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Introduction: Expromizer V4 RTA by Exvape

Today I take a look at the Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA no less. Every time I say Expromizer, I want to say Sherminator for some unknown reason.

Ok, I hold my hands up, I have never heard of German based Exvape let alone the Expromizer in its fourth iteration. By all accounts, the Expromizer is popular within the Mouth to Lung (MTL) community. Sometimes, not just within vaping but in life in general, if you haven’t heard of something, you immediately have a pre-conception.

Again, I will admit, I wasn’t expecting much of this RTA, but, as you will find, how very wrong I was.

Exvape make a very bold statement on their homepage. In bold lettering, I see the statement “THE MTL KILLER”. Quite a statement indeed.

The Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA was sent to me direct for this review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

See The Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA In Action

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What’s In The Box

  • Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA
  • Spare O Rings
  • Mini Screwdriver
  • Spare Screws
  • Spare Glass
  • Spare Mouthpiece/Tip

Expromizer V4 Box Contents


  • Size: 66mm x 23mm
  • Diameter: 23mm
  • Proprietary Drip Tip
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Single Coil Deck
  • 510 gold plated connection
  • Top Airflow
  • Top Filling
  • Liquid Control

Build Quality & Design

The Exvape Expromizer V4 is excellently machined and a rather solidly built RTA. The threads run like butter and it all fits very snug. When I received the RTA, straight out of the box, there was no residual machine oil, sharp edges or burrs to be seen anywhere.

In it’s out of the box state, the RTA does seem to be a tall offering, but, I have certainly seen a lot taller from an MTL vape tank.Expromiser V4 RTA in Hand

If the yellow looking Acrylic isn’t quite your bag out of the box, you can swap those out for the clear glass and black tip. Certainly, an option for most people’s liking.

As well as the standard, out of the box set up, you can purchase added extras for your Expromizer V4. These come in the form of a 4ml bubble glass and 4ml Acrylic or Glass extension kit.

Expromiser V4 RTA Diferent Colours


The deck on the Vaporizer V4 is super easy to build on. You only have a small amount of space to place your coil and cotton, but the deck doesn’t feel cramped and lacking space at all despite its small size.

Expromizer V4 Deck

Although, at first glance, and certainly when you start to take the Expromizer V4 apart, there can seem to be a large amount of parts. There are six parts in total but all fit together perfectly and serve up great top airflow to the RTA.

Expromizer V4 Breakdown of parts

The colour options for the Exvape Expromizer V4 are a little limited at the moment. You have a choice of three colours, Brushed, Polished and Black.

The Expromizer V3 came in seven colours after release so if any of the colours on release aren’t to your liking, perhaps wait a short while for one of your liking.

Expromizer V4 Colours

How Does the Exvape Expromizer V4 Perform?

At first, I wasn’t expecting an awful lot from this RTA as I mentioned earlier. I was certainly more than pleasantly surprised once the Exvape Expromizer V4 was set up and I began to vape.

I know that hardened MTL users can be a bit of a fickle bunch. Getting an MTL RTA to work is hard enough but getting it to work well is even harder. There is, I am almost certain of it, an option with airflow and MTL experience every MTL vaper will enjoy.Expromiser V4 Airflow

There are six air holes on this RTA, I have found my optimal MTL experience at either 3 or 2 holes open, depending on what I am after. I tried the Expromizer V4 RTA with only one hole open, let me tell you, it was like sucking a golf ball through a hose pipe.

Flavour and Vapor

Ok, the common rule of thumb for the most part is that you don’t get as good flavour from an MTL RTA than you do from a DTL RTA, overall, this is true but certainly not on this occasion.

Once the cotton had worked in, I could not believe the flavour from the Expromizer V4. It didn’t matter what type of e-liquid I used, Nic Salts, 50/50 or even 70/30 e-liquid, the flavour from this RTA was first class, certainly the best I have had from an MTL RTA.

As for vapor, well, it’s MTL so you really won’t expect, nor get massive clouds bro so it’s perfect for those cosy nights in with your significant other half enabling you to vape in peace and tranquility safe in the knowledge you aren’t fogging up the room or blocking the view to the TV.

Building and Wicking

The deck of the Expromizer V4, though small is surprisingly easy to build on.

Expromizer V4 Size comparison

Simply loosen off the two screws on top of the deck and place your coils underneath, tighten up, snip off your excess leg length and get out any hotspots on the coil. I used a superfine MTL fused Clapton with an inside diameter of 2.5mm and coming out at 1.2ohms.

Once you have put your cotton through the coil, you need to place the cotton down into the wicking ports on either side.

Don’t pack the cotton down too tight or you will get muted flavour.

I thinned out the end of the cotton for easier placement and this also enables the cotton to sit nicely inside the wicking ports.

Expromizer V4 Wick Length

Once everything is into place, put a few drops of e-liquid onto the cotton and coil, assemble the RTA and you are good to go.

Expromizer V4 Cotton inside wicking portsThe Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA ticks every single box for me. It has great looks, excellent flavour, doesn’t leak at all and I’m pretty sure the right MTL vape for everyone.


  • Excellent MTL flavour
  • Very easy to build on
  • Super easy to wick
  • Very Smooth Airflow
  • MTL Air Configuration for All
  • Excellent Design
  • Colour choice of tip and glass


  • N/A

Final Review Verdict

For someone that hasn’t been a regular MTL vaper, I can now confirm I am converted. My search, thus far for the ultimate MTL RTA has reached its final destination. I would certainly recommend the Exvape Expromizer V4 to anyone who is looking for that perfect MTL vape, seriously, go out and get it, you won’t be disappointed at all.

You get a fantastic MTL experience from this RTA and one will suite even the most hardened MTL vaper.

Yes, you can quote me on that!

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Build Quality
Cloud Production
Ease of Use
Replacement if lost of damaged
Value for money
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