Introduction –  Footoon Hellixer RDTA

Footoon, to be honest, has limited company information. However, I can tell you that they are a South Korean company, and that their creed for their products is “Innovative Creations for Happiness”.

Footoon have been known for making rebuildable tanks with a design which are usually unique.

The Hellixer is no exception. Other tanks they are known for are Aqua Pro, Aqua FX as well as Aqua UX.

Let’s take a look around the Hellixer RDTA and see what it’s like.

In The Box

  • 1 Hellixer RDTA.
  • 2 Poly bags of spares (O rings, Tank ring, Allen Key, Spare post screws and a 2.7mm coil post).

Main Specs/Features

  • 22mm Diameter (upper)
  • 23mm Diameter (lower)
  • Approx 3ml tank
  • Thread:510
  • Gold plated adjustable pin
  • 42mm Height
  • Top fill
  • 510 drip tip
  • Stainless steel + glass construction

Design and Build Quality

When I first opened the box I was amazed by the amount of packaging, in my opinion the box is too big and such a waste of internal packing materials for three items.


The Hellixer RDTA, in my opinion, looks to be well built although it’s not very well thought out in certain aspects.

It is unique in design though and very interesting to those of us looking for something different.

The Hellixer RDTA is made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass with a Delrin top cap and 510 driptip, 510 Thread with a gold plated adjustable connection pin.

The design is sturdy and the build quality is good even though the build deck is somewhat weird in appearance with a velocity styled guillotine type build deck.

How Does The Digiflavor Lynx Perform?

I found the vapour quality I experienced from the Hellixer RDTA to be acceptable but the flavour was very good!

Due to the limited airflow of this tank I found it to be it quite noisy. I also had to use plenty of cotton with this tank to avoid leaks.

I tested the Hellixer RDTA on my Vaporesso Tarrot Pro 160w mod in Bypass mode with kanthal 24g 3mm coils, and 24g Stainless Steel 3mm coils at 420f. It was filled with Liquid State Apple Butter E-liquid.Footoon Hellixer RDTA Assembly

I found that the 2.7mm coil post they supply with the kit does not allow you to use quite enough cotton to fill the guillotine wick holes sufficiently to stop leaks; hence I used a 3mm bit to coil.

The Hellixer RDTA components

The Hellixer breaks down into 7 Pieces for easy cleaning

  • Main Airflow sleeve (with Footoon logo engraved into it)
  • Inner plastic yellow airflow sleeve
  • The velocity styled guillotine deck
  • Pyrex tank/tube
  • 510 drip-tip and top cap made from Delrin
  • Fill port and chimney ring

The Deck

The 2 post velocity styled Guillotine posts, like all velocity decks, is very easy load your coils. The posts have a section bevelled out of each.

Above the posts are the wicking holes the cotton goes through your coil and up through the wicking holes. The positive post sits on a large peek insulator. The 510 adjustable pin is gold plated. Along the bottom of the base you will note 2 marks these are used to align the airflow to the on and off positions as well as the deck release mark.

These correspond to 2 sets of 3 marks on the airflow/sleeve.


I would say the airflow on this RDTA is acceptable.

There are 2 triple slots either side of the sleeve hidden in what I can only call as an attempt at heat fins.

The airflow, in my opinion, is between restrictive for direct to lung and too much for mouth to lung vaping styles.

The airflow design does not allow you to alter the flow of air to your coils for a custom vape.

You have 3 markers on the bottom of the sleeve mirrored on the opposite side of the tank.

  • Left side mark is the base release
  • The middle is juice wide open
  • The furthest right mark is to close off your juice flow

If you look inside the sleeve you will see 4 liquid holes that will allow e-juice to flow to your cotton.

Inner airflow/juice regulator

The inner airflow/juice regulator sleeve or cap is made of yellow plastic that sits over your coils.

This cap/ regulator while it fits very well can be hard to remove from the main sleeve.

I recommend smearing it with e-liquid before replacing.

Also, if you use too much cotton this sleeve/cap can be difficult to place and too little will cause you to have leaks.

O rings

The various O rings fit well I have not experienced any leaks with the Hellixer RDTA in the time I have used it via any of the O rings.

Pyrex glass tank/tube

The Pyrex tank sits inside the top portion of the sleeve.

Fill ports and chimney ring

The fill ports are handled by 4 small intake holes on a ring that also house the second half of the chimney which is then screwed into the first half after putting your Pyrex tank in place.

Driptip and top fill cap

The top fill cap screws into the assembly, care must be taken as the cap is made from Delrin and the sleeve is made from stainless steel the threads on the cap could be easily stripped.

The 510 drip-tip fits very tightly into the cap and is again made from Delrin.

Filling is easy but I do suggest you use a needle nose bottle or you will make a mess!

The fill ports are too small for regular drip pipettes.

What I Like

I like the ease of coiling the velocity styled posts.

The flavor I get from this tank is almost as good as the flavor I get from the Geekvape Griffin 25.

The top filling is very easy, if you remember to turn off the juice flow and use a needle nose bottle.

The ease at which the Footoon Hellixer can be disassembled and re-assembled for easy cleaning is also a plus point.

What I Didn’t Like

The way Footoon has designed the guillotine wick method.

The airflow I feel could have been larger and adjustable therefore making it less noisy.

I don’t like the juice regulator I feel it could have been handled in a different way say like a switch on the side of the RDTA.

The fill ports holes are too small for regular drip pipettes and could have benefited from larger kidney shaped fill holes.

Final Review Verdict

The Footoon RDTA is weirdly interesting!

It is more of a flavour RDTA which of course is no bad thing. If you are new to rebuilding I wouldn’t recommend this as your first project.

Even with the years of experience I have, I had to play with setting and clipping the cotton so I didn’t get leaks.

While the velocity styled posts are easy to load your coils, clipping the leads is a challenge as the space between the 2 top wire post holes and the guillotine wick holes is not sufficient enough.

If I lost or damaged this RDTA would I buy another? I can’t say I would and the reason behind that is there’s too much fiddling around to coil and wick the Footoon Hellixer.


  • Flavour was top notch.
  • No leaking in the time I was testing, after learning how to correctly wick it.
  • The 510 connection pin is gold plated for better connectivity and is adjustable.
  • Good build quality.


  • Mouth to lung experience was a to open a draw.
  • Not enough airflow, for Straight to lung in my opinion.
  • Not recommended by me for people new to building.
  • Coiling and wicking need a lot of practice to get right.
Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
Price point
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    • Hi Thomas, You have to look at two different things: the resistance of the solid material that is the conductor, and the resistance of the joint (or connection / contact surface / interface, or whatever you want to call it) that the current also has to pass through. Silver has higher conductivity (lower resistance) than gold.

      But it tarnishes, which means a high resistance oxide/sulphide forms on its surface. Silver is fine for many things, but where a very low voltage and low current is involved (for example, in small electronic signals, such as computers and cell phones) the tarnish can interfere with the signal at the joint, this is the reason gold is used instead by many manufacturers, the expense of gold is only slightly greater than silver considering the amounts that are used in plating. cheers


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