Introduction – The Basix E-liquid Range By GlasVapor

The Glas Basix e-liquid range is from Californian Vape Brand, Glas, who started off their career in 2014 by manufacturing high end mech mods with the help of aerospace engineers, watchmakers and the very best artisans they could rope in to assist.Glas Basix e-liquid review

The result was a line of mech mods that incorporated some of the highest grade materials used in vaping, you can now order custom designs from Glas which include rhodium, titanium, sapphire, silver, gold and exotic woods.

6 Months after the successful launch of their bespoke range of mechanical mods, they decided to venture into the tasty realm of e-liquid mixing. Employing the same attention to detail and creative prowess that went into their mech mods, Glas focused on 2 main ranges, their Basix and Badge line (reviewed here), with the recent addition of a nic salts range which I would love to try!

Today…I’ll be telling you all about the Basix range, of which I received 5 x 60 ml bottles for testing. These were received for the purposes of this review, as always my thoughts are my own. Also, keep in mind taste is subjective, what may be good for me may not be for you.

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Glas Basix Series Features

  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • 60ml Plastic Unicorn Bottles With Boxes
  • Various Nic strengths available, I received 0% nicotine. You could add nic shots if required.
  • All flavour notes, ingredients details and necessary info printed on the bottles and boxes
  • Steeping is not required

Fizzy Lemonadeglas basix fizzy lemonade

Advertised Notes

  • Lemonade
  • Lime Soda
  • Pineapple
  • Ice

What I taste

Usually, I only begin to notice a coolant in a juice after at least a few hits but with Fizzy Lemonade, the effect is absolutely instant.

What’s even more surprising than the coolant fizz which permeates the mouth and reaches the tongue and even the inside of the lips and the lips themselves, is the fact that it doesn’t detract from the clarity of the other flavour notes in this juice.

The clean coolness, with no menthol, is underpinned by an authentic, homemade lemonade which instantly puts this e-liquid in the Premium category, even if it is in Glas’ Basix series.

The lemonade flavour does display hints of lime but I’m not convinced this would have been evident had I not read these flavour notes on the box.

Gentle notes of pineapple run through the nose and linger with that lemonade cool on the exhale.

Rich full vapour production, full flavour strength that is well balanced, not sweet and not overpowering, zero throat hit (to be expected with zero nic).

Sugar Cookieglas basix sugar cookie

Advertised Notes

  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Cookie

What I Taste

It’s a treat to find a dessert flavour that’s not attempting to kill you with sweetness.

Vanilla and cinnamon notes are well blended and permeate both the nose and tongue in this juice.

Melted butter and brown sugar finish the flavour profile by joining the aforementioned notes in the exhale, also on both the nose and tongue.

Butter and cinnamon linger in the nose afterwards, as does a touch of brown sugar on the tongue.

The overall effect is the truest to life representation of a fresh baked sugar cookie you could ever hope to vape.

Rich, full vapour production, full flavour strength that is well balanced, not sweet and not overpowering, zero throat hit.

Blueberry Cakeglas basix blueberry cake

Advertised Notes

  • Vanilla
  • Blueberry
  • Cream
  • Cake

What I taste

Well, I’ve reached the third flavour and I’m wondering…” When will I dislike something?”

Dang, Sean Glas clearly knows what he is doing when it comes to e-juices.

A beautifully married ensemble of notes that might not read well because the notes aren’t easy to separate. I don’t taste one on my tongue and one in the nose, for example.

Then again, this is the Glas Basix range, designed to be all day vapes and not gourmet blasts that stop you in your tracks.

That said, this Blueberry Cake is enough to turn any cup of tea into an event.

I love the fact that it isn’t sweet, so it doesn’t compete with my tea or coffee, which is always sweet and what I get is a real dessert experience, without any of the calories.

Blueberry and cream underscore the pure sponge cake and subtle buttercream throughout the nose and mouth on both the inhale and exhale, making for a smooth, balanced all day vape.

This flavour won best dessert flavour at the UK Vape Expo in 2016 and it’s easy to tell why, as pairing it with a simple glass of milk, tea or coffee will make you feel like you’ve just eaten dessert at at a 5 star restaurant.

Rich, full vapour production, full flavour strength that is well balanced, not sweet and not overpowering, zero throat hit.

Strawberry Gummyglas basix strawberry gummy

Advertised Notes

  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Sour Gummy
  • Mixed Berries

What I taste

I can’t believe it, smelling this juice, I feel like I MUST have my nose plunged into a pack of sour strawberry gummies, it is uncanny!

Hmmm…once again, Glas has achieved true to the real thing flavours, without the cloying sweetness that would take this juice out of the all-day-vape category.

Distinctive sour gummy flavours linger on the tongue, through inhale and after exhale. I get hints of lime and subtle pops of blackcurrant throughout.

The pure taste of classic strawberry gummy is everywhere within the active vapour, on the palate and in the nose.

Rich, full vapour production, full flavour strength that is well balanced, not sweet and not overpowering, zero throat hit.

Butterscotch Reserveglas basix butterscotch reserve

Advertised Notes

  • Butterscotch
  • RY4 Tobacco
  • Caramel

What I Taste

Firstly, while there are tobacco notes in this e-juice, I don’t really feel it should be classed as a tobacco e-juice, as the tobacco notes are so secondary to the butterscotch and the caramel that you can safely call this a dessert flavour.

The thing is, it’s genius, like a smoked caramel and tobacco-burnt butter, yum.

I do get distinct tobacco notes when I smell the vapour without tasting it but the aroma is mostly butterscotch, true, delicious butterscotch.

The caramel sitting on the tongue throughout but the minute you focus on either of the dessert notes, the tobacco pulls on your senses from behind so you have a delicious tobacco smoked caramel in the mouth on exhale, with tobacco smoked butterscotch in the nose.

Rich, full vapour production, full flavour strength that is well balanced, not sweet and not overpowering, zero throat hit.

Final Review Verdict

I couldn’t be more impressed with an e-liquid range, the brand has stuck to basics by offering a range of popular e-juice flavours but what they’ve done is added elements of balance, quality and authenticity of flavour that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

I love every single flavour I sampled in the Glas Basix Range and think that any one of the five is perfect for an all-day-vape.

On top of that, the richness of the VG that is used is undeniable, with every flavour producing a vapour that is so thick and full, you’ll have no trouble knocking out tricks with it, although you’re advised to get the zero nic option if that is what you intend.

Have you tried the Glas Basix range? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Fizzy Lemonade
Sugar Cookie
Blueberry Cake
Strawberry Gummy
Butterscotch Reserve
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glas-basix-e-liquid-reviewA superb range of e-liquids. If the flavours sounds like something you would like then these are highly recommended.


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