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France Bans Nicotine Sales!

Just as it’s emerged it may hold the key in the fight against COVID-19, France bans nicotine sales online!

The Government has also severely restricted the sale of nicotine patches, gums and sprays in pharmacies.

France Bans Nicotine Sales

The decision comes as scientists in the country work flat out on a nicotine based vaccine believed to tackle the coronavirus.

I wrote a longer article on this exciting breakthrough – read it to find out more: Is Nicotine A Wonder Drug? And Not Just For Tackling COVID-19 Either.

In that article the researchers say the results were amazing and ‘unlike anything they’d seen in medicine‘.

In a draft legal paper the French Government said:

Because of media coverage around the possible protective action of nicotine against Covid-19, there is a strong risk that the dispensing in pharmacies and internet sales of nicotine replacements will experience a surge in the coming days.

Given the government is expecting a ‘rush’ on sales, only one months supply of any nicotine product can be bought from pharmacies.

Interesting development – so is France right to clamp down on sales of nicotine?

Let me know in the comments below…

WHO Says Vape Shops Are Not Essential During Pandemic!

The title is not a question – the World Health Organization says vape shops are definitely not essential during the COVID-19 lock down.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the WHO says vapers and smokers are at more danger of contracting and getting complications from the virus.

who says vape shops none essential

In fact they’ve gone on an all out social media war with ignorant tweets like the one above and ‘scary’ ones:

Real FACT: and far from creating ‘controversy and confusion about the risk of nicotine…‘ both the vaping industry and Big Tobacco has stepped up and helped during the pandemic.

And as I wrote an age ago: Nicotine No More Harmful To Health Than Caffeine – and that comes from the highly respected Royal Society for Public Health [RSPH].

The WHO just can’t leave e-cigarettes alone can they – and strange they haven’t talked about liquor shops being deemed as ‘essential’ given there’s well over 3 million deaths GLOBALLY from alcohol related diseases…

What they have said is those shops should be ‘restricted’ lol…

Funny that…and one is left to wonder do the big alcohol companies invest in the World Health Organization?

And even more strange when they themselves report that in 2010 alone ‘excessive drinking’ cost the US economy over $20 billion…

Wonder how much vaping has cost..?

Answers on a postage stamp 😉

Further reading: WHO Rips Into Vaping Yet Again In This Shocking Video

Jharkhand India – 2 Years In Jail For Smoking!

The Indian state of Jharkhand has banned and criminalized ALL tobacco products during the cornavirus lock down!

Anyone caught smoking or chewing tobacco will be arrested and charged under the Section 188 of the IPC, and wait for it, face up to 2 years in jail!

india smoking

Principal health secretary Nitin Madan Kulkarni said:

Chewing and use of tobacco and subsequent spitting can lead to serious diseases like Covid-19, encephalitis, tuberculosis, etc.

In line with the Union home ministry directive of April 15 for Covid-19 management and as per the power enshrined under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, Article 10 (2) sub-clause (1), the government has decided to ban sale and use of tobacco products in public places till further orders.

India has already banned e-cigarettes countrywide – before the lock down – and given its home to 12 million smokers – over a third of the world’s known users of lit tobacco – this is most definitely a powder keg waiting to blow.

The state joins South Africa in completely banning smoking and vaping during the lock down – though news reports say a healthy black market is keeping smokers at least supplied.

Let’s hope this ridiculous ban doesn’t spread like wildfire…

Do You Know This Vape Shop Thief?

The owner of a vape shop in Deal Kent is hoping someone will know who this arsewipe of a vape thief is.

Vaparettes in South Street, Deal was broken into last Wednesday April 22nd at around 11.30pm.

vape shop break in deal kent

Some stock was taken but the door was damaged beyond repair.

James Gadd who has 11 vape shops in the area has appealed to the public for help:

All businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water and to have someone cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and get away with very little stock value is sickening.

More concerning to us is the unnecessary risk that the police, forensics, glass fitter and staff had to be put through to rectify the situation.

We would like to say a big thank you to police and forensics who were in attendance within six minutes. Great work by our frontline essential workers who we applaud.

If you know who this scumbag is call: Kent Police of 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/69109/20.

Let’s get this bastard locked up.

Please DON’T Vape On Bleach To Kill COVID-19!!!

On the whole [lol] you’re a sensible lot and this really doesn’t need saying…

However for the 1% of morons – DO NOT listen to this ‘disc jockey’ in America!

do not vape on bleach
Do NOT vape on bleach or any disinfectant!

Answering a call from a listener, DJ Jeff Kuhner from the Boston’s WRKO-AM said the ‘idea’ of vaping bleach to kill COVID-19 wasn’t…wait for it…

That crazy…

The caller had said his friend owned a cleaning firm and had been disinfecting places to kill the virus and said:

Maybe they could make some sort of vape that could help people, you know, that would atomize chemicals into your lungs and you could blow it out your nose.

Thinking outside the box is what we need to do now, and no one seems to want to do it.

I don’t know if I’m crazy.

Unbelievably the DJ replied:

Zack, you’re not crazy, and bingo — you said the word, you said the phrase.

Thank you for that call.

Thinking outside the box.

That’s literally what the president was doing yesterday.

That’s what a good chief executive does.


I really can’t believe I just had to write that…

and finally – Lock Down Vape Memes

We all need a smile during these trying times.

Here’s a couple of vape memes to do just that.

The first is the new JUUL disinfectant pod – see above 😉

juul coronavirus disinfectant pods

Approved by the ‘Donald’ no less – it’s a joke snowflakes – as I said above PLEASE DO NOT VAPE ON BLEACH OR DISINFECTANT!!!!

And how are your coil building skills going during the lock down?

lock down coil building skills

Despite trying my coils still look like photo 1 lol.

More vaping news on Wednesday!

Until then stay safe 🙂

If you have any vape related news let me know!

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