The Hexa V2 Closed Pod Kit is a new release from what appears to be a new brand too.
Hexa claim to be a group of former smokers with over 5 years’ experience in the vaping market.

They also claim this kit is a “high quality, trustworthy, all-in-one system that is easily accessible to all types of users”.hexa main image

What Can We Expect From The Hexa V2.0

A recent development in vaping has been the creation of FEELM coil technology.

FEELM is basically a ceramic style heating element which does not require any cotton wicking either. So Hexa have incorporated the FEELM heating element into this device.

Here is a brief introduction video to this technology.

The heating element lives in the pod – which is a closed pod – basically when the e-liquid runs out you cannot refill the pod and simply discard it.

This also has the advantage of you not having to fiddle about changing coils and refilling. For some people this may seem wasteful but for others it is the height of convenience.

The e-liquid used in the pods is a “Hybrid” nicotine – this is a mixture of standard nicotine found in early e-liquids and Nicotine Salt – which is a newer type of nicotine for quicker absorption and smoother vaping.

This Hybrid nic apparently gives you more of a throat hit from the freebase nicotine but with the ability to absorb quicker and vape smoothly with the Nic salt.

The replaceable pods are inserted in to the battery component which has an internal 350mAh battery and an LED indicator.

Also might be worth noting on the box it says it is version 2.0 – if that makes any difference!

As usual I will report back honestly with my findings of the device, which was sent for review purposes.

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What’s In The Box

  • Hexa Closed Pod Device
  • Pod – Tobacco 20mg strength
  • USB cable
  • Manual (in French, German and Dutch!)

hexa kit contentsPlus I was sent a Lanyard which was not in the standard package.

I also received 6 packs of spare pods:

  • Menthol – 10mg Nic
  • Raspberry Frost – 10mg Nic
  • Mango – 10mg Nic
  • Blueberry – 20mg Nic
  • Tobacco – 20mg Nic
  • Tobacco Menthol – 10mg Nic

hexa pods


  • Dimensions: 104x19x10.5mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 1.7ml
  • Battery: 350mAh (internal)
  • Disposable closed filled pods – 6 flavours with more to be added to the range.
  • Resistance: 1.2ohm
  • FEELM Ceramic technology heating element – less spit back, dry hits and increased flavour compared to cotton wicking
  • Charging time: 60mins
  • Magnetic pod connection
  • Inhale activated – no fire button

Build Quality & Design

The device comes well packaged with one pod included. Sadly my kit had an instruction manual which was in French, German and Dutch but no English.

Also the specs were in the instruction booklet – I did try to translate what I could but I wasn’t the best at both French and German at school…hexa size comparison

I did also receive a leaflet but this was more of an advertising booklet than actual instructions. The Hexa website was equally as vague for specifications – only really being a marketing site.

hexa rear view

The device body is a smooth plastic and super lightweight. It is a kind of brushed gun metal colour finish with black accents.hexa front view

This is very lightweight and when used with the lanyard is really easy to carry and use.hexa and lanyard

On the front is also the LED indicator light – I have no idea what this shows as the instructions are right over my head!hexa led indicator

The rear of the device has the CE logo and the legal disposal info.hexa rear symbols

On the base of the device is the USB port which uses the standard micro USB connector most vaping devices use now.hexa usb port

The pod slides in very easily – almost too easily but you can shake it about and the pod doesn’t fall out. A magnet pulls the pod in for the last half a centimetre of installation. The pod really does wobble a lot when you are vaping though.hexa and pod

The mouthpiece is super comfortable and seems to have the feeling just right.hexa mouth piece

Set-up Guide

The kit comes without a pod installed and you will also have to charge this to get started.

Basic operation

  • To vape = inhale – this has an automatic sensor – the LED will light up
  • Battery capacity remaining = the LED will flash green as the battery conks out!


I would love to tell you all the protections but not being able to read German, French or Dutch I haven’t the foggiest – here they are if you are able to interpret!hexa specs

How To Change The Hexa Pod

  • The pods are super easy to just pull out.
  • Grip the pod and pull it away from the battery.
  • I did find a few of the new pods had protectors on the base and mouthpiece – make sure to remove these if fitted.hexa pod protectors
  • To install simply push the pod into the battery – there is no wrong way around either.hexa pod removal
  • The magnet will pull the pod fully into the device.

How To Charge The Battery

  • Using the included USB cable install the small connector into the base of the device.Hexa charging
  • Install the larger connector into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED light will go out when the battery is fully charged.

How Does the Hexa V2 Closed Pod Kit Perform?

To test this device I will use the pod flavours sent below. The pods come in 6 flavours and 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths.

Now I have a confession. I am sadly back on the ciggies, please don’t judge me as I have suffered a horrific bereavement which is leaving me struggling to cope.

I know this all makes me a “dirty smoking dual user” – but what it also does is make me pretty qualified in comparing how close this comes to a cigarette. Therefore I can have a vape and then a drag on my cigarette alternately and tell you if these feel similar.


I think the similarity is the nearest I have found so far to smoking – that is only trying the tobacco pod too!

The airflow is spot on, you even get the dry sensation in your throat of smoke as you inhale it down like a cigarette. I have swapped between this device and a ciggie a few times and the taste and sensation are the same. Wow what a beauty!


Below I will go through the other flavours and give my opinion. Keep in mind this is only my taste – which is always subjective so I will try to focus on throat hit and how well the flavours match the description.

If you have used the flavours below we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Weirdly there are no descriptions or flavour profiles on the Hexa website and little on the vendor websites either.

Tobacco Pod – 20mg Nicotine Strength (Included In Kit)

tobacco hexa pods
This was included in the starter kit as well as available separately.

The throat hit really amazed me – very very close to a smoking sensation. As expected not masses of vapour.

The taste is a bit – erm – meh? Not much to it, I am using the Apollo Nic Salt Tobacco e-liquid in my Smok Nord and the flavour of that is a rich almost caramel tobacco. Where as in comparison there is very little flavour from the Hexa tobacco liquid?

It gives the drying sensation in your throat that a cigarette does. This is very close to smoking a cigarette – but not very close to tobacco e-liquid if you are already used to vaping.

Perfect for anyone who wants to stop smoking this is the closest I have ever found in a vaping device to actually smoking – wow!

Menthol Pod – 10mg Nicotine Strength

menthol hexa pods

This is like Ultra Turbo Menthol on steroids. Really heavy menthol hit.

I am not really a menthol fan but have smoked Menthol cigarettes in the past and I have to say this is even stronger than those!

If you are a Menthol smoker – you will not be disappointed in these. The throat hit and smoking sensation are again spot on and you can feel the tickly coldness travel down your throat as you take the vapour back.

Raspberry Frost Pod – 10mg Nicotine Strength

raspberry frost hexa podsOK this is MENTHOL HEAVY!

Vaping this pod is colder than a Polar bears knackers.

Too much menthol in my opinion as it actually masks the flavour.

There is a slight raspberry on the exhale but also a horrible chemical taste too.

The throat hit and sensation is very similar to smoking a menthol cigarette – honestly. Your throat tickles and you can feel the cool hit as you take it back.

Imagine eating a packet of polo mints then drinking some raspberry cordial. All you can taste is mint and it also gets a bit disturbing when mixed with the fruit.

Just too much menthol not enough raspberry.

Mango Pod – 10mg Nicotine Strength

mango hexa podsJust removing this from the packet you get a fruity smell wafting at you.

But the taste of the vape is disappointing really.

There is mango and thankfully no menthol this time – but it is still chemically.

I don’t like this one at all. Urgh.

I will say again the hybrid nicotine stuff is doing the trick as the throat hit and sensation are perfect.

For me – I just wish the Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner chemical taste would bugger off.

Blueberry Pod – 20mg Nicotine Strength

blueberry hexa podsThankfully no menthol in here. Also not much Blueberry either sadly.

This is a perfume-y synthetic taste, reminds me of the air freshener which squirts automatically when you walk into my parents toilet.

There is some blueberry but I love a strong fruit flavour – I hate for instance watery cordial. When someone is too tight to put enough of the cordial in and mugs you off with 95% water. This is the same.

Mugged off is how I feel.

Tobacco Menthol Pod – 10mg Nicotine Strength

tobacco menthol hexa pods

So another one for the menthol lovers? Erm well not really.

This hasn’t the huge menthol hit the simple “Menthol” pod has, it is also tinged with some attempt at a tobacco flavour.

The result is a weird chemically mint flavour which is not at all pleasant.

Think of the smell of an ash tray which someone has spat an Extra Strong Mint into. This tastes like that.

Battery Life

With regular vaping I got 5.5 hours in total. This was in 2 bouts. The battery indicator light stayed green all this time and you just got a flashing light to warn the battery had gone. Not cool that.

I still had about a third of a pod left too – so the battery will not last for a full pod.

Pod / Coil Life

Well the coil life part isn’t really relevant here as you sling the pods when the liquid has run out.

I would normally attempt to rip closed pods apart to refill them myself. But the structure of these is not the conventional coil and wick. This has layers and ceramics and to be honest I don’t want to be piecing them all back together.hexa pod heating components

As for pod life – again this lasts only as long as the e-liquid which is in there and I found the battery died when the pod was about a 3rd full. So liquid wise this is pretty economical however the pods only come in packs of two and are a bit more than I would like to be paying really.


  • The best device for a similar sensation to smoking I have found!!
  • Lightweight body
  • Easy to install pods
  • No coil changes or refilling to contend with
  • Quick automatic fire activation
  • Great throat hit and airflow spot on
  • Tobacco and Menthol pods will be perfect for ex and soon to be ex-smokers!
  • No leaks or malfunctions
  • E-liquid usage is pretty economical


  • Instructions not in English
  • Cannot refill or change coil in pod (may be a Pro to those who want Zero hassle!)
  • Pods do wobble about a lot when vaping
  • Some of the flavours were, for me, not great
  • No battery capacity indicator – light stays green and just flashes when empty.
  • Pods are quite expensive for only 2 – but I suppose still cheaper than smoking!

Final Review Verdict

For me the Hexa V2 kit is more for someone who wants to stop smoking or who has recently quit.

This is not the sort of kit for someone who is an enthusiastic vaper. It doesn’t kick out the clouds or give a beautiful rich flavour.

What it does do is virtually mimic the sensation of smoking, even down to the throat dryness of when you “take back” your smoke.

If you know someone who smokes and says that e-cigs just do not feel the same to them – then this kit is perfect. I think they would struggle to not feel comfortable with the sensation you get.

I will say some of the flavours are not good (for my tastes) and as I have scored them low marks it has dropped the total score down lower. If I had only had the good pods this kit would be near 10/10!

For those who are menthol smokers – the Menthol Flavour pod is 100% perfect. If you smoke standard ciggies then you won’t go wrong with the Tobacco flavour. I wouldn’t personally bother with the others as they are a bit grim.

I did find the lack of battery indicator and the price of the pods did reduce my marks in the “Replace if lost or damaged” category. But again this is still cheaper than smoking and ideal to get someone into vaping.

What a gem of a kit – I think this will be in my quitting arsenal when I am up to stopping again – especially in the early days of craving!

Have you used the Hexa V2 pod system? let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Shell Ecigclick Photo
Michelle Jones

I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build quality
Ease of use
Menthol pod
Raspberry Frost pod
Mango pod
Blueberry pod
Tobacco pod
Tobacco Menthol pod
Throat Hit
Replace if Lost?
I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
hexa-v2-pod-kit-reviewThe perfect tool for the fussy smoker who thinks that Vaping isn't for them. They would be hard pushed to tell the difference between a smoke and a vape on some of the pods for sure. Not for someone who loves rich flavour or vapour as this is more for someone who needs and craves cigarettes and thinks vaping will not satisfy them. The Tobacco pod I recommend for a standard cigarette smoker and if you smoke Menthols then grab the Menthol pods. I wouldn't even bother with the other flavours!


  1. It’s a good device when it works, have had several faulty pods, work for a while and then just stops, expensive to buy more pods when half of them stop working half way through

  2. After reading this and other reviews I got the pro version which is an improvement on the v1/v2 as the pods dont move about, the light changes colour to indicate low battery and the charge point is usb-c (older ones were micro usb). Cost was 19.99 (uk) and a good deal on 3 packs of pods – total 40 including express delivery.
    Trying 10mg pods (light smoker) for now and getting on ok, I’m wondering how much more effect the 20mg ones have on the general experience and flavour? I quite like the tobacco menthol coming from smoking rollups with menthol filters.

  3. Hey! Quick share – I’ve bought the HEXA about 4 weeks ago and have smoked but a handful of cigarettes since I started vaping, mainly out of habit during the first 3 days.

    I however immediately lost interest in smoking, since the ease of vaping is an option. No more dragging a pack of tobacco, papers, filters and a lighter everywhere – no more calculating 10 min. ‘rolling and smoking’ time when on the move.

    I’ve been amazed on how easily I was able to give up my cigarettes (after smoking for 5 years). I wasn’t even trying to quit, I was ‘hoping to reduce’ – it almost just happened for me.

    I’m seriously grateful for this product, it has helped me quit my addiction so efficiently. Now I’m focussed on lowering the nicotine intake – ready for the next step of the process!

    • Wow that is brilliant – I see it a lot – people are often advised to buy a kit which doesn’t suit them at all – however when you find a kit which you enjoy and actually prefer using it to smoking you are really on to a winner. Even the odd ciggie isnt a failure – so don’t give up giving up – just rejoice in the ciggies you didn’t smoke – 1 a day is way better than 20 a day!
      Well done! Don’t be rushing to lower the nic intake for now – just get used to vaping and not smoking – there is a different set of habits to make your default now – really pleased for you – when you get it right it just “clicks” doesnt it!
      The Hexa is one of the best kits for those who want to replicate smoking – I was still smoking when I reviewed this so was able to alternate between a roll up cigarette and the Hexa and it was the nearest I have ever found to a smoking sensation – excellent kit!
      For me I went onto bubblegum and sweet flavours and found the Smok Nord was my go to device – so when you want to move to other flavours or refillable kits look into a good pod kit we have a page dedicated to these, still inexpensive but great performers! Best pod kits

  4. After the Juul, this is the next best thing. I always go for pure tobacco flavors (without any hint of caramel, coffee etc). And this hits the spot. The pods are easily refillable too after the 1st ‘break-in’. You just need a pair of nose pliers to pry open the metal casing at the base. Once the side locks come off, refills later are easy and the pods never leak. That’s huge. I usually refill with 30% Black Note (freebase nic) Prelude/Legato NET and 70% Pod Salt (nic salt) Classic Tobacco. Gives the perfect throat hit like a cigarette and the aroma. Have refilled a single pod around 6 times without any burn or loss of flavor.

  5. This really is a smokers delight, finally I have found something that totally mimics smoking, in 3 weeks this thing has stopped me from smoking 40 per day to nothing, menthol is great
    Well done Hexa, saved my life

  6. I got this Hexa for Xmas and I love it. I smoke for more than 20 years and for the first time I don’t want to touch a cig anymore. I find the sensation of vaping even better than the real smoke with this device. This is a miracle !

    I totally liked your honest, complete and funny review of this product. Thank you !

    • Aww thank you so much – am so pleased you like it – it really is a great pod system and the nearest to smoking I have found!

      Well done keep up the good work!

  7. I received my Hexa 2, 3 days ago and haven’t touched a cigarette since. I have 4 vapes at home and none are as good as this. I personally feel the tobacco pods are the best to quit the ciggies. I have the blueberry pods but will be ordering the tobacco pods to keep me off the evil cigarette’s. Best vape I’ve tried. No coughing, just fab !!

  8. I absolutely love the Hexa, a cracking kit which is my all time most recommended device for a new vaper. Hope you’re well Michelle and you can get back to pure vaping soon. #ecigclickfam

    • The Tobacco and Menthol pods were exactly like smoking – the closest I have found in any vape device in all my years of vaping – incredible.
      If someone who smokes and thinks vaping is poo – they really need to try this as I found it almost the same!
      Getting there slowly thank you petal – its been a hard few weeks! 🙂 xx


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