I’ve just received the Harleys Original eliquid sample pack for the purposes of a review.

First of all, my name being Harley is just a coincidence, I’m not affiliated with Harleys Original or RVG Distro in any way.

Harleys original Range sample / gift / test kit

I have to say, although I try not to do juice reviews, I’m quite looking forward to this one, it’s been sent over by RVG Distribution, an English company, focused on providing Canada’s best selling e-liquids to Europe.

You may have read my last juice review, Razz & Jazz, well Harleys Original is by the same manufacture and they also make the renowned Twelve Monkeys E-liquid.

I have my standards set pretty high for these juices, based on the Twelve Monkeys and Razz & Jazz.

Although, I wasn’t keen on the Razz & Jazz intended flavours (I don’t like gummies), all of the flavours tasted how they was supposed to and was satisfyingly prominent.

I’ll be using the Hell Vape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA to test them out, then at some point I’ll get my mate Kev in to do a flavour test to get his first impressions for my YouTube video.

Harleys Original Juice Review | EcigClick | RVG Distribution

The Word From the Harley’s Original E-liquid Lab

On RVGs’ website it says Harleys Original is…

a line of creamy and rich custards that deliver a smooth vaping experience. Satisfy your cravings all day long with these velvety and comforting blends.

Proudly made in Canada and crafted from premium ingredients by the manufacturer of Twelve Monkeys Vapor and Illusions Vapor !

OK, let’s put the Harleys Original eliquid range to the taste test…

Harleys Original Banana

Harleys original banana

Harleys Original Say:

Our Classic Custard Blended with a warm Banana Cream.

I Say

I’ll put it out there, I’m very picky with banana flavours, I do like bananas but not banana sweets. Having said that, I will review it for what it is, without any bias.

On first impressions I didn’t like it, because it is more of a banana sweet or milkshake flavour than it is actual banana.

However, before I was even halfway down a tank full the flavour grew on me.

After vaping it for a day, I’d describe it as a banana flavoured milkshake, but more of a deeper flavour than milk, I suppose that’s where the custard comes into play.

Perhaps it’s what banana custard taste like… but I’ve never had banana custard before so I don’t know.

In regards to prominence, I don’t think it’s massively over powering, however, it is definitely prominent.

Harleys Original Strawberry

Harleys original strawberry

Harleys Original Say:

Our Classic Custard accented with fresh strawberries.

I Say:

This is definitely a first, I don’t think I’ve ever had a refreshing custard flavour before!

I am the same with strawberries, I like strawberries but don’t usually like strawberry sweets.

However this is lush… Every puff tastes seems to taste slightly different, one puff you get a strawberry sweets taste the next you get a creamy strawberries taste.

It’s nice, I personally don’t get a custard taste, but there is definitely a creaminess coming through, it reminds me of a strawberry lollipop.

Is it prominent? Well that’s hard to answer, it is in the respect that you can taste it, but it’s prominent in the respect it makes your mouth water.

Harleys Original Classic

Harleys original Classic

Harleys Original Say:

Our perfectly balanced, smooth and creamy custard.

I Say

It gets 10 out of 10 for smell, but what does it taste like…

It is nice flavour, although as Kev pointed out on the video for the first impressions, we think it be enhanced with a hint of vanilla.

However as it stands the flavour is decent. It’s not as “thick” as I expected and hoped it to be but it is certainly a creamy custard flavour.

It might be just me but half way through the day, if the wicks started to dry out I got a popcorn like taste… That probably is just me, but I have to mention it because I experienced it.

Harleys Original Coconut


Harleys Original Say:

Our Classic Custard sprinkled with ripe coconut flakes.

I Say:

To me it is interesting that the manufacture chose to describe the coconut as ‘sprinkled’ because that is exactly what I get.

That sounds strange, so let me explain, it is not a coconut flavoured custard taste. First of all you get the custard taste then you get the light (but prominent) coconut flavour.

It’s truly impressive how much this flavour is exactly what it is described as.

Over all it is a nicely prominent flavour.

Harleys Original Lemon

Lemon vape juice

Harleys Original Say:

Our Classic Custard with a refreshing lemon twist.

I Say:

This flavour just takes the range to an whole new level, if you like a lemon curd flavour then this one will be right up your street.

It’s probably the most prominent out of all 5 flavours.

The lemon added to the creamy custard gives off a flavour a bit like a Twister ice cream, without the hint of lime.

Strangely at times you get a strong lemon curd taste with a creamy backing and other times you get almost like a desert type lemon.

However I should point out there isn’t any actual pastry taste.

Final Review Verdict

Harleys Original eliquid line is a great range overall, there isn’t really a flavour that brings the range down but I stand by what I said…in my personal opinion I think the Classic Custard would benefit from a hint of vanilla.

All the flavours were prominent enough to the extent, that I think they would do well in a blind folded flavour test, and they were persistently smooth.

In regards to the blending of flavours has been done just right, for each juice both of the flavour profiles compliment each other nicely.

Let’s not forget I liked both, the banana and the strawberry flavours, I think that says an awful lot about how well blended the flavours are.

Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.


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