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The Geekvape Karma 2 is from a brand known and loved by the vast majority of vapers, having brought us some true classics, like the indestructible Aegis mod, the Ammit MTL RDA and the more recent but no less awesome Loop RDA. This time around, they’re hitting us with the second version of their Karma mechanical mod kit, the Karma 2, complete with Tsunami Pro RDA, which I was pretty pumped to try!

The original Tsunami RDA was my first ever RDA and it’s pretty nostalgic for me but that didn’t stop me from finding issue with the Tsunami Pro.

I’ve been a reviewer for coming on 2 years now and I’ve been vaping for much longer. I own one mech but don’t use it much as the switch is a little too tight for me and can’t be adjusted. I finally managed to convince our long-suffering admin here at Ecigclick to let me have a go at a mech for review and I had my eyes open for precautions and decent instructions in the packaging for those newer to mech mods…

Read on to see how I got on with the Karma 2 20700 Mech kit, as a new mech user and as a reviewer!

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Karma 2 Hybrid Mech Mod
  • 1 x Tsunami Pro RDA
  • 1 x 18650 Adaptor
  • 1 x Extra firing spring
  • BF Pin for the Tsunami Pro
  • 510 Drip tip adaptor
  • Screws, O-rings and Allen Keykarma 2 kit geekvape open

Features Karma 2

  • 91mm x 25mm
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • 18650, 20700 or 21700 compatible
  • Copper construction
  • Smooth magnetic switch for minimal friction
  • Bottom placed battery vents
  • Available in copper and black
  • 216g with RDA and 18650 installedgeekvape karma 2 mech contents

Features Tsunami Pro

  • Large, single or dual, velocity style build deck
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • 8mm Juice well
  • 12 mm drip tip
  • 36mm height without thread and tip
  • 810 Drip tip plus 510 adaptor
  • BF pin included

Build Quality & Design

Karma 2 Mech Mod

The Karma 2 Kit arrives in a super neat, black and orange box package, with the Tsunami Pro already installed on the Karma 2.

The overall look is really, really solid and sexy, although the matte black finish (yes, I got the black version) does give this kit a very industrial look.karma 2 mech kit geekvape hand

The colour is well and properly locked on, I’ve even attempted to get a scratch in it but any scratch that forms just wipes away with a cloth, it’s like some miracle coating.

The finish is matte enough to provide grip but the grooves, cut in lines that wrap diagonally around the mod, take even further care of that, the Karma 2 won’t slip out of your hand easily, in spite of what I soon find out…karma 2 geekvape hybrid

Lifting out the kit, it has a hefty weight to it, 160g without a cell (including the RDA), which is obviously thanks to its solid copper construction.

Starting at the bottom there’s a neat switch, copper-framed and finished with a glossy, carbon fibre look sticker that’s smooth to the touch. The switch is magnetized and machined to have a nice light spring to it…the magnet obviously allows for a light spring that takes with minimal friction.

The spring loading has a throw of roughly 2.5 mm and I’ve experienced absolutely no catching, just the right amount of give.

The threading between the switch/base and the mod is really decent, no effort at all to screw in or unscrew, really smooth machining there.

Also, the switch, on the inside, is surrounded by a protruding delrin ring, which stops the battery from rattling and also serves as insulation.

Just above the base are 5 venting holes, at intervals around the circumference of the tube.

Unscrewing the base and switch I discover a battery chamber that’s been insulated with a tube of delrin / plastic that’s fixed to the mod to help prevent shorts…a nice, safe touch.geekvape karma 2 mech switch

I was troubled to find that the instruction manual didn’t even provide info on battery safety or how to insert your battery into this mod.

Because the battery vents are at the bottom, I went with a positive down install.

Worse yet, not so much as a line of text in the manual to highlight the dangers of using a hybrid connection, the how to’s and the warnings. Keep in mind, you should only use this with an RDA that has a pin which protrudes more than 1mm. Also try not to use it with sub-ohm tanks at all, as a fixed 510 should be avoided.

It would have been so simple for Geekvape to include an actual user manual that tells users HOW TO use this device, instead, all I have is a breakdown of parts in various languages. It may go without saying that this is a device for advanced users (which it is) but it doesn’t take much to include more information. I sure hope no one has an accident as a result of Geekvape’s neglect in this instance.

Tsunami Pro RDA

What a nice looking RDA, simple as can be, a matte black finished tube that matches the mech to a tee, drip tip and top cap in one with a stepped taper and a seriously ample 810 opening.

The top cap comes off super easy, with the help of a single, well fitted o-ring.

At the bottom of the barrel there is a neat, cursive Tsunami brand, along with two 8 x 3mm airflow slots, adjustable, in the cyclops style. There’s also a third slot for when you do a single coil build, this slot will remain closed otherwise.

Removing the barrel to reveal the deck, I discover a dual post, velocity style deck, with ample terminals for even the beefiest coils.

The deck is incredibly spacious and the base, massive…a full 12 mm deep, with an 8mm deep juice well.

The trouble I see here is this bottom airflow, while the positioning of the airflow makes for serious flavour, with two holes opening into one side slot, directly under the intended placement for either coil…keeping juice from flowing into these holes is going to be tricky, I can see it already.geekvape karma 2 mech exploded view tsunami pro


The provided 510 tip adaptor is a strange thing, as it does away with your ‘topcap’ taper and leaves you with a flat topcap and a stunted internal airflow.

Otherwise, the 18650 adaptor works a charm and all the other necessaries, such as an extra fire spring and various bits and bobs, are all much appreciated.

No coils or cotton are included.

How Does The Geekvape Karma 2 Kit Perform?

After my stiff-switch experiences of the past, this Karma 2 is a godsend. I’ve had absolutely no issues with the switch whatsoever, it has just the right amount of give for a satisfying fire, without being so light thrown that it’ll fire accidentally in your pocket.

I experienced no rattle with any of the compatible battery types and tried it out with an 18650 (using the adaptor), a 20700 and a 21700.

I appreciate the weight of the device, as it stands up really sturdy when you place it on a table.karma 2 tsunami pro rda deck

The grip texturing is also really effective and, all in all, the Karma 2 mech is a pleasure to use.

Now…as you know, this is my first experience reviewing a tube mech but I’ve certainly got loads of experience with other vape mods and tanks of every kind…yet, when it comes to a mech I feel it either hits like hell or it doesn’t.

This thing hits like a mofo. That’s really all there is to it. The Karma 2 mech is flawless, in my opinion, a real badass.

As for the Tsunami Pro…This RDA is a flavour and cloud beast, with no spit-back and an airflow that’s perfectly placed to create a slightly restricted but beautifully flavoursome and smooth feeling draw.

The issue I have is that almost every time I drip I land up with liquid leaking out of those AIRFLOW SLOTS.karma 2 mech mod build

I now know why it’s called the Tsunami, thanks to the waves of warm and delicious liquid that flow from it whenever I tilt my mech or drip onto the coils.

How To Fill

  • Drip through the tipkarma 2 mech geekvape fill

Ease of build

In spite of the space taken up by the raised airflow holes, which are situated beneath your coils…the build deck is spacious and a real breeze to use.

As you can see from my pics, I was able to load a really well spaced build on this and has no issue with the coils touching sides.

karma 2 kit geekvape burnThe screws are easy to access and the threading really solid.

One thing that the airflow does get in the way of is wicking space, you have to take a small screwdriver to get those wicks tucked in, especially if you lay a high-wrap, spaced build like mine.karma 2 kit geekvape wick

Had these airflow holes been cut to sit at an angle below the coils, it may have prevented liquid from running around the coils and straight down into them.

I spend half my life wiping massive juice spills off my mech but still like to use the Tsunami Pro as it really hits beastily and the flavour is solid AF.

Battery Life

Battery life varies depending on battery and build spec but is considerably better than you’d ever experience on a regulated mod, firing at the same capacity.


  • Easy, magnetized switch, never fails
  • Deltrin ring prevents battery rattle and insulated
  • Insulated battery chamber for added safety
  • Great handfeel with good grip and high quality paint finish
  • Outstanding flavour and cloud on the Tsunami Pro
  • Super good machining and threading all round


  • Serious leaking through the Tsunami Pro’s bottom airflow

Final Review Verdict

I’ve got to say, the Karma 2 mech is a real keeper, a pleasure to use with a flawless magnetic switch, as well as an awesome look and hand-feel. I feel the same about the RDA but unfortunately there is a big issue with leaking on the Tsunami Pro.

I would recommend this kit, only for experienced vapers who have a thorough grasp of battery safety and Ohm’s law, as an awesome mechanical option to add to your collection.

It’s affordable but really solid and sexy.


Would I buy the Geekvape karma 2 kit if I lost/broke the device? Most Likely

UK – Free Shipping
Rest of World – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality Mech
Design Mech
Build Quality RDA
Design RDA
Vapour Production
Ease of Use
Likelihood I Would Replace It If Lost
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