Once more into the breach of disposable pods we go and this time its the Famovape Chillax up for review.

There’s x14 flavours and the disposable pod kits carry the same name as the Famovape Chillax vaping starter kit.

famovape chillax disposable pods review

Famovape is a fairly new company with the Magma 200w mod putting it’s name on the map.

There’s also been the Vector tank and of course the Magma AIO.

All were pretty well received so it will be interesting to see how the company’s disposable pods perform.

What Can We Expect From the Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods?

I’m looking at the EU/UK versions and they are 2ml 20mg nic salts and have a 1.6ohm coil.

Judging by that, you’d expect these to be more of an MTL vape – we shall of course find out.

in hand

There is a Russian, South East Asia and USA version with 4.5mls of juice – not sure if they’ll be sold in the US though given the current state of the vape out there.

OK, given these are disposables, they obviously can’t be refilled – when empty they need to be recycled.

Famovape says you’ll get around 700 puffs per EU/UK pod kit [1200 elsewhere] and there’s a decent sized 700mAH internal battery powering it all.

The Famovape Chillax disposable pods were sent direct from the company – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

I also received a dinky little mini tote bag and a baseball cap…the latter is way too small for my big head 😉

Right then, eyes down for 14 flavours and let’s see if I was chilled out by the end of this marathon taste session…

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Frozen Banana

famovape chillax frozen banana

Famovape Says:

Pure & ripe bananas which are sweet on the inhale with an undertone of refreshing frost on the exhale.

I Say:

Very strong smell from the pod and yeah it’s fresh rather than candied banana.

Not the strongest of flavour though and the ice doesn’t freeze the tonsils.

I quite like this one and I don’t do banana vapes lol.

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Blueberry Blackcurrant

Famovape Says:

Refreshing blueberries meet with tart blackcurrants in a sweet and unique flavour experience that will have you coming back for more.

I Say:

A very fruity aroma and I really can pick out bold blackcurrants.

The inhale is all fruit with the berries popping on the tongue.

Nice little throat hit to this one, but a little too much cooling effect for my palate.

Still a tasty refreshing vape though.

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Chillberg

famovape chillax chillberg

Famovape Says:

The inhale comes at you fast, with a refreshing blueberry and mint hit, while the exhale fills you with a cinnamon & blackcurrant aroma that blends together perfectly.

I Say:

For a disposable vape pod this is a very complex flavour.

And…it’s bloody lovely!

Those fruit notes are given an extra bit of zing thanks to the mint.

Strangely this one doesn’t have the same level of coolant making it perfect for me.

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Fanta Grape

fanta grape famovape chillax

Famovape Says:

With a top note of orange soda this flavour is an instant hit.

Following the citrus notes you experience a beautiful grape aftertaste which rounds out this perfectly balanced flavour.

I Say:

Having never found a grape vape I like, this one actually smells delicious and not at all perfumy.

You get a nice fizzy orange on the inhale that gives a little throat tickle too.

I’m not really getting a clear grape flavour – more a sweet fruitiness.

Love this one!

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Fresh Blueberry

Famovape Says:

Sweet, Sour & Delicious!

This refreshing plump blueberry bursts your taste buds with a sweet, sour & frosty explosion.

I Say:

Not much of an aroma from the pod…

However the inhale is very tasty indeed with a ice blast of blueberries.

I’m not getting too much of a sour hit which is a shame.

Bonus for me is the so called ‘frosty finish’ is again just about right and not over-powered by coolant.

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Honeydew Ice Cream

honeydew ice cream famovape chillax

Famovape Says:

The perfect marriage of cantaloupe and ice cream.

The inhale is a sweet and delicious melon with an exhale of smooth and delicious creamy ice cream.

I Say:

Wow…I real whiff of fresh watermelon from this one…

The inhale isn’t wishy washy watermelon either – it’s really punchy.

I’m not picking up a large scoop of ice cream though – just a hint of sweetness.

Bit of an aftertaste to this too which wasn’t that pleasant…

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Lemon Cake

chillax lemon cake

Famovape Says:

Sweet whipped cream mixed with lemon hits you on the inhale, while sweet undertones of cakey goodness linger on the tastebuds.

I Say:

Low key aroma, but I’m definitely getting lemon cake albeit muted…me stating the bleedin’ obvious again lol.

There’s a hint of lemon on the inhale, but not much…

Not much cake either if I’m honest.

But there is once again more than a cupcake measure of coolant which is a little weird for my taste buds.

Pity as I was looking forward to this one…

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – RY4

ry4 famovape chillax

Famovape Says:

A classic tobacco taste with undertones of vanilla and caramel.

The inhale fulfils your tobacco cravings while the exhale leaves a pleasant and sweet flavour on the tongue.

I Say:

RY4 was one of the very first e-liquids I vaped on, so I know the different variants quite well.

There’s a lovely deep rich tobacco smell with a hint of coffee…just a hint.

The inhale is deep dark and delicious with a lovely throat hit.

If you like tobacco vapes – this one is definitely for you and this one’s now empty!

Note: There doesn’t appear to be any flavour notes for the next six Famovape Chillax disposable pods – but they’re self explanatory!

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Energy Soda

energy soda

I say:

Smells just like a Red Bull to me…

The inhale is VERY cccold but calms a little bit on the tonsils.

Definitely tastes exactly as it should and yeah I quite like this one…

Get me liking cold vapes lol.

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Strawberry


I Say:

Certainly smells of strawberries and a kind of fresh/candied mix – as in a little on the sweet side.

The inhale confirms this is more your candied fruit, but not too over sweetened.

Far too much coolant in this one for me though…

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Watermelon

watermelon disposable vape

I Say:

Once again a wondrous aroma of watermelon – fresh too.

The inhale is very juicy indeed and you almost want to bite down.

This is a very refreshing flavoursome vape – and just the right amount of ice – lovely stuff.

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Blue Razz

blue razz

I Say:

Ooo this one is very nice indeed…

If you like those blue slush e-liquids, this is one of the better ones.

A lovely crisp blue raspberry almost too sweet but that balanced ice makes this one very moreish.

Love it!

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Raspberry Sweet Tea

raspberry sweet tea

I Say:

A very pleasant aroma with rather sweet berries to the fore.

The inhale threatens to be a tad too sweet, but the hint of the tea and a splash of coolant tames it.

A really very nice vape that’s perfectly balanced.

I’d like this one in a nic salt bottle put it that way!

Famovape Chillax Disposable Pods – Lychee Strawberry Kiwi

strawberry lychee kiwi

I Say:

Sounds like a delightful trio of fruits….

The kiwi is the dominant aroma and it’s fresh too.

However it’s the strawberry that hits the taste buds first with that underlying sweet lychee.

It all threatens to get a little too sweet, however the exhale delivers both the kiwi and ice taming it all down.

I like this one – a lot.

Final Review Verdict

A decent set of flavours for sure, but a few once again are over powered by coolant.

Saying that, some of the Famovape Chillax disposable pods are perfectly balanced.

disposable vape waste
recycle the waste!

In a vape market currently filled with disposable pod kits, these are among the better ones I’ve tried.

They really do give a decent MTL draw and on a scale of 10 being the tightest these are an easy 8+.

Whatever you may think about disposables, they’re here and as I’ve said before, expect many more to be released.

I’ve had all 14 of the flavours and yeah as you can see, there’s a LOT of packaging…

Not good for the environment I guess – so please recycle!


Have you tried the Famovape Chillax disposable pods?

What’s you favourite flavour?

…and what do you think about the disposables?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below…

Frozen Banana
Blueberry Blackcurrant
Fanta Grape
Fresh Blueberry
Honeydew Ice Cream
Lemon Cake
Energy Soda
Blue Razz
Raspberry Sweet Tea
Lychee Strawberry Kiwi
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