling point! But the extreme shine of this RTA, for me, came across looking cheap tank until I saw the price! The RTA is a little on the plain side for me personally although I will give them credit for using Damascus Steel as the main material, it’s just different enough to stand out.

However, the supplied drip tip was not for me! I would have preferred to have seen a spare Delrin or Ultem drip tip in the box as an option for those of us that don’t like metal tips.

Would I buy the EUGENE Growl RTA should I lose or damage this one – No I wouldn’t.

Vapour Production
Flavour Quality
Ease of building and use
Price Point
Likelihood of buying if lost?
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