Introduction – The SC4 Superb Charger By Nitecore

External battery chargers are one of those bits of kit that can be overlooked in your vape setup, especially from the newer vapers amongst us that are venturing into mods with removable batteries. But, with product like the Golisi S6 Smart charger, you can have some important cell information readily available.golisi s6 smart charger review

The S6 Smart charger has a raft of features and will charge all the different vape batteries you can throw at it and as the name suggests, dependent on the size of the battery you can slot 6 cells in there at the same time.

OK.. So let’s take a closer look at this Golisi charger.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Golisi S6 Smart Charger
  • Power adapter (in my case with a UK plug)
  • Instruction Manual


  • Input voltage: DC 12V /3A
  • Idling Output Voltage: 5V

Output current:

  • Li-ion batteries– 2A x 3pcs on “2A” slots , 1A x 4~6pcs
  • Ni-mh/ Ni-cd batteries– 0.5A/pc
  • Safety Protections: Short Circuit Protection; Over-Current Protection; Reverse
  • Connection Protection
  • Case Material: fireproof ABS, PC
  • Working Temperature : 0-40 Celsius

Build Quality & Design

The first thing you notice from the Golisi S6 Smart charger is the big HD LCD screen running the top length of the box above the battery bays. It’s super clear and presents a lot of information in an easy to read and understand manner.golisi s6 mah

Under the screen, in the center, you have one button. This simply changes the information about any battery you have on charge:

  • Current battery voltage
  • mAh
  • Time on charge (This stops when battery fully charged)

Sitting under the screen we have 6 bays for whatever batteries you are using. Three slots are 2A (these are labelled) and the remaining 1A. If you have 4+ batteries on charge they will charge at 1A only.golisi s6 charger battery bays

I’ve had no issues at all loading an unloading and found it easy to insert and remove the 18650, 21700 and 20700 batteries I’ve used with this. I’ve also popped in my rechargeable AA batteries that charge at 0.5A. All good. If you do happen to place them in the wrong way it will also display an error message.

The ABS and PC body is fire proof – not tested 🙂 – and the overall quality is excellent, doesn’t feel flimsy at all. There are also plenty of other features:golisi s6 smart charger features

How Does The Golisi S6 Smart Charger Perform?

I’ve been using a Nitecore D2 charger for a good while and I’ve got to say I’m not sure how I got on without Golisi S6 before. While the D2 did give you certain information the S6 does make a difference having all the cell information nicely displayed in front of you.golisi s6 6 batteries

The ability to charge three cells at 2A is a plus to get that battery back in your vape mod that little bit quicker. The charger has a total of 6A which it will split between your batteries (upto a max of 2A of course).

There are no menus to constantly flick to, just a few button presses lets you easily cycle through the information to let you know what’s going on with your cell.

I tried the Golisi S6 in various states with 18650, 20700 and 21700 cells. When you pop a battery in you will be presented with the following information:

  • 1A / 2A – Across the top of the screen it tells you what rate your battery is charging at. As mentioned, it can charge 3 batteries at 2A at once.
  • Percentage – This will show you what percentage your battery is charged. No bars like you may see on other chargers and I personally prefer this kind of setup.
  • Volts & battery type – Once you reach 4.2V your battery is fully charged
  • mAh – This tells you your charging current.
  • Timer – This will tell you an idea of how long the battery took to charge.

info s6 smart charger golisiThe 2A charging is unsurprisingly quick, coming in at around 1H20 for the 18650 cells I used.2a charging golisi s6

I personally charge my 18650’s this way when I’m after a battery quick fix, although many don’t recommend this due to shortening the life of a battery. So, upto you if you go this way but at least you have the choice to charge at 1A if you’re not in a rush or want to extend the life of your batteries that bit more.

What I like about this is when using a dual cell mod I can keep track of my batteries to make sure one is slacking and check out what kind of health they are in. It gives you a good gauge on when it’s time to change your battery.golisi s6 charger side

I’ve had no problem leaving my batteries in the bays, again not recommended but once they are charged the Golisi S6 cuts off the charge automatically.

Noise and Warmth

I didn’t hear a thing even when I had all slots full and pumping those batteries full of volts. As for warmth, just a little but nothing unexpected or anything to be worried about.golisi s6 venting

If, like me, you are not an expert in batteries then this charger can take a lot of the uncertainty about batteries you may have and most importantly charge your vape batteries safely!

If you are currently using a regulated mod that allows you to charge your batteries in the mod itself then I’d highly recommend buying an external charger. Not only for safety reasons but to extend the life of the mod itself.


  • Super clear screen with simple to read information
  • Quality build / Fire retardant material
  • No noise
  • Can fit 4 X 26650’s or 6 21700’s
  • 2A charging for three batteries


  • None that come to mind

Final Review Verdict

First up, as it’s been said many times before on this blog, do yourself a favour, if you use removable batteries in your vape device get yourself an external charger. It doesn’t have to be this particular one but if budget allows it’s highly recommended.

If 6 bays are overkill then you also have the Golisi S4 available that has 4 charging bays.

My old charger is now gathering dust with the S6 pretty much in constant use throughout the day.

Yeah.. I know it’s just a charger but there really isn’t anything not to like and it’s become one of the most used pieces of kit in my daily routine and the 6 bays allow me to have a ready to go mod at all times.

Would I buy the Golisi S6 Smart charger again if I lost/broke the device? I definitely would.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Buying if Damaged
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