New Campaign Needs Support To Remove Vaping From the TPD

We all moan about all things vape being included in the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive [TPD] and now’s the chance to speak directly to the politicians in the hope it can be removed.

2021 sees the EU’s review of the current TPD and a new campaign has kicked off in the hope pressure from Europe’s vapers can get vaping placed into a separate standalone category.

The Vaping Is NOT Tobacco movement is exactly as the name suggests and has been created by vapers for vapers.

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The premise is simple as the group explains:

We do not ask for e-vapour products to be unregulated, but rather to be regulated in a smart way.

By that they mean by separating vape products from tobacco the confusion and some might say bias towards e-cigs being the best way to quit smoking would be altered giving more smokers the correct information and in turn saving millions of lives.

They say:

This confusion, fueled in part by misleading research and uncritical media coverage, may mislead smokers who are looking for a less risky alternative to smoking.

Indeed, a growing number of academics and public health bodies are concluding that vaping products are much less harmful than smoking.

Independent research suggests that a switch from smoking to vaping could provide significant public health benefits.

You really can’t argue with that!

One Million Signatures Needed – Let’s Do This!

It’s not only about attracting new vapers either. We all hate the 2ml tank capacity enforced on us and even the UK Government has begun to see it’s a ridiculous rule that really doesn’t serve any purpose. The same can be said for the 10ml e-liquid limits and of course the list goes on.

This campaign is calling on Euope’s vapers to get active – I don’t mean marching on your parliament with pitchforks – rather through the website links you can contact your local EU MEP/representative telling him/her why vaping should be removed from the TPD.

The group says:

So far, European regulators have failed to seize the opportunity to convince millions of smokers to switch to vaping products, improving public health and potentially saving billions of euros in societal costs.

Help us convince European regulators to fight the fog around EVPs.

Together, we can make it easier for European smokers to switch to e-vapour products by eliminating some of the most restrictive tobacco-style regulation such as restrictions around the points of sale and the application of tobacco-style excises.

vaping is not tobacco petition

Hate the TPD Restrictions on Vaping? Get Involved!

The campaign has latched on to the European Citizens’ Initiative [ECI] which was designed to allow all European’s access to the law makers however in order to trigger any talks on the matter a staggering 1 million signatures are required. A bit of an uphill struggle for sure but there’s enough of us [3.5million in the UK alone] to hit the million and even surpass it no worries.

The problem as always is apathy. On the lead up to the TPD advocacy groups such as the New Nicotine Alliance among others campaigned tirelessly to get the best deal they could for the vape community. Sure they failed on the tank and e-liquid sizes – however the EU was gunning to limit high powered mods too!

This Vaping Is NOT Tobacco campaign really is your chance as a vaper to make a change and rid us of the TPD once and for all…or at least having vaping products tarred with the same brush as lit tobacco.

So as well as posting photos of your latest set-up on social media why not throw out a link to the campaign – as well as signing it of course!

Also if you’re a vape company or advocacy group why not get in touch with the team and sign up your support. At the moment the campaign’s major supporters are from within Europe…the only UK based support and ‘promoter’ of the website is Imperial Brands…a Big Tobacco company and manufacturers of Blu e-cigs.

And yes I know Brexit is supposedly on the horizon…however how all that will work out for vaping – if indeed it happens – is still uncertain.

Act now and do your bit to get vaping removed from the TPD…actions speak louder than words!

Head over to the Vaping Is NOT Tobacco website and get involved NOW!

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