The HYPPE MAXX disposable vapes review and these are a quick follow up to the Q range I reviewed recently.

Thankfully we’re getting close to the end of our list of disposable vapes we’ve agreed to review…still a few to go lol.

Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes Review

OK, disposable vapes have been around for an age, however they seem to have re-surfaced and are pretty much everywhere at the moment.

Yes there’s good points and bad – we covered this in the article: The Disposable Vapes Debate – Vaping Industry Insiders Speak – please have a read and add your two pence worth 😉

What Can We Expect From the Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes?

Ease of use and no fannying around is the key to disposables.

They’re ideal as an emergency back up and especially for smokers looking to quit – though they wouldn’t be our choice as a first port of call – check out our best vapes for beginners.

The Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes are a cinch to use given they’re draw activated and when empty simply recycle them.

They have a 500mAH internal battery and are good for around 600 puffs – sightly more nicotine than you’d get from 20 lit cigarettes.

There’s currently only 5 flavours and all of those are a fruit and ice combo…enough of the ice!!!

OK, I appear to be grumpy lol…

The Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes were sent to me direct from the company – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Right then, let’s see if these are worth the hype.

Key Features

  • 600 Puffs – “Outlasts 20 Cigarettes”
  • 500mAh Built-In Battery
  • Inhale Activated
  • Range Of Flavours
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • 2ml E-Liquid

Hyppe Maxx – Blueberry Ice

hyppe-maxx-review - blueberry ice

I Say:

No mistaking the flavour from the smell…it’s very fruity with no real hint of the ice effect.

That all changes on the inhale with a real whack of coolant.

And yeah, it’s a tonsil chiller that’s for sure.

Sadly this means the promise of sweet fruits is way way in the background.

Definitely one for the ice lovers as it’s certainly ccccold…

Hyppe Maxx – Peach Ice

peach ice

I Say:

A subtle smell from the disposable vape, but I can just about pick out the fruit.

The coolant has been dialed down a little, certainly on the inhale.

Yeah I’m picking up peach and fresh rather than candied.

However it is even more subtle than the smell.

The exhale still holds the ice at bay but you’re searching for the flavour.

Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Mango Ice

mango ice

I Say:

Strong aroma from the disposable vape this time.

A much stronger flavour on the inhale with fresh rather than candied mango.

And thank goodness they’ve cut back on the coolant.

There’s no icy blast, more a gentle breeze and that helps the flavour pop.

I quite like this one…

Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Lush Ice

lush ice

I Say:

From what I can gather, this is a watermelon slush flavour.

Again it’s a subtle smell, but I am picking up a waft of watermelon.

It’s a gentle flavour on the inhale and thankfully far less of the ice effect.

Again no real cccold hit on the tonsils which again lets the flavour of the fruit shine.

Another one I quite liked.

Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Pink Lemonade

pink lemonade

I Say:

Mine didn’t actually work…

I wouldn’t have been happy had I have bought it…

But as I always say – you can only review what’s in front of you.

If HYPPE sends another one out I’ll add it to the review.

Final Review Verdict

One word I’m afraid…meh

Nothing to get excited about – they’re ice flavoured fruity disposable vapes and join zillions of others out there.

There’s nothing stand out and the flavours are at best OKish.

Not even sure why they’ve been released given the HYPPE Q disposables are on the market and are actually pretty good.

If you find them in your local vape shop I wouldn’t stop you buying them – especially if you’re a smoker looking to quit.

To that end the draw is pretty tight – they’re just…well…all a bit MEH 😉

Go on then…

Tell me your thoughts on disposable vapes in the comments below…you know you want too 🙂

Blueberry Ice
Peach Ice
Mango Ice
Lush Ice
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