As great looking pod kits go you’d be hard pressed to find one as gorgeous as the new FamoVape Magma AIO.

Trust me, my photos don’t do this one justice – it really is a beauty and then some…

famovape magma aio reviewedIt’s designed to look like a smart phone and it certainly pulls that off and looks and feels great in the hand.

As to if it vapes as well as it looks – we shall see in this vape review.

We’ve reviewed a trio of Famovape vape kits: the Chillax starter kit the sub ohm Vector tank and the very well received Magma 200w mod where this gorgeous little guy gets its name from.

So…not too many vape device to the Famovape name – but what they have produced have gone down well with both vapers and vape reviewers.

For the record, the FamoVape Magma AIO was sent to me direct from Famovape – thank you – and as always freebies in no way affect my thoughts and opinions.

Right…on with the review.

What Can We Expect From the FamoVape Magma AIO Kit?

Good flavour and ease of use is the obvious answer!

Not many pod, or come to that vape kits, can pull off both MTL and DTL style vaping – it will be interesting to see if the FamoVape Magma AIO can do it.

AIO’s and pod kits need to be dead simple to use to – no faffing about with swapping coils or filling it up.

It’s most definitely a very stylish elegant sleek looking vape kit – as to if it’s style over substance – we shall see in this review.

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Inside the Box

famovape magma aio box

  • 1x Magma AIO Pod System
  • 1x Magma AIO Pod
  • 1x 0.4ohm Coil (Best between 15-40w)
  • 1x 1.2ohm Coil (Best between 8-15w)
  • 1x Usb Type C Charging cable
  • 1x User Manual

famovape magma aiocontents

Specs and Features

  • MTL and DTL support
  • Double-sided 2.5D Glass
  • External Air Conditioning, easy to use
  • 360° Rotatable Tip
  • Type-C fast charging
  • 900MAH battery
  • Capacity: 2ml

Key Features

This is an AIO [all in one] styled pod kit and a more beautifully crafted vape set-up you’d struggle to find – it’s a stunner.

It’s ultra slim and manufactured with high quality materials.

famovape magma aio in hand

The pod has a 2ml capacity with a dead easy fill system and the mouthpiece is rotatable through 360 degrees.

Powered by an internal 900mAH battery it maxes out at a respectable 40w.

There’s x2 coils in the box: 0.4Ω for sub ohm and 1.2Ω for MTL vaping.

And the FamoVape Magma AIO is available in a range of very sexy looking colour combos: Dark Blue – Elegant Black – Fire Feather – Rainbow – Snow White and Dreamland which I received.

famovape magma aio coloursBTW – I have looked for more photos of the colours but there are not many to be found – sorry 🙂

Design and Build Quality

I’ve already touched on the design of the FamoVape Magma AIO – so one word…WOW!

This is absolutely stunning and then some!

famovape magma aio screen

Famovape says it’s designed to look and feel like a mobile phone and they’ve definitely pulled that off!

It’s definitely slimline but still manages to feel perfectly weighted and the moment you touch it you know this is a quality piece of kit.In Hand

The pod is kind of T-shaped and as you can see slots into the body of the device adding a tinted glass stripe down both sides which only adds to the very pleasing look.

All the working parts fit together smoothly and even the fill port feels like it won’t be snapping off any time soon.

I have mentioned the slightly tinted pod and to be honest it is a little bit of a struggle to see your juice level – but holding it against the light helps obviously.

The push ‘n pull coils slot in and out smoothly too.Couldn’t be easier to change the Magma coil. Simply line up the arrows.How to change the Famovapr Magma coil

Great looks – great materials and extremely well put together…

Let’s hope it vapes just as well 🙂

How Does the FamoVape Magma AIO Perform?

OK…for the MTL 1.2Ω coil I used the SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Cosmopolitan.

filling pod

And for the DTL the same brand and flavour but in 70/30 PG/VG.

FamoVape Magma AIO 1.2ohm Coil – 8 to 15w

I began at the low end of 8w and was pleasantly surprised – a decent warmish vape with decent flavour to boot.

I didn’t fiddle about and went straight to the max of 15w.

m2 coil

A much much better vape with plenty of good flavour and the taste was impressive to say the least – good clouds too for an MTL coil.

FamoVape Magma AIO 0.4ohm Coil – 20 to 40w

Again I began vaping at the bottom end of the scale and again I was pretty impressed.

Plenty of vapour in the mouth and thick and tasty too – with bags of clouds – impressive.

m1 coil

At 30w it’s fair to say the vape warmed up as did the flavour and cloud production…

At the max of 40w I was in vaping heaven – great flavour and amazing clouds for such a little guy…

FamoVape Magma AIO – Airflow

Yep – this one has adjustable airflow and is on the base of the pod.

The good news it it can be changed in situ and moves very easily indeed – yet stays in position.

famovape magma aio pod

Wide open and this is an airy vape whilst closed off as you might expect it’s a very tight draw.

Little or no turbulence and it’s a very smooth vape indeed.

FamoVape Magma AIO Rotatable Mouthpiece

I really like this feature!

It might sound silly saying that – but it’s dependent on the way you hold and vape the FamoVape Magma AIO.

Side on is my preferred way so being able to adjust the mouthpiece means it’s very comfortable indeed.

rotatable mouth piece

However my partner [ooo get me all loved up lol] prefers it face on – ooer – so to speak haha.

Anyway – it’s a nice simple little touch that really does make a big difference.


  • Stunning design and I mean stunning
  • Excellent build quality
  • Slimline – ideal for your pocket or bag
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Good flavour off both coils
  • Great clouds
  • Super fast charging – 50 minutes flat to full battery
  • Easy to use
  • Good price


  • Tinted pod limits juice level view – minor niggle

Final Review Verdict

I like vape review deadlines – I love the sound they make as they woosh past my ear…

And whilst I’ve been under no editorial pressure to get this one out in quick smart time…

I have been asked by my partner on an almost hourly scale since she first saw it if I’d finished the review yet.

Not because she wanted to read it I might add lol – more because she wanted the Famovape Magma AIO so badly lol – and trust me she’s very hard to please – vape wise I mean lol.

She absolutely loves it – as do I – and seriously, she rarely puts it down.

So…forget my recommendation – I mean what the heck do I know about vaping lol – if it has impressed the missus – then it really must be something special…trust me 😉

Good flavour – good clouds – longevity in the coils – a choice of vape styles – extremely well put together topped off with a truly stunning design says it all.

I’m or should that be we, are very impressed and have NO hesitation in recommending the FamoVape Magma AIO for both beginners and even hobbyist vapers.


Have you got your hands on this vape kit?

Like what you see?

Any thoughts or questions let me know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. I’m still having a hard time finding this product.. The shop your are pointing us to is still in pre-sell and the official website doesn’t take orders anymore. Could you point me out to another good seller? I’m in France ATM. Thank you. Best.

  2. Heyy. I liked about what you reviewed about this product. The Famovape Magma AIO does produce good flavours and cloud productions. Although there’s one more cons, cleaning the cartridge might seem to be a bit of a problem since its T shaped cartridge. Overall its a good product. 4 star


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