The Kuga Heat Commando HNB kit review and this is the second Heat Not Burn device from a relatively new company that has really impressed me.

This is the 4th and final [for now] review I’ve done of the Kuga Heat products, there’s currently 7 under the brand name.

kuga heat commando hnb kit review

I began with the Kuga Heat SHELLS, a bullet shaped disposable pod kit – moved on to the Desert Eagle HNB device and the impressive Knights pod kit.

Kuga Heat specializes in both pod kits and HNB set-ups and the one’s I’ve reviewed are certainly head and shoulders above many in their categories…

As I said, an impressive stable of vape and HNB products, and as you’ll see at the end, little wonder given the team behind the brand.

What Can We Expect From the Kuga Heat Commando?

Obviously this is a Heat Not Burn device [HNB] and to that end uses tobacco and none tobacco heat sticks rather than vape juice.

It is highly customizable – meaning you can set both pre-heat time and temperature settings and has a sleek and very smart design.

No tobacco sticks are included, however, the universal slot means all brands should fit no problem.

HNB devices caused a bit of a stir in the vape world when they arrived on the scene.

The Big Tobacco backed IQOS was the forerunner and is of course still going strong helping millions of smokers make the 95% safer switch.

As I said in the Desert Eagle review, I’d far rather smokers switched to these or even dual used with a regular vape kit rather than with a lit cigarette.

Right then on with this HNB device review…and for the record the Kuga Heat Commando was sent direct from the company – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

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Inside the Box

As I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews of the Kuga Heat vape products, I received mine in a reviewers box.

kuga heat shells box

You will of course receive yours in a retail version and inside you’ll find:

  • x1 Kuga Heat Commando HNB device
  • x1 Type C USB cable
  • Instruction manual

A reminder there are NO HEET sticks or similar brand included!

Specs and Features

  • Universal slot for tobacco sticks
  • 3350mAh internal battery
  • 21.6 x 32.8 x 106mm
  • Temp range 250 to 390c
  • Ceramic needle
  • LED menu
  • Output 22w – 3.7v
  • Preheat time 5 – 25 seconds
  • Adjustable heating time 180 – 300 seconds

Kuga Heat Commando Quick Start Guide

  • x5 clicks on and off
  • Use up and down buttons to select temp and heat up
  • Hold fire button for 2 seconds to begin heating
  • Device vibrates when ready to use
  • Timer runs down and vibrates when it reaches zero

You will be prompted to clean out the device – usually after x5 sticks.

kuga heat commando cleaning

Personally I clean it after every one as even the slightest bit of debris can affect flavour/performance.

BTW – I have no HNB cleaning kit so have used a plastic pin…

Key Features

This is a fully customizable Heat Not Burn device [HNB] and is a step up from the Kuga Heat Desert Eagle I reviewed last week.

I say step up as there are more features and the company promote the Kuga Heat Commando as a ‘favourite among professionals…

kuga heat commando review

Insert snarky comment about my personal professionalism here lol.

OK, the Kuga Heat Commando has a wide range of settings from the time you pre-heat the stick right through to the temperature you wish to vape/smoke at.

Anyone familiar with a vape menu will quickly pick up the controls and trust me setting your temp is a doddle.

You don’t receive any HEET/tobacco sticks with the device, however it has a universal slot meaning all brands should fit.

I’ve swapped my Amber HEETS for the richer flavoured Sienna and have to say I’m enjoying the change from e-liquid every now and then.

Design and Build Quality

It’s an extremely solid and well built HNB device with a bit of weight to it – I guess that’s the rather large internal battery.

It’s certainly not too heavy thanks to the tough but lightweight aero aluminum alloy, with that anodized colour coating giving it a brushed smart look and feel.

kuga heat commando screen

It’s almost twice the width and slightly taller than the Desert Eagle, but still length wise it’s not much bigger than the average vape pen.

The top of the HNB device comes off for cleaning and is held in place by very strong magnets and there’s no wobble whatsoever.

kuga heat commando top and chamber

There’s a slot to cover the hole where the HEETS go and this stops debris from getting inside whilst out and about – nice touch.


The screen and menu is a simple affair but bright enough and I had no issues seeing the figures in direct sunlight.

It shows the basics, as in temp setting and timer – I like the latter as you know exactly when your session is about to end.

Design wise it is very smart and sleek – especially in black – and yeah I can see this being used by folks in smart business suits.

To coin a phrase, it really does look the business.


Available in: Classic Black – Kiss Red – Space Grey and Army Green.

How Does the Kuga Heat Commando Perform?

As I’ve already mentioned I’m now using the HEETS Sienna selection flavour so let’s see how I got on at the low – mid and highest settings.

You can of course create your own perfect temp via the up/down buttons – a very simple process.

Kuga Heat Commando 250c

Super-fast heat up and ready to go seemingly in a few seconds.

The vape/smoke was on the cool side and strangely I found this a very tight draw.

Flavourwise not a lot really and I have got through a few packets of the Sienna HEETS so know the taste by now.

Not a lot of smoke/vapour either – so it’s a nope from me on the lowest temp setting.

heets sienna

Kuga Heat Commando 335c

I felt this was probably mid range and certainly around the temp I vape/smoke using the Desert Eagle.

A lovely warm inhale just bordering on a little too hot.

Great flavour and I reckon a bit better than from the Desert Eagle.

Lovely tight draw too with 10 being tight this one’s a high 8 for sure – just like a roll-up with no filter 😉

A surprising amount of smoke too and this has been my preferred setting.

Kuga Heat Commando 390c


Somebody call the fire brigade and grab me a glass of cold water – this is HOT!

The HEET stick pretty much threatened to burn off my lips and the hit on the back of the throat was fierce!

Half way through and yeah things calmed a little and I got to enjoy it a bit.

Flavour was almost on the burned side but just about held up.

Far far too hot for me!


  • Fully customizable
  • Gorgeous design
  • Fast heat up time
  • Countdown timer
  • Cleaning prompt
  • Up to 45 tobacco sticks per charge


  • No cleaning kit/tool included

Final Review Verdict

I’m becoming a bit of a fan of HNB devices [don’t come for me lol] and the Kuga Heat Commando is without doubt a wonderful piece of kit.

It looks the absolute business and has all the options you need.

Now I’ve found a decent HEET stick, the flavour is slightly better than the Desert Eagle – not sure why!

And yeah I have tried the Amber flavour in this one…

It is perhaps a little on the large size, but no bigger than a vape pen.

The cover means it does not collect bag or pocket funk – but I would like to see some kind of cleaning tool.

Other than that – if you’re looking to try a Heat Not Burn device and don’t want to give Big Tobacco your cash [lol] – Kuga Heat is more of a vape company 😉

Highly recommended and then some…

Impressive Company

Kuga Heat did send me all 7 of its devices: x5 vape/pod kits and x2 HNB devices.

However they’ve asked to only review 4 of them and this is the last of them…for now.

I have to say, from the devices, website and overall ‘feel‘ of the company, I’m mightily impressed.

‘Kuga’ means ‘Gift of God‘ and Heat means fire – and this brand really is on fire!

Little wonder given the company is a dream team of staff originally from Geekvape, Voopoo and SMOORE!

Great brand and great products – what more do you want..?


Have you used the Kuga Heat Commando HNB device?

Is it one you’d consider using?

What’s your favourite tobacco stick?

What do you think about HNB devices in general?

Please do let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour - Sienna Heets
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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