The MyBlu Vape Starter Kit is a tiny pod mod style device targeted at starter vapers or those who want a stealthy hard hitting little device for out and about.

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Blu are a well-known name in vaping who tend to sell devices and consumables via local shops, petrol stations and supermarkets in addition to online.

The MyBlu Vape Kit

The kit includes the battery part of the device which has a 350mAh capacity and outputs up to 3.9V.

You then install “pods” into this battery. The pods are like tanks which contain the e-liquid pre-filled and also the heating element to heat up the e-liquid for you to inhale.

You cannot refill the MyBlu pods so you will need to buy replacements when the e-liquid runs out.

This kind of system is ideal for people new to vaping and scared of anything too technical like filling and changing coil blu promo shots

According to the Blu website you can fully charge the battery in 20 mins.

There are a huge range of flavours each in different nicotine strengths available in the MyBlu Liquidpods:

Intense Nicotine Salt range:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry Mint

Regular range:

  • Menthol
  • Tobacco
  • Blue Ice
  • Bourbon Caramel
  • Cafe Latte
  • Eucalyptus Lemon
  • Cherry Crush
  • Ginseng Ginger
  • Green Apple
  • Mango Apricot
  • Tobacco Creme
  • Coconut Breeze

I bought the MyBlu Starter kit when it was on special offer and there were 3 packs of replacement MyBlu pods included – Tobacco, Tobacco Creme and the Cherry Crush flavours.myblu pod boxes

Updated August 2019 – I was sent a new device and 4 new packs of pods:

  • Mango Apricot
  • Blueberry
  • Menthol
  • Strawberry Mint

new myblu podsSo I have added these to the review below.

I will report back my findings using the kit I have in my possession to see if this can be one of the best vape kits for beginners.

Right let’s get stuck in!

What’s In The Box

  • MyBlu device
  • Tobacco Liquid pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

my blu kit contents


  • Fully charged in 20 mins via USB
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh
  • Output: max 3.9V
  • Pre-filled pods
  • Inhale activated
  • 16 flavours of pod available and 3 nicotine strengths
  • Pod capacity: 1.5ml
  • Magnetic charger connection

Build Quality & Design

So this is a tiny lightweight little device.myblu size comparison

It is quite cute in a dull way.

You have a viewing window on the side of the battery which exposes the clear part of the pod so you really do get a good view of your e-liquid level.

The front has the Blu logo – but it isn’t garish in any way.myblu front view

At the base of the battery is the micro USB port for charging.

The legal symbols are printed on the back of the battery but in black paint so they don’t stand out or look terrible.myblu back view

The mouthpiece is a nice shape and it is so light you can hold the whole device in your mouth like a cigarette if you really wanted to.

Push the pod into the battery and you get a nice click and it feels sturdy. However I did keep trying to push the pod into the device more as I was getting misfires.

Set-up Guide

The device is not fully assembled when it arrives.myblu pod removed

Simply charge the battery, install the pod and off you go!

Basic operation

  • To vape – inhale on the mouthpiece.
  • Battery Indicator- Blue = 20-100% charged, Orange = 5-19% charged and Red = recharge now!
  • Passthrough – you can vape on this whilst charging.
  • 10 second puff cut out – if the device fires for longer than 10 seconds it will cut out to prevent overheating
  • Short circuit – during use 5 flashes of light and shuts down, not in use 3 flashes of light and shut down.

How To Charge The Battery

  • Attached the included USB charger to the Micro USB charging connection in the base of the blu pod mod charging
  • Install the USB connector into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED on the battery will be lit up red whilst charging and will go off when fully charged.

How To Change The Pod

  • The pod just pulls out from the battery.myblu pod removal
  • Remove a new pod from the packaging.blu liquidpods contents
  • Push the new pod into the battery until you hear a click.

How Does the MyBlu Starter Kit Perform?

Flavour & Cloud Production

So fully charged I started testing this device with the pods below.

I can tell you already this is not very good.

After leaving it on its side for a while – it has leaked.

Vaping I have to suck until I start seeing stars to get the sensor to trigger it to fire. I will say that the replacement kit I got doesn’t seem to have this issue.

And just to top all of that off I keep getting a mouth full of e-liquid. Usually blowing down the mouthpiece should clear that – but this is an auto fire device and that can damage the sensor. So in these cases remove the pod, wrap it in tissue and blow down the mouthpiece. I have done this several times and it clears for a while…

I have seen that other people got on OK with this device – but mine is really not trying to impress me at all.

*storms off in a strop.

Tobacco Flavour Pod – 1.6mg Nicotine

Oh my lord this is horrific…

Not only does vaping this make me gag I also had a gob full of e-liquid spit out.

I really can’t describe this taste – it is vile. Very musty and mouldy with a burnt chocolate mixed with chemicals – is about the best I can do in-between heaving. Wow – nasty!

Sadly this is also the flavour that comes in the kit – so I would warn people buy some other flavours before you write off the kit completely – the others are way better than this – urgh.

Tobacco Creme Flavour Pod – 0.8mg Nicotine

This is quite pleasant – more of a vanilla caramel type vibe but there is still the back taste of chemical tobacco. Not really a winner with me sadly but preferable to the other flavours I had!

Cherry Crush Flavour Pod – 0.8mg Nicotine

Eeeew this really isn’t nice at all.

Such a strong chemical taste – that is the tobacco flavouring and barely any cherry about the gaff at all.

Really not for me either.

New MyBlu Pods Received – Updated August 2019

Mango Apricot Flavour Pod – 0.8mg Nicotine

This is a surprise – I usually hate mango flavours – good job this doesn’t taste much like mango isn’t it!

This tastes like a Menthol e-liquid with a lot of cooling going on!

There is a slight background fruit tinge but not much – the menthol seems the predominant flavour. It is like a fruit ice lolly where there are so many fruits mixed in you can’t actually recognise a specific flavour?

Or if you eat a whole packet of Skittles at the same time!skittles

But this is one of the nicer flavours I have tried in the range and is very vapeable (is that a word? It is now!).

Blueberry Flavour Pod – 1.8mg Nicotine Salt

I really got a very good taste of this e-liquid considering the pod decided to fill my mouth with it – good start – not!

This is a really chemically taste, almost what you would imagine Zoflora disinfectant to taste like. Perfumey and synthetic.zoflora

Sorry but the mouth-fulls of nic salt e-liquid are not nice at all.

Terrible. In fact I just looked at the wrapper the pod came in and there is e-liquid in there so it was leaking before I even unwrapped it.

I decided to try the other pod in the pack and guess what that wrapper is full of e-liquid too – no thanks!

Menthol Flavour Pod – 1.6mg Nicotine

Great even the outside of the wrappers have e-liquid on them – this is not going well at all.myblu menthol pods leak

Flavour wise this is a bit more like it!

This still has a musty type taste but there is more mint there.

The taste reminds me of the old Mint Imperial sweets – the round white imperials

This is ok flavour wise – not horrendous.

Strawberry Mint Flavour Pod – 1.8mg Nicotine Salt

Oh goody another packet with e-liquid in and this time the mouth piece is covered in e-liquid.

The things I have to do for you – so you don’t have to!

So I wiped off the e-liquid and had a vape.

This isn’t horrific but not great either. A musty strawberry in the background with some Menthol coming through.

In fact there is very little flavour or throat hit at all. I wasn’t sure I had actually got a vape out of this pod until I exhaled some vapour.

Yeah give this flavour a miss if I was you!

Can You Refill The MyBlu Pods?

I thought I would have a play to see if you can refill the pods.

This is usually not recommended and to be honest there is a limited amount of times you can do this as the coil will fail eventually.

Plus I was also dubious as the bloody thing leaked enough when the sealed pods were new – let alone after me bodging them!

Anyway it did work – there is no need to remove the mouthpiece – I realised this after I removed it. But the structure of the pod is in the photo below.blu pod structure

Basically use a small flat blade screwdriver and prise the bottom cap off the pod – you will get liquid coming out if it isn’t empty.

When this is removed the internal white silicon seal might come out with the coil and bottom cap assembly – make sure not to lose it.

If you are feeling ambitious you may be able to re-wick the coil – far too fiddly for me so I ran the pod and coil under the tap.blu pod coil

Make sure to replace the white silicon seal on the metal tube inside the pod and fill with e-liquid to about half full.myblu pod seal

I used the Apollo Smoozie 20mg Nicotine Salt e-liquid as this is 50/50 PG/VG so should be fine for a pod mod.

Replace the bottom cap and press in firmly.myblu refilled pod

I had to wipe all the base and electrical contacts and I did notice a slight leak.

The first few vapes as expected were a bit watery and crackly as there was still some damp left in the pod from rinsing it out.

It did work – I got to taste the Smoozie a bit and got a small amount of vapour – but to be honest the vape from this device isn’t really worth the hassle of the refilling for me.

Battery Life

Obviously your vaping habits will dictate the battery life.

I do try to always give a guide of how long I got the battery to last – but in this case I was struggling.

I did get 2.5 hours before the mouthfuls of e-liquid and struggling to get the sodding thing to fire finally made me give up. Sorry.


  • Simple to set up
  • No difficult maintenance
  • Can buy supplies at local stores
  • Easy to swap between flavours and strengths
  • Replacement device I was sent did work better


  • Leaks if left laying on its side
  • Keep getting a mouthful of e-liquid
  • Sometimes hard to get it to fire without popping out a hernia
  • Liquid flavours are not great

Final Review Verdict

We recently reviewed the Apollo Brez and Juul pod system – which are very similar in target market to the the MyBlu kit.

If you are looking at JUUL Vs Myblu I would say the JUUL is better but comapring those to the Apollo Brez, then the Brez wins out all day long.

The MyBlu works – sometimes, the pods are super easy to change and you can buy them from local shops. The flavours are not great, it leaked and mouthfuls of e-liquid are never fun.

Like I said above – mine might be faulty as I bought this out of the first batch when the kit was released so hopefully the issues may have been resolved?

Overall there are far better pod mods to buy – if you want a closed system look at the Apollo Brez – way better.

Updated August 2019 – New Device

This time around the device is working better – not all the pods spit! I think the massive issue with this kit is poor Myblu pods! The battery part seems to work fine I had no issues with the firing mechanism with this kit – it fired quickly when I inhaled.

The Blueberry pod left me with a mouthful of e-liquid! Most of the pods had leaked inside the wrapper before I had opened them. So the quality control still isn’t great. If I had paid £6 for a pack of leaky pods I would not be a happy Shelly!

The MyBlu is still not a great pod mod but it is leaps and bounds better than the original version I reviewed above. It is just let down by terrible pods.

Did you buy the MyBlu vape kit? Or considering buying? Let us know you thoughts and any questions please ask in the comments below!

Shell Ecigclick Photo

My name is Michelle - I am 48 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again around 2016 and have been interested in the topic ever since. I finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have enjoyed writing for Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build quality
Ease of Use
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 48 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again around 2016 and have been interested in the topic ever since. I finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have enjoyed writing for Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
myblu-starter-kit-reviewThis was a bit disappointing really - it may be I have a faulty one but I got leaks, spitback and found it either misfired or needed a huge inhale to get it to fire. The flavours are not great either. I will say it is easy to use and well made - but on the whole there are far better pod mods out there.


  1. 100% garbage don’t wast your money in 0r9ducts won’t work properly yesterday i bought a pod but most always the pods won’t make properly contact with device doesn’t work properly yesterday could smokebecause pods even changed new device in past, 8f do nothing I will advertising negativity about your products and I will reduce your costumers and also 8m gonna make reporter for consumer because this not first time happen

  2. Worst pen on the market, I have about 20 of them from when the $1 promotion was going on plus just being them in general. None of them currently work, should be discontinued and never put in another store again, I want a refund. I hate this company and product.

  3. I have four new pods that do not work in the pen. I put a new pod in the fully charged pen and each one keeps flashing blue and no vapor. What is the problem??

    • Usually that means that the pod is faulty – but could also be a poor connection to the pod? Clean the base of the pod and inside the battery where the pod fits as these usually leak like a sieve so wouldn’t be surprised if a load of liquid inside the battery part.
      Otherwise complain to Blu as the faulty pods shouldn’t be like this – I had leaks from all mine!

      • Their product not good I had the same problem with different devices and seems don’t care about the greedy money make them just be focus money money

  4. This is by far the worst product on the market. The work involved in getting a drag is ridiculous. The battery devices have a very short life span..on my 4th device since Thanksgiving. Just bought a new one today…and again..fully charged…not working. The pods leak everywhere. complete rip off. Back to the Juul

  5. This product is awful. The taste is okay but when you consider the cost of the pods for what is 3ml of liquid, it’s a blatant rip off. Also consider the amount they leak, Blu state in their instructions how dangerous the liquid is and yet the product is so sub standard that it leaks everywhere, I managed to get some in my eye the other day (from my hand and then to my eye) it’s appalling and should be removed from the market. So so bad.

  6. Overall, Blue pods and devices seem to work fine and taste good. The company is not worth the trouble dealing with due to their sale practice that results too often in buyer remorse.

    I bought a device and a week later it went on sale for $7 less. Not a big amount, but asked for reward points or credits to make up the difference on my next purchase. They refused any credit or reward points and the product cannot be returned for a refund. I know, I could have just waited to get the device on sale, but I didn’t and there was only a week between my purchase and the sale period.

    I didn’t think my request for Rewards Points or credits towards my next purchase was an outrageous request, but it seems they’d rather lose a customer than try to provide some kind of satisfaction and resolution to their customers feeling ripped off.

    The transaction just left a bad taste in my mouth and needless to say, my current order is cancelled and I’ll be looking else where for another company’s product.

  7. Iv bought 4 my blu pens. All have become faulty after a short period, either not holding charge, flashing lights, self activation, no vapour and leaking ect. The 4th one I had for two days and it’s gone completely! I refuse to buy another! Only good thing is the design, small and sleek. Other than that a huge No from me!

  8. I have been purchasing my refills for myblu vape. I use Blue ice 8 mg.I buy from the main supermarkets namely Asda, and Morrisons here in Manchester. I have noticed that the refills have a year printed on the packaging. Those with the the year 2017 on are a Brown liquid and the 2018 are a clear liquid. Are these refills out of date. i am also having problems with charging and leaking. I have two devices.I enjoy my vape generally. Can i also ask, i will be in Cyprus for 6 weeks and was wondering are the refills available abroad or will i have to take my supplies from here in Manchesteri

  9. Find this device very annoying !

    Virtually every time I insert a pod, I find it feels as if I am sucking on a burnt flavour, not the flavour I have purchased. I bought a new kit as the old one fell to pieces when pulling the charging lead out and it refused to go back together

    The identical problem occurred with-the new kit. A burning taste

    Like sucking on air. Occasionally getting the pod to work. The burning taste leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. Even had one pod that failed to work at all. Similar to a certain brand of milkshake! Suck suck suck and then you get a taste

    £5.99 for replacement pods is a bit excessive when they don’t work and no satisfaction is gained even when swapping to another blu to see if it works.

    Have written to blue but never received a reply

  10. Have a question to ask as it was pointed out to me after I brought it. Why on the package it comes in does it say Do not eat drink or smoke while using this product. Seems a strange thing to have on packaging as you would use it if you are out drinking eating

  11. The worst e cigarette I have ever used they leak kike crazy!!!! you end up with e liquid in your mouth. Also the pods leak into the battery and short circuit the battery. Safe I think not. In addition they have hiked the price up by 100% from £9.99 – 19.99 in the u.k. so I’ve stopped using their kits.

    • I actually have been sent a new device and new flavours so will be updating this review soon – lets hope the new version is better!
      I had the same issues as you – sadly wasnt a very good kit at all!

  12. Really happy with my blu starter kit bought from my local tesco branch for £9.99p.easy to set up when I vape on it I sumtimes get e liquid in my mouth which is disgusting 🤢. But while out shopping today in Sainsbury’s i seen my blu starter kit but it cost £ unless they have fixed the leaking problem then i think Sainsbury’s are making a lot of money off of sumone trying to give up cigarettes and as the government say vapping is a lot better for you than cigarettes they should clamp down on supermarkets ripping costermers off. So if you are thinking about getting a my blu starter pack then i would advise to shop around as I think that £9.99p is a good price for this product I’m really happy with mine so thanks blu it has been over a week now since i last smoked and I’m determined to give it up. 😊

  13. Got my kit during the promotion period for £2.99, came with the Pen, micro USB cable and 1 tobacco pod.
    Also was able to choose a pod pack with 2 pods.

    To be honest, the flavours are not nice, I emptied them out and washed the pods, changed the cotton in them and filled with my Halo (Popular Blend / Menthol Blast) 18mg mix and now they are awesome.
    No leaks, last me about 4 hours chain vaping.

    I have to say, they are a re-engineered replica of the MyVonErl Kit with TPD compliant 2ml Pods.

    Really great for use in the car and for stealth vaping.

    Cheers. Paul


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