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Introduction – The Comma Pod By HQD

The HQD Comma is from an e-cigarette brand that you may have never crossed paths with, but that is only because they have less than a handful of products, 4, to be exact.

And…whilst most vape brands have been obliged to release at least one pod mod system this year, HQDTech is all about little AIO pod devices. Indeed, all 4 the devices that you’ll discover on their official website is an AIO vape or pod.

HQD’s 3 previous releases, namely the I, Kim and Filit pods which were ALL flat, long, flash-drive shaped devices that looked pretty similar on the outside. After those, the brand obviously decided that a statement maker was needed, so they went ahead and released a little pod mod vape that, at least with its aesthetic value, would get everyone’s attention.

The little Comma pood kit, with 1.4 Ohm MTL coil, was embraced by top video reviewers and Insta vapers, even though no-one has any idea who the brand is. Well, I can tell you that I could see why, as soon as I opened the box, what a looker! It’s not all about the looks though…let’s get on and see how useful THIS punctuation mark REALLY is.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Comma Pod, consisting of mod and pod cartridge
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Instruction Manualhqd comma pod contents


  • 2 ml Pod cartridge
  • 380 mAh on-board battery
  • 0.55 “ LED screen with puff counter, timer and battery levels
  • Coil resistance of 1.4 Ohm
  • Draw activated for convenience, no buttons
  • Dimensions 74 x 57 x 14 g
  • Zinc alloy mod with PC cartridge
  • 7-12W power range
  • 5V input voltage
  • 80g weight
  • Available in black, blue, gunmetal, red, pearl, chrome, rainbow

Build Quality & Design

On opening the impressive and neat, white box packaging, I completely freaked out. The little pod device shone at me blatantly, beckoning to be touched! My goodness, it’s shaped like…you guessed it, a comma! Ah, for once…a vape that doesn’t require trans-dimensional mind flips to describe.

Here it is:

I received the chrome version and I can literally do my eyeliner in the mirror reflection off its surface.

hqd comma pod back

The little pod mod has a micro-usb port at the bottom, so that it charges whilst lying flat. Of course, this mod can only lie flat, as it’s designed to keep in your hand or shirt pocket, which is very easy, given its pleasingly smooth contours, diminutive size.

What’s even more splendid than that shiny mirror finish on the zinc alloy chassis (some colour options have a matte, rubberized finish) is that there is a round, 0.55” LED screen on the bottom right area of the mod’s face.


This little screen actually fits a decent array of information, including a puff timer and count, as well as a battery level reading in both pictorial and percentage form, other brands should take a leaf out of HQD’s book when designing screens and pods!

There is no power button as the device is draw activated, a feature which works very well on this little pod and requires no warm-up draws at all.

Pod Cartridge

The actual cartridge and mouthpiece, which takes up the top section of the Comma in an aesthetically delightful wave, features a tinted PC which matches the screen finish perfectly and which is also see-through enough to let you check your juice level with ease.

The cartridge pulls out of the mod and can be replaced with the utmost ease, thanks to nifty magnets, 2 on each component.changing the pod on the HQD Comma

Pulling out the cartridge, you will find the contacts, as well as a little silicone stopper that reveals 2 little holes for easy filling with a needle tip bottle.

The Comma pod has an impressive weight to it, 80 full grams, which is crazy for such a tiny device but certainly gives an impression of superior quality. Why is my brain wired to equate weight and quality in this way? I’m not sure… but I certainly wish that all men felt the same way about women, as then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about eating pizza 3 times in the past 24 hours.hqd comma pod screen

Lastly, there is near invisible branding on the bottom of either face, HQD in front and comma at the back.

Everything is smooth and sleek AF on this gorgeous little pod device, now comes time to fill her up and see if the vape quality is equally top-notch.hqd comma colour options


Sadly, all that’s added in the kit is a manual and a USB cables, I definitely needed an extra cartridge here, since tiny MTL coils like this have a tendency not to last longer than a couple of weeks, tops. Very disappointed about that.

How Does The HQD Comma Pod Perform?

Well, well! What can I say, HQD might not be very well known but they certainly know how to design a convenient and lovable little pod mod system.

First up, the filling is very easy and the fact that two holes have been provided to allow airflow out when filling really makes a big difference.

The mouthpiece feels smooth and good against the lips, although I’m inclined to sort of make out with it sometimes, as you can really cup your lips over it as far as you want (not good when proffering it to near-strangers in dingy pubs, I’ll warn you).

The draw activation works a charm and I love the way I can see how long I draw, as well as how many puffs I do with each battery charge.hqd comma pod hand

The airflow, which happens through the USB port, it seems, is just perfect for mouth to lung vaping, as is the narrow mouthpiece opening.

This device has no problem with extended draws and chainvapes and nor does the 1.4 ohm MTL coil. I’m very naughty with it and suck on it like a fog-trooper for 10 seconds at a time…it’s very happy to give me a long, over-restricted DL hit, during which I actually manage to get a surprising amount of vapour out of this little devil!

Battery Life

Now.. thinking that 380mAh didn’t sound like much, I’ve been impressed by the number of puffs (or, in my case, draws) that I actually get off this pod, roughly 400 puffs with every charge, which is not bad at all.

I found the device convenient and comfortable to carry just about anywhere on my person…with folks always keen to ask me what the hell that is that I’m puffing on, a very cool little conversation starter and just right for the nic salts and high-nic juices as a cessation aid.

One complaint I do have is that, at least with the chrome versions, there’s simply no way of avoiding scratching the device, since whenever you do actually put it down, the chrome picks up minute little scratches. I’d have liked to have seen some scratch proofing feature here, a coating of some kind.

How To Fill

  • Pull the cartridge away from the pod mod
  • Remove the little silicone stopper on the cartridge’s underside
  • Fill through one of the holes
  • Replace the stopper
  • Replace the cartridgehqd comma pod refill

How To Change the Coil

You will need to buy a pack of replacement pods to swap out coils.

Stock Coil Performance

The only coils available for this device are 1.4 Ohm MTL coils.

I’ve found these coils to stand up well to rigorous vaping and seriously extended draws, I’m actually very happy with them in that regard.

When it comes to flavour, I find it slightly above average for a pod but still, not the best flavour I’ve experienced, a little bit muted, especially after the first week of vaping.

Vapour production is actually a bit of a pro here, I’m getting some solid vapour off a full-mouth draw on the comma, not bad for plus ohm coils like this, still…not a fog factory, but then it doesn’t need to be.

Battery Life

Actually, the low wattage comma gives quite a good run of this 380mAh batttery. The battery will last you a full 8 hours or even more, if you use it for MTL only.

Charge is also incredibly fast, taking about half an hour.


  • A comprehensive and cool little screen, first ever for a pod mod
  • Nifty, portable size
  • Ergonomic and aesthetically awesome shape
  • Convenient draw activation with no buttons
  • A reassuring weight of 80g
  • Good MTL vapour production and airflow
  • Great battery life in spite of the low spec battery


  • Flavour could be a little better
  • The device takes on scratches very quickly

Final Review Verdict

If you want to make a statement with a really futuristic looking pod system that’s just perfect for stealth vaping, cigarette quitting and just convenient pocket filling…the HQD Comma kit is for you.

This isn’t the most flavourful vape I’ve had but decent vapour production, a unique aesthetic and a really neat little screen feature all make up for that. I do adore this device, it brightens up my life…I don’t know if that has something to do with it being a COMMA and me being totally into over-use of punctuation marks or whether it’s just so cool and convenient to carry, fill and vape on.

I highly recommend this for use with nic salt juices, for office and mall vapes and just general funkiness.


Would I buy the HQD Comma if I lost/broke the device? Definitely

Free WorldWide Shipping + Use Code ECC For 10% Off

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Production
Would I Buy It Again If I lost It?
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