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The Hugo Vapor Urus mod is by the Shenzhen based company focusing on all new vaping innovation. After reading the wonderfully worded article for the Boxer Rader by our own Laura Ann I was a little sceptical and worried as to what the Urus 100w box mod would be like.

Introduction – Urus 100w Mod from Hugo Vapor

The product itself was not listed on their website at the time of writing this, which drew my scepticism further as I like to do my research on a company and its products before putting pen to paper!

For those that don’t know or are interested Urus is a large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox; considered to be one of the ancestors of domestic cattle.

Please join us as we take a detailed look at the Urus 100w and put it through its paces and see if this can sit proudly amongst the best vape mods.

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In The Box

  • 1x Urus 100w mod
  • 18650 Adaptor
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User Manual

    hugo vaper urus packaging

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 82 x 49.5 x 26mm
  • Material: Nylon fibre + Stainless
  • Wattage Range: 1.0-100W
  • Input Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.1-9V
  • Max Amperes: 45A
  • Resistance: 0.06-3.0ohms
  • Charging Amperes: 1A(max)
  • Screen: 0.91-inch OLED
  • Modes: VW/Bypass/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/VTC/Preheat
  • Thread: 510
  • Light-weight box mod with Nylon fibre frame
  • Compatible with 18650/20700/21700 battery
  • Changeable side panels
  • four colours available

Design and Build Quality

The packaging this mod comes in is quite basic with no extras apart from the battery adaptor which comes inside the mod and a USB cable.

hugo vaper urus in hand

The mod is made of nylon fibre; the same type of material used for 3d printers but has been moulded into shape.The box itself is clean with a good form factor making it very comfortable to hold.hugo vaper urus

The 510 connection point is made of stainless steel with cut outs for those that use an atty that utilize the 510 airflow system, the threading is stainless steel and functions well, the 510 gold plated connection pin is spring loaded and well able to fit those tanks and RDA’s with longer threads.hugo vaper urus cp

The body has two doors each held in place by 5 small magnets.hugo vaper urus doors 2 One door has URUS cut out of it for battery venting, the other door has a bovine type design along with URUS in a circle, these doors so I understand are replaceable “purchased separately from the kit”.hugo vaper urus doors

Inside the mod you have what looks like gold plated battery connection points. Under the second door you have a space cut so you can push your battery out, the board wires etc have been covered with a plastic box for safety.hugo vaper urus back door

The leading edge of the mod has a fire button and 2 adjustment buttons that are made of a plastic material; they all have a nice click to them when pushed. hugo vaper urus frontThe OLED screen is clear and bright if a little on the small side for my eyes lol, the screen measures 0.91 inch and displays all relevant information. hugo vaper urus screen closeThe USB charge point is under the screen and adjustment buttons; I am unable to confirm if this USB point will double as an upgrade point as I cannot see any information about this in the manual or on the Hugo Vapor website.hugo vaper urus face

On the base of the mod you will see the normal none recycle bin and CE mark as well as 3 tiny holes for board cooling.hugo vaper urus marks

I would say that the design and quality of the Hugo Vapor Urus vape mod is good and I am impressed by the light weight of the device and to the fact that they have designed it so the Urus will take 3 different types of batteries.hugo vaper urus screen

A basic guide to setup and use

Prep your RDA/RTA or Tank as normal and screw onto the 510 connection.

Place a battery of your choice into the mod with the + down, the mod will except 21700/20700 or 18650 batteries, the latter with the supplied battery adaptor.hugo vaper urus batt types

  • X5 clicks to turn the device on or off
  • To change mode click the fire button X3 (fast) then use the adjustment buttons to switch modes – modes available Power, TC, Bypass, Preheat, TCR and Puff Counter.
  • Different wires can be used in TC such as Ni200, Ti, SS316L
  • Wattage lock, hold both adjustment buttons! To unlock repeat
  • Screen display/Stealth/Rotation, fire button and up together choose option
  • Resistance lock, fire button and down together, To unlock repeat

How Does The Hugo Vapor Urus 100w Perform?

For this review I am using the Innokin Eurus RDA with the Urus mod, basically because it tickled my funny bone lol.

I have dual 0.17ohm Kanthal Flapton coils in the Eurus and am using e-liquid by Juice Junkies called Pie man (sweet apple pie.. yummy).

The mod will fire coils between resistances of 0.06-3.0ohms, please keep in mind that the lower your coil resistance and high wattage the less time you will have with your battery!


0.17ohms with my 21700 30amp battery lasted me 2.5 hours


0.17ohms the same battery type lasted me 1.5 hours

I didn’t experience any misfiring with either of these settings, and the mod was able to keep up with my chain vaping.

Temperature control

Changing my coils for dual SS316L 0.1ohm coils and I loaded up with the same liquid and locking the ohms.

480F and 40w

I was able to experience a descent vape with a good amount of vapour, my 21700 battery this time lasted me nearly 4 hours.

No matter how I played with the settings in TC I couldn’t find a way to increase/decrease the wattage from 40w! I checked the manual and this is not mentioned at all, so I can only presume you can’t change the wattage under TC – if I ever find a way to change the wattage I will update this review.


Purely from my stand point, it is great to have a mod that will utilize 3 types of battery! While most of the time I have been using 21700’s it is great to have the option there to use 20700’s or 18650’s should I wish.

Dry burning testhugo vaper urus wick burn

While working in TC I like to see if a mod will burn the cotton I do this with one coil (SS316L) and dry cotton installed, pressing the fire button up to 5 times for around a second each press – while the cotton in this case did show some light yellow banding the cotton did not burn.

Chain Vaping in both Power and TC

The mod holds up well to chain vaping in either mode with no misfires, however in power mode I did notice a little heat transfer from my RDA! Chain vaping is not a normal circumstance so I am not worried by a little heat transfer.

Vaping in really cold temperatures

I don’t often get the chance to test a mod in adverse weather conditions but as we here in the UK have had to deal with the Beast from the East I took full advantage to test the Urus 100w in the cold!

I walked around my home town for nearly 3 hours and had the Urus in my hand the whole time apart from some understandable battery drop I was able to vape the whole time I was out. I left the Urus in a friend’s car over night, turned off but with a fully charged battery in it, I turned the mod on the next morning and found the battery was depleted by half!

I was not surprised as the temperature that night was below -5 (that’s really cold for my part of the UK) despite the mod and battery being very cold did function fine.

*I do not recommended using batteries in extreme cold temperatures to do so can damage the cell and lead to venting if the temperature of the battery is raised to quickly.


  • Good build quality
  • Good design
  • Good size fits well in hand
  • 3 different sizes of battery with adaptor
  • 316L works well with TC
  • Fair battery life
  • Good price about 28 GBP


  • Manual not comprehensive enough
  • No way to change wattage under TC
  • Unsure if firmware is up-gradable

Final Review Verdict

Well for all my scepticism regarding the Hugo Vapor Urus box mod, I really enjoyed using the device!

It’s light weight and comfortable in the hand, being the mod only holds 1 battery at a time and as I normally vape around 60w I did find I was swapping batteries out often. Overall the performance of the mod was good, I was slightly disappointed not being able to change wattage in TC.

I would like to see Hugo Vapor increase the wattage to 200w and make the Urus a dual battery unit.

Finally… Would I buy the Hugo Vapor Urus 100w mod should I loose or damage it? That would be a big YES from me!

WorldWide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Build Quality
Ease of use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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