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Gripper MOD

The Gripper is available in a few different places, we found one of the best deals over at Ecigwizard. We bought the Gripper Mod for £12.98, an absolute bargain but keep in mind if you don’t already have batteries, cartomisers and chargers you will need to add these to your order.

In the box / Presentation

Gripper MOD Review - Bought from Ecigwizard.comThe Gripper MOD comes in a simple small white box on it’s own. Nothing flash here! The actual device itself is basically two tubes within a molded plastic body that has a rubberised soft touch finish.

For the price the quality is great and feels good in the hand. The battery compartment is finished with an aluminium end cap with a grooved finish to allow for a good grip when screwing in, again the quality is good.


Gripper E Cigarette MODI am using an 18350 850 mAh battery that costs around £5.99, as mentioned before the MOD comes on it’s own so you will need battery and charger.

When it came to the performance I have no complaints, as expected the life of the battery was good, as a light/moderate vaper I was getting a good days use out of this.

Vapour / Flavour

e-cig reviewsThe minimum cartomiser size that recommended to be used is 44mm, this will leave the carto sticking out about 3mm.

I bought a couple of the LR Smoktech XL Dual coil cartomisers that screw in and fit well but a drip tip is recommended.

Ecigwizard do actually state that this is designed for use with the Smoktech cartos but I have tried other 510 fitting cartomisers that worked fine, can’t say if this is the case for all though.

Drip Tip Close UpOne thing to be careful with is when screwing in the carto, there have been a few people that have said the threading can come loose if it is screwed in too tightly.

I have found if you use the drip tip to screw the carto in then it allows you to connect with just the right amount of pressure, so no issues on that front for me.

The XL dual coil cartos performed really well, I used both the Black Note E juice and the Halo Vapor Co e-liquid and both flavours tasted great and gave off nice amounts of vapour.


The Gripper Mod was bought from Ecigwizard, they do have a return policy, please check their website out for more details.

Customer Service

No problems here, I have been in touch with their customer services team on a number of occasions via email and they have always responded in good time.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

The Gripper Mod is a great device, for just under £13 its a no brainer for those that want something to take out with them and vape ‘under the radar’, it fits in the pocket and doesn’t draw attention. I will definitely be putting this with my selection of e cigarettes to use when i’m out.

If you are new to this type of e cigarette then you will need to buy all the kit you need to get started, the batteries, the charger, cartomisers, e-liquid and drip tip. These can all be used with a mix of MOD’s though so they do go a long way. In total for all the above to be bought separately you are looking at around £39.74.

Final Gripper MOD Review Verdict:

Highly Recommended By

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