The Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA is the natural successor to the hugely popular Zeus X dual coil RTA.

Prior to this they had released the Zeus X sub ohm tank that used premade mesh coils. It gave the user the option of vaping anywhere between 60 – 80W.

Zeus X Mesh RTA handcheck1

I was one of those who turned to the dual coil RTA in the hopes of owning my first leak free sub ohm tank. Thanks to the top/side airflow it didn’t disappoint.

Moreover it was capable of producing an insane amount of flavour.

Needless to say I was hooked!

What Can We Expect From The Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA?

This is my very first venture into the realms of all things mesh when it comes to RTA’s.

Partially due to some of the notoriety surrounding it as a rebuildable vaping medium.

I’m not really into burnt nostril hair lol!

For this reason all of the potential pitfalls will be looked at during this review. It’s time to find out if these horror stories are true or if they’re designed to simply mesh (sorry, mess) with the head!

Interesting fact: Did you know that mesh used to be the default wicking material in rebuildable devices before the advent of cotton?

What we can expect from a mesh strip as an alternative heating method is improved, consistent flavour during each vape.

A larger surface area means an increase in ramp up time.

The heat from a mesh coil isn’t focused on one particular area either, therefore mesh coils are prone to last longer than their coiled cousins.

Inside The Box

It’s important to note that I’ve been send the review version of the Zeus X Mesh RTA. As such the box contents may vary in the final release.

It looks like the retail package will only come with a single kanthal and single nichrome strip, and with a single glass tube (4.5ml capacity).

Zeus X Mesh RTA unboxing

  • Zeus X Mesh RTA
  • 4.5ml glass extension
  • 3.5ml glass tube
  • 2 x Ni80 mesh 0.17ohm strip
  • 2 x KA1 mesh 0.2ohm strip
  • 4 x Cotton strips cut to required thickness
  • Spare Ultem 810 drip tip
  • Bag of accessories including Tri tool, washers, ceramic block, spring and mesh shaping rod

Specifications and Features

  • Material Stainless steel and pyrex glass
  • Size 25mm x 47.8mm
  • Capacity 3.5ml (straight glass) – 4.5ml (extension glass)
  • Drip tip 810 user replaceable
  • Threading 510 protruding gold plated (hybrid MOD compatible)

The modular deck of the Zeus X mesh RTA is interchangeable with that of the Zeus X dual coil RTA.

Assume therefore that it will be made available as a standalone purchase in the very near future.

  • Tough stainless steel construction
  • Quick release quarter turn bayonet style top cap
  • Innovative top / side airflow system
  • Leakproof airflow design
  • Wide cycloptic dual airflow ports
  • Modular build deck with backward compatibility with Zeus X RTA
  • Mesh strips to provide purer flavour

Just in case you’re interested the mesh strips measure 18mm x 6mm x 0.1mm.

Note: They are proprietary to this particular RTA, so you won’t be able to use third party equivalent strips.

Most of those are beyond the required 6mm width of the deck clamps and will not be suitable.

Geekvape has gone all out to ensure aesthetic appeal and matchy matchy with MODS.

The Zeus X Mesh RTA is available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Gunmetal, Red black, Wine Red and Rainbow.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of the Zeus X Mesh RTA is exemplary. From the O ring tolerances to the threading mechanics.

Zeus X Mesh rta component view
Exploded view of Zeus X Mesh RTA with additional glass and ultem drip tip

As mentioned, the only thing that has changed from the dual coil version is the modular deck. All other components are a duplicate of its forerunner.

Let’s take a look at those components.

Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA – Drip Tip and Top Cap

The top cap employs a quarter turn bayonet style release system, and I reckon that’s a system all sub ohm tanks should be using by now.

It just makes the removal process faster and more convenient than traditional threading methods.

Zeus X Mesh RTA 810 Drip Tip compatibility

Ample knurling around the edges helps to make the whole filling / refilling process much easier.

The GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA comes with a low profile Delrin drip tip. You can replace this with the included ultem if you feel your lips are too close to the top cap.

Indeed it’s possible to insert a 510 adaptor if those are your thing.

Zeus X Mesh RTA Ultem driptip
The included ultem 810 drip tip.

A word of warning about 810 drip tip compatibility.

You may find some to be a loose fit, you may find some to be fine. In other words, some drip tips are more equal than others lol!

Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA – Fill Ports

Although quite adequate they could have been made slightly wider.

Again they replicate those found on the Zeus X RTA. I’d like to have seen them given a little more real estate.
Zeus X Mesh RTA Fill ports

Then again, maybe I’m just nit picking as usual lol.

Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA – Airflow Control Ring

Note the installed rubber O ring ensuring an adequate seal for the glass tube.

A wide dual cyclops style airflow control ring ensures maximum control over your vapour production.

Zeus X Mesh RTA AFC and fixed barrel

It also contributes to enriched flavour production under more restrictive settings.

Adjustments to the ring are achieved in one silky smooth operation with just the right amount of tolerance.

Airflow enters through these ports and is diverted down inside the fixed inner barrel before coming into contact with the removable inner chimney.

Removable Inner Chimney Section

This is where the Zeus X comes into a league of its own!

Zeus X mesh RTA inner chimney

Primarily thanks to the honeycomb airflow slots around the side and top of the removable chimney section.

They direct and distribute the passage of airflow in a uniform and balanced way.

Zeus X Mesh RTA inner chimney 2
The cut outs on the base ensure that the honeycomb style airflow slots line up with the mesh when attached to the modular deck

All areas of the mesh coil receive an even and consistent volume of suppressed air jets – clever thinking in my opinion.

The inner doming of this chimney also assists in ensuring a rich, dense flavour experience.

Effectively, the GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA employs a two tier airflow structure.

GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA – Modular Build Deck

Fans of the Wotofo Profile 1.5 mesh RTA will notice some similarities.

The Zeus X Mesh RTA uses the same spring loaded ceramic block mechanic. If it ain’t broke why try to fix it?

Zeus X Mesh RTA modular build deck

I must confess there’s an elegant simplicity to this hassle free arrangement. It’s the simplest deck designs that tend to be the most effective.

I’m not a fan of the rather small cross head screws that are provided. They are very easy to lose and just as easy to strip.

Zeus X Mesh RTA side view of modular deck
Side view of modular build deck with knurling around the base.

The heat resistant ceramic block is spring loaded to ensure the cotton is in constant contact with the mesh. For this reason it’s the most important aspect of the deck design.

The clamp system works very effectively too because we are dealing with strips instead of coil legs. The installation process is much simpler.

Zeus X Mesh RTA protruding 510 pin
The Zeus X Mesh RTA includes a protruding gold plated 510 pin.

How To Build On The GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA

The first port of call will be the mesh strips. For this we will need the included coil shaping tool.

  • Place the mesh strip centrally over the shaping tool
  • Press the ends of the strip down and around the shaping tool

Zeus X Mesh RTA shaping with tool

This will create the exact shape required to clamp into the build deck.

How To Install The Mesh Coil

  • Unscrew the deck clock wise from the Zeus X Mesh RTA

The glass and inner chimney will remain attached to the RTA so there’s no need to remove these other than for the purposes of maintenance and cleaning.

Zeus X Mesh RTA releasing RTA from deck

  • Release the clamp screws counter clockwise enduring the clamps are able to move freely
  •  Carefully insert the ends of the mesh strip into each clamp and tighten screws clockwise.
Zeus X Mesh RTA mesh installation
Remember to dry fire the mesh coil at a low wattage.

Next we need to ensure the mesh coil is glowing evenly. To do this please ensure that you pulse at a low wattage.

I opted for around 20W with both strips. It only needs to be done a few times and in quick succession.

How To Wick The GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA

Zeus X Mesh RTA mesh strip and cotton

At this point it may pay to take note of just how much cotton needs to be used. It seems a lot, right? It is.

The purpose is to ensure adequate contact and coverage to the underside of the mesh coil.

.. It’s going to be a tight fit and yes, it needs to be.

  • Feed the cotton through one side of the mesh while pushing down on the spring loaded ceramic block

Zeus X Mesh RTA cotton installation

  • Trim the cotton back to the sides of the modular deck
  • Rake the cotton gently to remove any uneven areas

Zeus X Mesh RTA cotton trimming

  • Gently push the ends of the cotton down into the wicking ports.

Take your time while doing this – the idea is to place the cotton, not force it.

Avoid cramming it into the ports because you will prevent the capillary action required from the juice in order to wick efficiently.

cotton in wicking ports

Now it’s time to saturate both coil and cotton.

  • Start with administering e liquid across the coil. Make sure you apply generous amounts because it will be rapidly absorbed.
  • Test fire the mesh coil at a lowered power output
  • Continue to add liquid to both coil and cotton until full saturation is achieved. Gradually increase the power output

juice saturation

  • Line up the tabs on the build deck with those of the inner chimney. Screw the deck back onto the RTA counter clockwise
  • Remove the quarter turn bayonet top cap counter clockwise and fill tank with e liquid. Replace the top cap

tank filling

Leave the liquid to fully absorb the cotton for a few minutes before taking your first vape – known as priming your coil.

How Does The GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA Perform?

The tests were carried out using my trusty Geekvape Aegis Legend mod.

For the kanthal mesh I used a steeped One Hit Wonder Muffin Man concentrate mixed to a high VG ratio with freebase nicotine.
mesh strips including cotton

Kanthal 0.2ohm mesh strip

(55W / 2.95V) – Optimal power setting

With the airflow wide open this is a very noisy vape. There’s just no escaping that fact.

No turbulence was evident and vapour production was insane! It’s certainly up there with the likes of the Goon RDA.


Just a hint of the bakery element of the profile was noticeable under this very loose and open direct lung vape. The flavour was disappointing at this setting.

Dialing the airflow control down to my preferred restrictive setting saw the flavour qualities bounce into life. There was also less noise during the vape.

Before long I was receiving a very broad, clean and consistent taste from the kanthal mesh strip. The distribution of flavour from beginning to the end of the vape was very impressive.

Both bakery and cinnamon content were highly pronounced, however the fruit tones were partially muted.

Nichrome 0.17ohm Mesh strip

(55W / 3.05V) – Optimal power setting

I altered the liquid ratio by using The Black from the rather aptly named Zeus Juice. 3mg freebase nicotine was added to the 70VG/30PG mix.

Unlike the kanthal, the nichrome strip was reading exactly 0.17ohm as stated.

As with the kanthal it took around twenty minutes to break the cotton in during which time a few borderline dry hits were experienced. I was tasting a degree of cotton but it soon made way for flavour notes.

With airflow semi restrictive (half open) there was plenty of blackcurrant on offer. The menthol properties were spot on and in no way over powered the enjoyment from this still airy vape.

Cloud production was rich, dense and hell yeah immense! Extremely satisfying and building up a fullness on the back of the throat pre vape.

Most importantly of all, over the course of time spent testing there was no degradation. Flavour remained clean, bright and crisp with every pull.


  • Exemplary build quality
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Retains a consistent flavour across days of use
  • Easy to install mesh strips using the clamp system
  • Modular deck can be used with the Zeus X dual coil RTA
  • Excellent airflow properties


  • Dry hits at higher power settings
  • Unable to produce a warm vape
  • A loud vape when utilizing full airflow
  • Included screws are on the small size and easy to strip
  • Uses proprietary mesh strips

Final Verdict

There’s no doubting flavour holds for longer than that of traditional wrapped coils. I noticed no degradation over the days of using either kanthal or Nichrome.

But there’s a significant trade off because these mesh strips simply do not allow for vaping over a specified power output before dry hitting.

The Zeus X RTA (Left) is interchangeable with the modular deck of the Zeus X Mesh RTA (Right)

The mesh strips crave airflow. I found the optimal power setting to be around 55W. Why? Because this allowed me to vape under any airflow restriction of choice without worry of a metallic throat burning dry hit.

Attempting higher wattage with tight restrictions prevents adequate mesh cooling during the vape. That’s what causes the occasional dry hit.

Open up the airflow and it is possible to increase the power. There’s also no loss in flavour quality which I found impressive.

However, 70W will still be about the upper limits achievable. Sadly anything above this will render your nostril hairs null and void!

That trade off means it’s impossible to achieve a warm vape. I crave that from my bakery or dessert style flavour profiles.

I also grew paranoid about remaining juice levels within the tank, topping up whenever half depleted for fear of a raspy dry hit.

The Kanthal mesh strip displayed a resolute 0.16ohm throughout the four days of testing with the Aegis Legend, significantly off kilter to that specified.

The Nichrome strip was on point throughout.

Final Review Verdict

The Zeus X Mesh RTA is not one for the uninitiated.

It’s not one for those used to premade coils (be they mesh or otherwise).

If you’re used to building with traditional wrapped coils there’s every reason to give it a look. Just be prepared to work with a lot more cotton.

The GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA gets through the liquid relatively fast but is by no means the juice guzzler I was expecting it to be, even when using the straight glass tube.

It leaves me with a few questions.

Is a rebuildable mesh coil better than a pre-made stock mesh coil?

Personally, there’s very little to separate them. With a balanced power setting the flavour and vapour production is exemplary from this mesh rebuildable.

How does it stack up against its dual coil predecessor, the Zeus X RTA?

Despite the apparent mesh limitations I think it’s actually better.

Flavour qualities are excellent and evenly balanced. They are definitely cleaner and longer lasting than those produced from its predecessor.

The airflow is much less turbulent and distribution is pretty much flawless. Cloud production knocks the Zeus X RTA out of the park.

Yet the Zeus X Mesh RTA lacks the ability to provide a warm / hot vape, and that’s the Achilles heel.

You will need to persevere with the wicking although I found the build deck to be quite forgiving. I managed to achieve success the first time round with both mesh strips.

In my case with copious amounts of luck lol!

It really comes down to those power restrictions, and that’s the only blot on this very impressive vaping landscape.

Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build Quality
Flavour and cloud production (kanthal mesh strip)
Flavour and cloud production (nichrome mesh strip)
Ease of use
Replace if lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
geekvape-zeus-x-mesh-rta-reviewThe GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA is an ideal progression for all deck builders familiar with pre-made stock mesh coils. Hampered only by power restrictions it is capable of holding fantastic flavour and clouds for days, Bro!


  1. Ive been using this one now for a good 6m-1y took a while to find the optimal wick density shouldnt be so much in the airholes cut off the exces on top.
    I never have to go over 41watt on 0.2 ohm insane cloud production and flavour.

  2. You can go higher the 55w. It’s all about wicking and thinning the ends out and of course the wicking length.

    I vape this along side my Ragnar RDTA with mesh, I actually prefer the Zeus X (dual coil version but with the mesh deck)

  3. I Have 5 wotofo profile Mrjustright1 rta mesh tanks and was considering this geekvape zeus mesh tank. I get warm hits and with the profile. I have freemax meshpro coil atomizer and I get those cool hits with it. I prefer the warm hits so stick with it. Profile takes 6.8 wide mesh and I use OFRF meshes at a greatly lower price than geekvape exclusive size. OFRF is a 10 pack mesh for $10 and my store sells for $7. Geekvape sells their size in a two mesh pack for $3.90 .

  4. 2ml tank a total no go: refill after 10 vapes lol.

    I’m yet to get the same flavour as I do from my profile RDA. Maybe requires more testing with wicking and juice.

    It’s a bit of a messy tank to unscrew and often have juice all over the place lol. The rubber O ring at the bottom is a complete piece of junk and falls out often.

    Haven’t had any dry hits from it, I’m use to using mesh tho.

    I get a lot more condensation in drip tip than any other tank I have used.

    Could do with some more threads on the top fill cap, not sure I can trust that in my pocket.

    It’s noisy as stated, most are.

    My first build was like molten lava lol. I decided to drip to test.. bad idea 😂 it would not shift and I had to rebuild.

    I think I will be happy with it when I get a better flavour profile on it, hasn’t really happened for me yet but that can take time.

  5. Hi, Matthew.
    This was my very first outing with a mesh RTA and the whole building process was a breeze. The ceramic block really does provide reassurance that the cotton remains constantly in contact with the mesh and I got a much broader, wider flavour experience.
    Unlike traditional wound coils there was much more consistency. The only real issue was the limit on power before sensing the oncome of a dry hit. A crappy experience at the best of times lol!
    Thanks for checking in and reading our reviews, mate. The feedback is awesome. Cheers.


  6. Good review, I wonder how itll compare with the Kylin M or the Profile? Both are great Mesh RTAs and ive been waiting for this Zeus Mesh to come out.

  7. Hi, Bruce.

    I haven’t tried the Destiny so I can’t comment, unfortunately.

    I thought the OG Zeus X RTA was good but the flavour, cloud production and general consistency of the Zeus X mesh beat it.

    I found it a much cleaner, smoother all round experience. Of course this is only my first venture into rebuildable mesh decks so things can only get better!

    Thanks for reading the review



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