Angel Delights OR Devilishly Distasteful?

UK based Halo Vapour Co (made by Ecigarette Direct) have been around for an absolute age and this quartet of short fill e-liquids is the latest release from the extremely well known company.

halo short fill e-liquid reviewI’m guessing pretty much all of us have at least tried one or two of the company’s flavours and probably owned or at least used one of their cigalikes or vape kits that they produced in the past.

This new set of four flavours comes in 50ml short fill bottles with the option of adding a nicotine shot.

I received these free of charge for the purpose of this review and as always my thoughts and opinions aren’t swayed by freebies.

For the taste test I used the Augvape Templar RDA freshly wicked every time.

Incidentally if you’d like to learn more about short-fill e-liquids do check out our detailed guide HERE.

Menthol Blend | Halo Vapour Co. Shortfill

halo menthol blend

Halo Says:

All the hit of our famous Halo Menthol Blast with a slightly lighter and sweeter finish.

I Say:

Regulars know I’m not a huge menthol fan – there’s a few that’s sucked me in but not many.


This is very nice indeed – more of a peppermint than an out ‘n out menthol blast – think polo mint rather than extra strong.

It’s a refreshing inhale with cooling tones that aren’t overpowering whilst that sweet finish combines to make a very clean vape – very pleasant indeed.

Tobacco Gold | Halo Vapour Co. Shortfill

halo tobacco gold

Halo Says:

A super fresh and slightly sweet tobacco rounded off with a subtle hint of citrus fruits.

I Say:

I’m a daily tobacco flavour vaper tending towards un-flavoured ones.

However this is actually a very nice vape indeed.

The inhale brings a tobacco throaty dryness with a hint of sweetness however the exhale is where the magic happens.

Not too sweet and not too sharp citrus notes create a very refreshing moreish flavour indeed.

I haven’t sub ohm’d a tobacco flavour for many years but this one has changed that and the bottle emptied rapidly – great vape!

Cream Custard | Halo Vapour Co. Shortfill

halo cream custard

Halo Says:

A seriously indulgent creamy vanilla custard that is instant mouthwatering material.

I Say:

I’m not much of a custard flavoured vaper and sadly this one hasn’t changed my mind.

Cloyingly sweet on the inhale with an overpowering chemical vanilla taste that coats your tongue and tonsils.

The exhale whilst less sweet was a bit of a relief if I’m honest and I was relieved to glug some cold water down to clean the residue from my mouth.

Not sure if regular custard vapers will get more out of it and I certainly wouldn’t call this an all day vape.

Forest Berry | Halo Vapour Co. Shortfill

halo forest berry

Halo Says:

A medley of sweet purple berries resulting in a light but incredibly moreish flavour.

I Say:

I’m a massive fan of berry based e-liquid flavours and the smell from this one is not as fruity as I’d like – indeed it was a little perfumy.

Maybe a little sweet on the inhale with a lack of that juicy zing mixed berry flavours usually have and dare I say the merest hint of that chemical perfume taste – just a touch but enough to start me worrying.

On the inhale things freshen up much more and that threat of perfume fades leaving an OK taste – but not one that I’d write home about.

Final Verdict

I guess every-man and his uncle has tried a Halo Vapour Co flavour at some point on their vaping journey I know I have.

And to be honest I’ve never been that blown away with them.

The new short fill collection is pretty run of the mill as flavours go and for me expensive for what they are certainly compared to similar flavours from similar companies.

Look I can only go with my taste buds and for me – apart from the Tobacco Gold and maybe the Menthol Blend – these aren’t cutting it.

I know I’m a fussy old sod but as vapers we’re flooded – literally – with juice brands and a juice really needs to be something very special to float my boat and certainly float to the top of the e-liquid lagoon.

Unfortunately, for me at least, the Halo Vapour Co Short Fill e-liquids are flat flavours that might have made a premium rating a few years ago – but not these days.

Cream Custard
Menthol Blend
Tobacco Gold
Forest Berry
Neil Humber
I began vaping in 2012 and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Augvape Merlin Nano RTA...Daily set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Geekvape Zeus X I'm a former journalist and now a writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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