Up for review is the Hellvape Helheim S RDTA!helheim s rdta banner

Over the past 12 months, Hellvape have really stretched their range with a number of respectable rebuildables. The one that really comes to mind is the Fat Rabbit RTA that somehow has a huge amount of hype over it. For sure it was a decent performer with many airflow options and a fair sized build deck.

Hellvape also released a regulated mod by means of the Arez 120, another respectable device that’s more than affordable. But RDTA is a category of tanks that I don’t think Hellvape has hit very much? A quick google brings up an ‘Iron Maiden 30mm RDTA’ but I believe it was released some time in 2016? 6 years ago!

So it’s about time Hellvape hit the RDTA category after a storming 2021 and have actually released two!

The one I’ve received is the Hellvape Helheim S RDTA, a 25mm ‘Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser‘ that makes use of Steel Rods to assist in saturating the coil.

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What Can We Expect From the Hellvape Helheim S RDTA?

The Helheim S RDTA is a 25mm diameter atomiser that stands fairly tall, much like most RDTA’s.

Furthermore, the Helheim S has a 5ml tank capacity and a build deck similar to that of the Fat Rabbit RTA. And additionally, is Co-Designed by ‘FIVE’ a group of 5 German vapers and enthusiasts.

Let’s crack on and see how this performs!

In the Box

  • Helheim S RDTA
  • Spare Glass
  • Ni80 0.37 Coil
  • Shoelace Cotton
  • 2 x Spare Steel Rods
  • Coil Trimming Tool
  • Accessory Bag
  • User Manual

Specs and Features

  • Height: 59.8mm
  • Diameter: 25.0mm
  • Dual or Single Coil Build Capacity
  • 2ml/5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Dual Bottom / Side adjustable airflow
  • 810 Drip-Tip
  • Available Colours: Black | Gold | Silver | Gunmetal | Blue

Hellvape Helheim S RDTA Key Features

If you’re not familiar with RDTA’s, its pretty simple. An RDTA is simply an RDA or dripper if you will, slapped on top of a tank. Its only weakness is the fact you are relying on e-liquid to travel against gravity to saturate the coil.

A number of ‘wicking’ options have been designed in the past, some have failed and some work just fine. Using Steel Rods inside the tank as a way of encouraging e-liquid to travel up into the cotton ports is one that we’ve seen before, and its fairly effective but I always have my doubts.

So the Steel Rods within the Helheim S are certainly one of the key features. Adding to that, the Helheim S features a Post-Less deck and adjustable airflow from two positions.

The side airflow adjustment will flow air across the side(s) of the coil, whereas the lower airflow option will force air from under the coil. So plenty of airflow options with this one.helheim s airflow

Hellvape Helheim S RDTA – Design and Build Quality

I received the Silver Helheim S RDTA which means it’s impossible to comment on the paint finish and quality. However, out of the box the Helheim S was clean and shiny. Just what you expect from a Stainless Steel tank.

Drip-Tip and Top-Cap

The 810 Drip tip is fairly wide bore and also has a nice smooth finish to it and you can also use your own 810 drip tip thanks to the internal O-ring in the top-cap.

The Top-Cap itself is actually half of the barrel and can be easily removed with a nifty quarter turn of the top. Inside the Top-Cap is a fair amount of doming which helps with airflow and compression also.

The Top-Cap is also your top/side airflow and adjusts nice and smoothly with a stopper and fully open/closed.

Lower Barrel

The second part to the barrel is held snugly into the deck thanks to two large rounded pegs which push into the deck.

This section also provides your bottom airflow, the airflow ring itself is removable and is held in place via O-Rings. Again this AFC has a stopper at fully open/closed. It also has a nice cut design to it for additional grip when adjusting.


The build deck is reminiscent of the Fat Rabbit RTA in its style. A post-less deck which, in my opinion is designed for a single coil, or two small coils.

When you first open the packaging, you’ll notice two small white plugs in the wicking ports, which are put in place to stop the steel rods from rattling around during transit. Of course, dispose of these immediately.

The deck has 4 post terminals meaning a single, or dual coil build is possible, and the coils are held in place via flat-headed grub screws located on the sides of the deck.

Situated at the base of the deck are 10 small holes to create the ‘Honeycomb’ airflow which is generally used to smoothen the vape experience.

Lastly you’ll notice two large rounded holes which are there for you to be able to fill the tank whist also to allow the second section of the barrel to firmly press into the deck. And the barrel holds on very well.helheim s filling

E-Liquid Chamber

Below the deck of course is the tank, which provides a max capacity of 5ml and is nicely protected by a metal frame with some nice angular designs going on.

Inside the tank, you will find 4 small steel rods which are there to provide e-liquid to the cotton in the deck. It can be a little fiddly fitting these rods, or even keeping them in place when fitting the e-liquid chamber, so take your time.

The tank itself is removable and is held in place by the threaded rod which holds the 510 pin at the base.

The Base

The 510 pin at the base is slightly protruding, adjustable and is protected by a peek insulator. There is minimal branding on the base of the tank too.


Even though the Helheim S is a tall tank, its pretty smart looking. A tidy looking RDTA with minimal branding apart from the ‘Helheim’ design which is cut into the tank and not printed. I really like the fact the tank is protected quite well by the outer metal frame.

How Does The Hellvape Helheim S RDTA Perform?

Building on the Helheim S RDTA

The Helheim S comes with a coil cutting tool, which recommends cutting the coil at 5mm, which of course I completely ignored at first, and cut the coil at 7mm. However, once you fit the lower section of the top-cap, you realise the coil is a little too high to allow the side airflow to hit the coil at the optimum position.

So of course, I cut them at 5mm after, and the single coil sits at the perfect height to be hit by the side airflow.

Loosening the flat headed grub screws, fitting the coil and tightening the screws is pretty straight forward. The size of the terminals for the coil legs is fairly small, so don’t expect to fit some giant coils as they just won’t fit. But I found even some of my most complex Aliens and fused Clapton coils fitted just fine.

Wicking The RTA

Like any RDA or RTA, threading your cotton through the coil is fine, but what takes time is considering how much, or how little cotton you want to be left with, either side of the coil.

I found cutting my cotton about 5mm past the edge of the deck, but thinning out a lot, really helped with coil and cotton saturation.

Why such length? Well its simple really – the steel rods are there to provide e-liquid to the cotton and then the cotton does the rest. The issue being that if cotton is stuffed tightly into the ports then e-liquid just won’t saturate between the rods and the cotton.

So “light but plenty” was the method that worked for me and allowed maximum saturation. Also allowing a simple transition for the e-liquid between steel and cotton.

Flavour and Clouds

Because I’m a horrible chap who isn’t a fan of Steel Rods, or RDTA’s in general. I decided a nice thick 80VG 20PG variant of Code Red by Darkstar was in order, to really test this tanks wicking capabilities. So that’s something you’ll have to keep in mind when you read the rest of this review.

Using the included Fused Clapton coil, which came out at 0.32Ω and setting the wattage to 55w, I tested this tank using as many airflow options as I could think of.

Both Fully Open

This setting allows for maximum airflow, and even though both ports are wide open, the airflow still has a small amount of restriction to it. But across the board is fairly quiet and smooth. But for me, a little too airy. Flavour wise, it’s very good. The coil performs very well with a slight crackle and average warmth.

Side AFC Open Only

This setting provides air to the sides of the coil only and is surprisingly smooth. In fact if there was no secondary airflow option, I would be quite happy with how the airflow is with this RDTA. Flavour wise, there is a slight improvement which was already very good with both AFC rings wide open.

Bottom AFC Open Only

This setting provides airflow from under the coil only and because of the single open airflow hole is a little louder than the side/top airflow. However the restriction is slightly more so than the side airflow thanks to the internal honeycomb design under the coil. Warmth has increased slightly due to less airflow but flavour wasn’t as good as the previous two options.

Both Half Open

This setting provides half airflow to the sides of the coil and under the coil and is very smooth! The noise from the tank increases slightly but it’s not off-putting by any means. It’s a luke warm vape and very good flavour. Also spot on for my preferences.

My Preference

I enjoyed this tank mostly with the side AFC fully open, and the bottom AFC half closed. Set at 55 watts this provided a small amount of restriction, a luke warm vape and excellent flavour. Of course a certain amount of airflow noise is expected at this setting but it’s well worth it for the flavour.

The airflow noise isn’t wishy washy or turbulent in any way, it’s just simply air flowing though the holes.

Steel Rods Performance

Like I’ve said earlier, I’m really not a fan of Steel Rod wicking, or RDTA’s in general for that matter. Why? Well it’s because we have something called gravity, and Steel wire is not an Anti-Gravity material.helheim s ss wires

However, the Helheim S RDTA doesn’t do a terrible job at wicking but I believe most of that is due to ‘inertia’ or in simpler terms, movement of the tank. Every time you tip the tank to vape, you are tipping the e-liquid down onto the cotton.

A simple test of vaping the tank until the cotton is pretty much dry, placing the tank upright on a desk, removing the top barrel and watching the cotton for the next 5-10 minutes will prove to you that e-liquid does not defy gravity, especially when you place steel between the e-liquid and the cotton.

If you’re a chain vaper, you may find the Helheim S doesn’t keep up, however if you don’t tend to chain vape you probably won’t have many issues with coil saturation and wicking because just tipping the tank to vape every now and then is enough for the coil to stay saturated.


  • Very good build quality
  • Glass is protected from damage to an extent
  • Simple to build and wick
  • Dual airflow provides maximum customisation
  • Smooth airflow
  • Very good flavour, even from the provided coil.


  • Very tall
  • Steel Rods don’t work in my opinion
  • Coil saturation is a problem when chain vaping.

Hellvape Helheim S RDTA – Final Review Verdict

I think I’ve bashed the Steel Rods enough now. But to be completely fair to this RDTA, it performs very well. As much as I’m constantly worried about saturation with any RDTA – I’m yet to have a dry hit from this tank. Now is that because I’m very cautious when using this tank by tipping the tank regularly and not chain vaping? Yes. But perhaps I’ve been a little too cautious at times.

Forgetting my overly cautious experiences with this tank, the flavour and general airflow options from this tank are excellent. Allowing air to hit the coil from the sides, and from the bottom, whilst adjusting those independently is very good and certainly makes this tank a great performer.

Even with the provided coil, I enjoyed extremely good flavour and almost exactly what you can enjoy from an RDA – That’s why RDTA’s were created right?

Did you, or will you buy the Hellvape Helheim S RDTA ? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

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Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.
hellvape-helheim-s-rdta-reviewThe Helheim S RDTA is a great performer which gets a pretty darn high score mostly thanks to the airflow which creates a wonderful vape experience. The Steel rods and general wicking capabilities, let this down slightly. But not enough to put me off from adding this tank to my regular rotation.


  1. I recently purchased the Heilheim S RTDA. In 2007 when vaping cam to the United States I was fully in it. I’d been a smoker for 32+ years and I wanted to be done smoking. A local smoke shop tried getting me to start out with the pens. No, wTF, I see others blows mass clouds. That’s where I need to be. I got me a four 9 and a triple coil onslaught. With .20 nichrome and 7 wraps on a 7/8 drill bit I was looking at a .06 ohm build. I could blow huge clouds like no other. So when the came out with a RTDA once again I went at it like a freight train. That four 9 was extremely dangerous that onslaught couldn’t handle the heat but that got me to quit smoking cigarettes and the RTDA was the way to go with 0 nicotine. And eventually quit everything all together. Until a few months ago when I quit using meth. Suddenly I was craving cigs again. So I got me a geek vape and a tank that came with it. One problem, this thing won’t go higher that 70watts. What a POS. I looked online and found Helheim s RTDA. Okay I’m back. No more cigs however this thing in a dual coil build is getting extremely how at 110 watts. Hell with this and I’m getting dry hit. This happened three days ago and I’m pissed.So, after reading Flat Cap Vapers review, took the double coil off and used the coil it came with but I’m still getting dry hits. I’m a chain vapor and hit em hard. Tan ten hits and set it down. He’s definitely right about one main issue with the Helheim those rod in there are for wicking are a complete load of shit. So I took one rod out on each side. Instead of the metal I put enough cotton down that hole so when I tightened the mod back up it wrapped the cotton around that center pole and now I’m vaping in heaven once again. Overall it’s a good RTDA. I think the air holes are you


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